So, so, so, so, so tired.  This “four hours of sleep a night” thing really isn’t agreeing with me.  Not to mention that I’m also getting totally slammed at work, and that would be rough under the best of circumstances, but these aren’t the best of circumstances (see: four hours of sleep a night, above).

On top of that, I am having the worst time with regards to body image these days.  I hate to whine about things like that because it’s stupid and pointless and it won’t solve anything, but there is no way to solve it anyway except for to get rid of all the extra fat I am accumulating, and supposedly that’s a bad idea, even though all I’ve gotten out of this endeavor is extra weight — nothing else has really changed.  (You see why I don’t talk about this?!  I don’t make any sense.)

All that aside, I think I am sick of therapy.  I’ve gotten pretty much all that I think I am going to get out of it for now, and since I need $80 a month to pay for this stupid estrogen patch, I have informed my therapist that for the next couple of months at least, I am only showing up every other week.

And like any sane person who doesn’t have spare cash lying around, I’m going on a vacation next month.  In my defense, this is sorely needed, because my cousin is getting married and my house is being invaded by relatives, and I am so freaking sick of it because this has been literally non-stop since August!  I just need to get away before I lose my mind.  And I need to do my Advanced Open Water dives to get my certification.  In any event, I’d rather spend money on diving than on therapy.

But in the name of frugality, I opted not to buy a dive computer.  I figured it’s not really the same thing as buying a Garmin — I’d use that all the time.  It feels very wrong to spend so much money on a watch that will only see the light of day every couple of months for an hour or two.  Instead, I got what I am calling The Poor Man’s Dive Watch.

Water resistant to 330 feet, as opposed to 50m for my FR60… and if it explodes, it’s only $30.  The Garmins are more expensive!  Besides, I don’t even have my FR60 right now — I sent it back to Garmin for replacement because the band is cracking, and I haven’t even had it a year.

I did, however, spring for a dive knife.  It seems stupid to pay a third of the purchase price just to rent one.

The gloves are to prevent me from leaving fingerprints at the scene of the crime.  Ha, ha, ha.

As always, an exhibition of my complete genius:

I’m at the very bottom of my jar of sunflower seed butter.  There’s only about a tablespoon left in there now.  I wanted to make it drizzly.  So I microwaved it.  And it burned.  La la la.

In the world of “random creations which come about due to my being the sole person in this house who will eat anything green, but having packages of those green things which contain several servings,” this…

…turned into this.

Don’t even ask.  My randomness is mind-boggling even to me sometimes.  But it wasn’t bad at all, so who cares, right?

I was going to go for a bike ride tomorrow morning.  It is supposed to rain… so there goes that plan.  Eh, it’s all good, I’ll just sit around and get fatter, at some point I suppose it ceases to make a difference.  And oh, yeah, I need to go return the four fish I bought for my aquarium today, because they’re all dead now.  Surprise, surprise.

I really need some sleep.


2 responses to “Randomness

  1. You definitely need a vacation if you’re feeling you’re about to lose the plot with your relatives at home. Sometimes we just need to get away and clear our minds for a bit. I call that self love right there.

    Your creations look really odd but also really tasty. Ugly food = best tasting food. Well, the majority of the time.


  2. I love it when you take a vacation anyway, since you come back with such lovely photos!

    I’m great for ugly food too. Always tastes just fine though, so I’m not going to complain.

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