Good Riddance

I am not sad that 2011 is drawing to a close.

Sure, it had its good points, but this was its downfall:

As a result of this, I am getting fatter than I want to be (obviously, since I was perfectly fine with staying the size I was), which is doubly annoying because my clothes will fit and then I’ll have to buy new ones.  No, that’s not a typo; I hate feeling constricted, so I prefer to wear pretty much everything one or two sizes larger than necessary.  Gaining weight means that they’ll be the right size, which, in my view, is too small.

All this, and I’m still not going to have what I want, because what I want is to run long, and I’m not going to do that yet, since I have absolutely no desire for a repeat performance of the past few months.  I’m doing C25K instead, and it’s driving me absolutely insane; I don’t want to take walk breaks, I want to run and run and run!!

But the best part of this all, if you inflect the word “best” with the healthiest dose of sarcasm possible, is that my right side feels weird.  As in, I fractured my left pubic rami, and now my right side feels weird.  It’s entirely possible that I am now excessively — but justifiably! — paranoid, because I have been able to run on it and it doesn’t get any worse, but still.  I’m going to kick off the new year, then, with a visit to the sports MD.  Fun times, hey?

What really is fun: I’ve finally decided to just get on with it and obtain my Advanced Open Water Diver certification.  This, of course, means that I will have to go visit some tropical locale to complete the required dives.  Somehow, I think I’ll manage to get over the difficulty of that.

I was going to think about what to do with the blog in 2012, but I decided it’s not worth the technical / emotional hassle; I have too many things to do as it is.  Since it doesn’t matter to anyone but me anyway (which is the way it should be), I am just going to continue blogging whenever I feel like it… and lately, that just hasn’t been very often.  Too bad.

Happy New Year!


3 responses to “Good Riddance

  1. See, I’d love to be more sympathetic but every time you call yourself ‘fat’ I want to reach through the screen and shake you, because if you are fat then I am the size of all of the obese characters Eddie Murphy played in ‘The Nutty Professor’ put together. You might weigh a little more than you used to, I don’t know, but from even your most recent pics your descriptions of yourself do not tally with reality. I highly doubt you have huge pockets of fat under your arms and thighs that randomly hit together when you least expect it like I do. I’d rather be doing C25K and look like you than be running and look like me.

    That said, I do understand wanting clothes several sizes bigger than a ‘normal’ fit because I can’t stand stuff making me feel constrained either, and I’m sick of shoehorning myself into my old running gear.

    It matters to me if you’re still around. No matter what you think, others do care about you, and wish you a Happy New Year in return.


  2. I hope 2012 is much better for you xxx

  3. Ooooh I get the buying things a size or two bigger as well – tight clothes freak me out. Not even in a body image way, more in a sort of itchy, uncomfortable, too aware of my skin kind of way. Very odd 😛 but I am an odd person.

    It’s awesome that you’re going to do your diver certification though! I look forward to the photographs 😉

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