Needle Day

If I were afraid of needles, today would have been a nightmare.  Instead, it was just inconvenient and a bit annoying.

The first batch of needles was actually quite enjoyable; Thursdays are acupuncture days!  I don’t have eyes in the back of my head, so I don’t know how many needles were stuck in me, but there were a lot.

Then I had to go get my blood drawn because I’m seeing my endocrinologist next week, and it’s easier to get the labs done before I see him so that I don’t need to play phone tag to get the results.  Anyway.

Cute, right?  Well, I thought so, until I had five of them plastered all over me!  First two needles in my left arm, then one in my right arm, then a butterfly in my right hand, then a butterfly in my right arm.  At least two of these sites are now bruised.  Lovely.

Aching arms aside, some random outtakes:

Look, I found ready-made pizza dough I can actually eat!  The remainder of which has been frozen in individual portions, so it might be around for a while…

It doesn’t look so bad here, because it’s already been cooked, but when it was raw the dough kept shrinking in on itself, and I had to pile the sauce, spinach, mushrooms, and nutritional yeast in a precarious stack.  Guess I’m lucky it all worked out okay in the end.

Strawberry extract is an amazing thing.  Spurred by a container of strawberry yogurt with an imminent expiration date, I made pancakes using the yogurt as my liquid.

I really, really like this pancake mix.  I also really liked the addition of strawberry extract, so when I was faced with a container of nearly-dead strawberries a couple of days later, I added some to the almond milk and egg white mixture when I made French toast.


I stumbled across the new cappuccino Larabar today, and even though I don’t like coffee, I had to try it. It wasn’t so bad… considering I don’t like coffee! I still prefer the chocolate, though.  But what really irritated me is that I also stumbled across these über bars, which I cannot have, thanks to the dairy designation.  There is no dairy in them, so this is just stupid, and it makes me angry.  I can’t have Pure bars anymore, either, thanks to that, and I miss them.  (Same problem with Luna bars, and Clif bars, and … well, pretty much every bar out there.)

Well.  That was a random tangent.  But since I mentioned a new product, I can tell you about what happened when I used a product that is no longer new, but which I needed to finish: Near East roasted red pepper and basil quinoa blend.  I sautéed some rainbow chard, plopped the quinoa blend on top of it, and called it a lunch.

This could have been eaten cold, and since I burn my mouth every time I eat something hot, I should just stay away from hot food, but in addition to my own refrigerator, I now have my own microwave.  All I need is a shower and a stove, and I can move in to my office.  Not that I want to do that…

Anyway, I have the microwave, so I had to use it.  Except that Little Miss Genius here neglected to turn off the space heater which turns my frigid office into a steam room, and so after a minute, I found myself in eerie quiet — I tripped a fuse, apparently.  My phone and the overhead lights still worked, but the refrigerator, microwave, lamp, heater, and computer all went out.  Thankfully, the building manager was in at the time and he unlocked the fuse box for me, but I now know that it is stupid to run both the heater and the microwave at once.  Which should have occurred to me at the outset, but I am stupid.

So I will now go to sulk over my sore throat… true to winter form, my mom has a cold and she is generously sharing it with me.  I hope this is all I am going to get.


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