Apexes and Nadirs

Perhaps that is a bit overdramatic a title… but it does justice to the current state of affairs in these parts.  Said affairs will just flow more smoothly in the re-telling if I just do it chronologically, so I am backing up to Thursday night, when I was debating whether to ride my bike to work on Friday.  I don’t know why this is, but Fridays are my “ride to work” days.  Ergo, I was really annoyed that the weather forecast was being so bipolar: it was going to rain or it wasn’t going to rain, it was going to be windy or it wasn’t going to be windy… I mean, I know I’m indecisive, but the weather isn’t supposed to be that way!

In any event, I woke up Friday morning and checked the weather before heading out on my C25K “run”… supposedly, there were wind gusts of 52 MPH.  I’ve ridden in 40+ MPH winds, and it wasn’t fun, so I decided that 50 MPH winds were my cutoff point, and I wouldn’t ride.

Having made this decision, I started second-guessing it during the first half of my “run,” because it did not feel windy at all.  Then I got to my turn-around point and … oh.  I’m just glad the way home was downhill, because running into that wind and going uphill at the same time would not have been much fun.

Since I wasn’t going to have my bike with me, I decided to stop by the gym on my way to work for some strength training (doctors’ orders, after all), so I was rushing about like a crazy person.  But guess what I discovered in the midst of this frenzy?

I got my period back.

It’s a little insane how excited I was to find this out — I don’t think I even felt that way when I was thirteen!  I’ve since come to my senses and acknowledged that none of this is really fun at all, just the way I remembered, but still.

By then I was really rushing, which explains why my pancakes burned.

My whey protein expires on January 17, though, so I had to finish it.  When I am forced to pay nearly $50 a tub, not a speck of it will go to waste!  It is because of this that I discovered something I never thought I would like, but in fact do:

Millet puffs, Fiber One, blackberries, and almond milk mixed with protein powder.  My whey powder is unflavored, as is my almond milk, so I have no idea why the addition of one should make the other taste better, but who said everything has to make sense?

Anyway, off to work, which was oh-so-exciting as usual, and during which I learned via Facebook that my cousin got caught in the hail on her bike.  Made me glad that I had opted out.  Then back home again — where I ate one of the best kabocha squashes I have ever had.

The sticker on this squash actually said “abobora,” and I got all excited because I’ve never had that before, even though it looks just like a kabocha squash.  Yeah.  Turns out it just means “Japanese pumpkin,” AKA, “kabocha.”

<<insert weekend in which I did nothing but read, eat and sleep>>

Come Saturday night, I decided to try tackling my latest assignment for my photography course.  It is giving me an endless amount of grief — I live in a house, not a photo studio, and lighting conditions are less than optimal!  I ended up having to ask someone to hold the light for me while I put the camera on self-timer and dashed over to hold up a reflector board.  It did turn out in the end, but I will need to re-take them because I used a textured background, which was a mistake.  Oh, well.  At least I finally found floodlight sockets with clamps.  I’ve only been looking for that for two years!

Then, this morning, I opted to brave the elements to try and get some of the outside shots for this assignment.  Yes, it was 17° outside, with a -7° windchill, but what better conditions to try out my newly-acquired Bar Mitts?

I realize that this looks ridiculous.  However, when it comes to preventing death by frostbite, I don’t really care about such things.

Anyway, as it turns out, once you remove your hands from them to take photos, you’re screwed.  By the time I got home, my hands were so cold that I had to sit on them to get any feeling back at all, and they were still throbbing for hours.  And after all this, I don’t think I’ll even be able to use the photos I got!

I also think my chain is messed up, unless I did such a great job of lubing it last night that I just can’t hear it when I shift gears.  Uh huh.

So, to make a long story short, I am incredibly frustrated with this photo assignment, am thrilled that I finally got my period even though I still can’t run the way I want to, and I am generally grumpy because, well, I always am?  Or because I freaking hate winter and I want to move to Aruba and open my own dive shop.

Which brings me to the lowest nadir of all: I should not have been freezing my fat butt off this morning.  I should have been running the Bermuda Half Marathon.  Instead, I just gave them the money so that I should have the privilege of sitting around and hating myself for not being able to do it.

Life is, indeed, sometimes  a beautiful thing.


5 responses to “Apexes and Nadirs

  1. Whooooooooooooo for getting your period back! There are not enough oooos in the world to express my happiness for you 😛

    If you move to Aruba, can I come and stay? Maybe even live? Sounds better than English winters!

  2. Congrats on your period! That is definitely something to be excited about 🙂

    Maybe the protein/almond milk thing is like lipstick: supposedly any two shades combined will look good on anyone. I have trouble buying that because I don’t think l look good in lipstick, but I’m intrigued!

  3. I recently got my period back too after not having it for almost 3 years to anorexia. It did make me happy and you should be proud of yourself too! We are women again!

  4. Oh and I had no idea they made such a thing as bar mitts! That’s awesome I wish I’d bought of it!

  5. Weeeeee periodness! I am rather jealous 😛

    And by the way, those bar mitts look rather sexy.

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