In Which I (Nearly) Win a Race

I guess this means I don’t have another fracture?… I think I’d probably know by now if I did.  Still, doesn’t stop me from freaking out.  My acupuncturist stated the obvious: even if it is fractured, freaking out won’t really do much good.  Yes, but… logic isn’t always my strong suit.

Anyway, I was supposed to be seeing the osteo specialist today, so I figured that I didn’t have to bother going to anyone else about this.  Except that I am such a massive genius, I neglected to get my labs done, so that appointment has now been postponed until mid-April.  Awesome.  It wouldn’t have helped much anyway — the first 5K was yesterday.

Rather than repeat what I did before the half marathon (skip my last training run because my hip felt weird), I went out on Friday; if I was going to be injured and have to suck in a race, I would rather not start.  And besides, I was planning to wear my new PureConnects for the race, and I had only worn them once — I needed to give them another try!

My hip didn’t feel any worse or better for having run, so I decided to race.  (Race, not run.)

I really love these shoes.  Not aesthetically, really, but they feel so awesome!

Anyway, my new 5K racing strategy is to go out like a bat from hell and keep going until I either drop dead or cross the finish line.  It’s probably why the first mile was the fastest mile I have ever run in my life.

By the time I reached that first mile marker, there were only two people ahead of me.  One was too far away for me to ever catch her, but I used the second one as my personal rabbit: I stayed a few feet behind her for the entire distance, then sprinted past her at the finish line.

My official time was 24:50.9; hers was 24:51.1.  She was very gracious about it — a lot more so than I would have been!  Heh.

So, yeah… I didn’t win, but I did come in second.  And first in my age group, which means I finally have a placement medal that I actually earned (unlike the last one).  I also have a glass trophy for placing second overall, even though it says “first place,” because they can’t get everything right, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with said trophy, but I am hardly going to complain about that!

I’m not even going to complain about the fact that one side still feels kind of strange.  It’s more of a muscle soreness, though, I think.  And oh, apparently you can get groin pain when you’re ovulating.  Well.  Isn’t that awesome.  Does that mean this is going to happen all the time now?!  Because I don’t think I would be able to deal with that.

I don’t know, it just feels very scary to have my happiness hinge on something so… tenuous.  It’s terrifying to know that it could be snatched away from me in an eyeblink.


2 responses to “In Which I (Nearly) Win a Race

  1. Awesome! Congratulations for placing 😀 I hope the groin pain is something entirely different too, bodies are so random sometimes. And a sub-25min 5K is great! It’s nice when things go well, isn’t it? I know what you mean about anticipating it being snatched away though, I’m a dreadful one for getting anxious over being happy.

  2. Congrats on the race! I’m glad your hip seems to be okay for now, hopefully things will continue to get better for you! I totally understand worrying about what will go wrong next and duh, I know it doesn’t help to freak out, but easier said than done.

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