About Me

Once upon a time, there was a very long and self-centered monologue here.  It got boring.  I am not a creative person, but this shall have to do for now!


  • Running
  • Scuba diving
  • Cooking / baking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Jewelry


  • Prejudice
  • Hypocrisy
  • Unsolicited advice
  • Incessant fake cheer
  • Anorexia

20 responses to “About Me

  1. I love your new home. It looks wonderful!

  2. love the survey 🙂 love the new look 🙂

  3. Wonderful Site! I look forward to reading more! If you get a moment, check out my site and giveaway!

  4. imaginenamaste

    I’ve enjoyed your blog! I, too, am a graduate student and tend to wear the exact same kinds of shirts 🙂 I think its easier that way to get ready!

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  7. hi..i just want to say..i love the way you write about yourself…really..

  8. I am awed by your story. Certainly relatable to many in different but perhaps subtly same ways. Funny what you say. Overwhelmed. A mess of a life, all be it from just a simple being not healthy. So mind-numbing. Not necessarily eating disorder related, but just life and all the crap that goes with it.

  9. Nice to meet u! Love the blog…

  10. Just stumbled across your blog; I love it. I too am (was? I live in AZ now) a HUGE Yankees fan (grew up in NJ) and I feel the same way with movies and am a grad student! Seems like we have a bit in common, I look forward to reading your blog 🙂

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  12. hola from Philippines! was led here cuz i saw your link on my blog stat 🙂 i just thought i’d say hi to you! i learned you’re a diver too! let me know when you (by any chance) swing by Philippines or anywhere in the South East (as you said you luv traveling too). was in NY last fall, for a holiday and volunteered for the NYCM 🙂 i might be back again this fall, cuz i just got in to NYCM lottery 🙂 i’m planning to run the full mary! 🙂 ta!

  13. Wow. It’s amazing how many things you and I have in common.

  14. I have to say that based on this post, I can tell you are a person I would want to spend time with if I met you in person! I love a lot of things that you do! 😀 Keep being you, and I am sure you can recover from this eating disorder. Really, it doesnt have to be a part of who YOU are forever! Good luck with your journey of life!

  15. Just stumbled upon your blog and I just want to say that I love how you tell your e.d. story and then list off things that are really YOU too. 🙂 Hang in there with everything! I am 25 too and also struggling with my e.d.

  16. thanks so much for sharing your story! I have definitely been there and tried to write out my own journey to share. I can honestly say that I am 98% cured of my ED and that I really only have “flair ups” right before my period. I took the self help route and read ALOT of books on the matter, plus my hubby is AMAZING and he has helped me through the whole ordeal. I slowly healed. Currently I’m blogging about ways to normalize eating…it’s a one month makeover thing. I would love for you to check it out! just think it’s so helpful to read stories of people who have over come their ED. I will be back! Take care!

  17. what a story. you are so brave for putting this out here on the blog word. let me just say that you are beautiful both inside and out and i am so glad i found your blog. i’ll definitely be reading more!

  18. I love your mini biography. So much has happened in your life, and yet you are still here, head held high. Keep on going girl! 😀

  19. If I am too continue reading your blog I suppose I should ask for the password (melissaannmiller@hotmail.com) and by the way, please finish the Scarlet Letter!! I’ll re-read it with you for fun if you want.

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