I Don’t Do Resolutions

It is probably quite fitting that this post will be all over the place: that is, after all, a perfect reflection of me.  It’s not in quite as random an order as it seems, though.  This is the order in which the accompanying photos were taken!

So, I’ve recently become very annoyed with my swimsuit.  I actually have about a dozen swimsuits, but I only really use two of them: the bikini I wear under my wetsuit when I’m diving, and the tank suit I wear to the pool.  The latter seems to have shrunk, or I seem to have grown, in the oddest way.  It isn’t too small, really, but it’s too short.  The straps don’t seem as long as they used to be, and it is not at all comfortable, and there is one spot on my chest that still hurts a little bit from my “broken rib,” and of course the strap puts pressure in that exact spot.  So, it was obviously time for a new suit.  And since this happened with my last stuit (the mysterious “too short” thing), I decided to buy it elsewhere this time.

It isn’t the color I really wanted, but when you can pay $20 for a $70 suit, you don’t ask questions.  The thing is, it feels like it might be a little too short already.  Two sizes up would be way too big, and one size up doesn’t seem to be available for purchase, either because it is a very common size and everyone else already bought it, or because it is a very uncommon size and infrequently produced.  I just can’t figure this out — I don’t have a long torso, so why does this keep happening?!

Not that it even mattered whether I had a suit last week — I actually wore my triathlon wetsuit to the pool.  I’m sorry, but I’m sick of freezing to death.  Just too bad that I had to stay warm at the expense of my ability to breathe… either A) I’ve gotten bigger, B) my wetsuit has gotten smaller, or C) I forgot how difficult it is to shimmy into that thing.  My diving wetsuit has zippers along the bottom of the legs, which makes it a little easier, but this one doesn’t.

I added the C25K podcasts to my MP3 player.  I only use this MP3 player for running, so until now, it didn’t have anything on it but music I’d use to run.  Which might explain why I don’t know how to create separate playlists.  The manual was of no help, since for some reason I have Italian and French versions, but not an English one.  And then I realized that something about which I thought wouldn’t it be cool if it existed, actually does exist, and I created a workout for each C25K workout and sent them all to my Garmin, so now I theoretically don’t even need the podcasts.  Since all that’s going to happen is I will be running merrily along, listening to music, and then that music will be interrupted by a podcast.  Ho hum.

I’m not actually “running merrily along” anywhere.  I went for a lovely 20-mile bike ride this morning — that is quite an odd thing for me to say, since I don’t particularly like riding my bike!  But this was more enjoyable than usual because I actually went somewhere, instead of riding in circles around the park.  That also meant I had to keep stopping for traffic and lights, but it’s not like I’m anything other than painfully slow anyway.  It’s just frustrating because there are a couple of New Years’ races I wanted to do, and I couldn’t do them since I’m so busy “erring on the side of caution.”  I’m pretty terrified of finding out what the doctor has to say, actually.

One of my tri teammates did the race I wanted to do this morning.  I wouldn’t know this, since I blocked her updates from my Facebook feed because I just found it too painful to see, but she randomly sent me a text the other day asking if I was near NYRR.  I’m not, so I told her that, but really, what would she want from there besides a bib?  Maybe I’m oversensitive about this at the moment, but I thought it was pretty obnoxious for her to ask me to do that for her… especially when I haven’t spoken to her in ages!

Because I don’t “do” New Years’ resolutions, there’s no need for me to make this post even longer than it already is — that can wait for another day.  But one thing I do want to accomplish is to finally perfect a recipe for seitan on a small scale.

That’s seitan in that sandwich; trust me, you don’t want to see what it looked like on its own.  I hate that all recipes for seitan seem to serve six, or eight; not being a fan of leftovers, I like to make single-serving recipes.  Three servings is the maximum.  This effort was too liquidy, so I guess I will have to keep trying.

Off to learn some more about Advanced Open Water diving… yay!


2 responses to “I Don’t Do Resolutions

  1. Good luck with your doctor! I do hope 2012 is better for you. Last year sucked quite a bit for me too. And I can’t give you any answers on the swim suit issue since I don’t do swimming 😛 I think I’ve had the same suit for about five years and probably only worn it that many times too! Shame.

  2. Fingers crossed for a better 2012! You’ve definitely had more than your fair share of injuries, it’s time for some good times to come your way.

    It’s smart to be cautious, although I do hope your doctor will give you some good news that will let you get back to running very soon. When I’m hurt, it literally makes me want to cry to see other runners out on the roads. Hang in there, this will pass.

    Can’t help with the swimsuit issue, sorry! Swimsuits baffle me. They never seem to fit right, but that could just be me. At least you got the new one on sale!

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