Seeking MD

It is seriously time for me to get a new doctor.

Since it’s a crime for me to do something I enjoy and emerge unscathed, I have a price to pay for going on a dive trip.  And I’m not talking about the sunburn.  I’m talking about the pain in my chest that would have had me wondering whether I was having a heart attack, had I not just had an EKG last month!  So, at my mom’s urging, I clomped off to my doctor’s office, knowing that it would be a waste of time and money.  (This is the same doctor who adamantly insisted that my pelvic fractures were a ruptured tendon.)

He told me I have a fractured rib.  Um… I didn’t do anything!  How did that happen?!  Then again, he once told my sister she had a fractured rib, and she actually had gall stones, so whatever.  Like I said, I need a new doctor.

But I oh-so-conveniently had an appointment with the orthopedist today, so I asked him for his opinion.  He doesn’t think it’s fractured, and I prefer to go with that.  Not that it really matters what’s wrong with it, since even if it is fractured, there’s not much you can do for a broken rib.  And he told me I could try running a couple of times a week and see how that works out… except that I have effectively been a big fat lazy couch potato since before I left for Belize, because that’s what I did in Belize and then I came back and effed up my rib.  Which, even if it isn’t broken, still hurts.

As a side note, I read a study recently about dried plums’ ability to restore bone mass.  I actually very much dislike dried plums, but I decided to try and make myself learn to like them.  I found these, which have no preservatives — I think that preservatives sometimes makes things taste kind of weird.  I was surprised to find that I even rather liked them!  The study mentioned two servings a day, but that seemed excessive, so I decided to stick with one for now… but I think that was still way too enthusiastic of me, because words cannot even describe the intestinal agony which ensued today.

And then I got into a stupid fight with my sister because she wanted us (my mom, sisters, and sisters-in-law) to go out tonight for her birthday, and even if we ignore the fact that I very much dislike doing such things without prior notice, the very last thing I need right now is an assault on my digestive system.  Her reasoning was that you don’t know your stomach won’t hurt next week!  Okay… so go without me?  I don’t know, arguments are just stupid 99% of the time.

But hey, at least we can all agree that I am selfish and the world revolves around me.  Yay!


2 responses to “Seeking MD

  1. NO, you are not being selfish: you are simply not rolling over and being a doormat, or a people pleaser. Selfishness is all about perspective – perhaps your sister could be said to be selfish for making you go out when she knows (presumably?) that you have anxiety issues around food and that your stomach is upset anyway.

    I now have shares in prunes. No joke.

    I really hope your rib IS okay. Your doctor and my podiatrist really should meet up – he can’t decide what the hell is wrong with my heel: first is was DEFINITELY a stress fracture, then Plantar whatsit, then a heel spur. Now, he has no idea.


  2. Prunes are evil. Although if they are that good for bone density, I may have to start eating them. Bleh.

    The problem with your rib with the long name that you mentioned on Facebook? Eek! Hope it isn’t this painful for too long. So many things which can go wrong with bodies, and they do tend to all happen at once. Lots of healthy thoughts being sent your way xxx

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