Favorite Time of the Year

My all-time favorite holiday is coming up! (NOT.) It is a well-chronicled fact that I abhor Pesach.  Actually, I shouldn’t say that; I don’t love the holiday itself, but what really drives me bonkers is the preparation.  Especially when my mom is doing it, because she goes waaaaay overboard.  I get a headache just thinking about it.

Anyway, this year I am determined to actually clear out the freezers once and for all instead of storing things in my sister’s spare freezer.  I was quite astonished to learn just how many Steamfresh bags I have!  So, yeah, this is going to be a fun couple of weeks as I eat a bunch of weird, random things in an attempt to consume the things from the freezers.

Sometimes that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I had about half a loaf of bread in there.  Solution: make French toast.

You can’t tell, but I deviated from the usual “cinnamon / vanilla extract / egg white” mixture, and used chocolate fudge extract instead.  I could barely taste it, either, now that I think of it.  Oh well.

Other concoctions are more bizarre… and most of them look extremely unappetizing, even though they taste fine.  This one wasn’t so bad (in terms of appearance).

And hey — I learned that mushroom soup + nutritional yeast makes a pretty good sauce for vegetables.  Albeit a watery one…

My determination to clear all of this extra food out, once and for all, is spurred in part by the fact that it is cheaper to eat what you already have.  Brilliant, I know.  But for some reason, I am spending way too much money lately, so I need to save it wherever possible!

Spending money: well, I only do it a couple of times a year, thanks to its outrageous price, but my hair needed to be cut.

Then, even though I use my dSLR most of the time, I like having a point-and-shoot that I can just shove in my pocket.  Even more so now that I’m learning many of the races I am doing won’t have official photographers!  I was perfectly satisfied with the one I had — I didn’t care that it was eight years old and only 4.0 MP — but it was really starting to die.

Do you know that the old camera — eight years ago — cost more than the new one?  Kind of funny to think about that.

Then I learned Running Warehouse was having a sale on long-sleeved tops.  I had such a hard time finding those last year, I couldn’t possibly not buy any!

Three tech tops for under $60?  Please.  How am I supposed to turn that down?

Less pleasant, but necessary:

Knee straps help for runner’s knee.  They don’t do a thing for ITBS.  Knee wraps do, a bit, but I hate them because then I feel like I can’t really bend my knee, and it does not breathe.  At all.  I’ve only used these once, but oh, it was blissful.

Although I might be a little biased, considering what happened during that run:

Yeah.  I did not know I could do that, so it was pretty cool.  I was only running fast because I’m trying to do exposure therapy on myself so that I can get over this paranoid fear of getting another fracture if I do run fast… but I remember trying my damndest to get under an eight-minute mile back in September, and I did eventually do it (barely), but it felt way harder than this did.  Weird.

Or else being fatter is good for something.  Hallelujah.


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