For Those Who Might Give a Damn

Of course the half marathon sucked — in fact, I came in dead last because I couldn’t run longer than a mile and a half, but I am a stubborn **** and I did not fly halfway across the country to get a DNF.  So the half marathon sucked because clearly I suck, and I’m not allowed to do things that just might make me happy.  Oh, no.

I went to see my doctor because I wanted to get a referral for an X-ray; my friend’s stress fracture is in almost the exact same place where my pain is located, and I wanted to rule that out.  Yeah, it hurts like hell, and I can’t walk without crutches (uh, I can’t even walk with crutches, but I do have blisters on my palms now), but I really don’t think it’s broken.

It’s not.  Apparently, I have a ruptured tendon.

I am so done.


8 responses to “For Those Who Might Give a Damn

  1. Oh angel I’m so sorry 😦 nothing I say will make you feel better but I had a horrid half two weeks ago. I pulled out at mile 2 because of the pain I was in… I can’t even bring myself to blog about it. All my love and healing vibes xxx

  2. Oh noooo, girl, I am so sorry to hear that :[ Hits close to home because I’ve been a bit concerned about my tendon lately so of course I’ve read lots about ruptured tendons. (No, I don’t think that’s my problem, but of course the web has twenty solutions for everything 😛 ) It is absolutely not you who sucks, by the way. You are the most passionate and determined individual I have ever met, and for that I truly admire you. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and rooting for a speedy recovery ❤

  3. I give a damn.
    And I don’t even know you! I care. I hate to see you knocked down and my wish for you is to find the beauty in this struggle. God works all things for good….what is he showing you now in light of this?

  4. Oh shit, that sucks. Take care, sweetie xxx

  5. I always give a damn ❤ sorry it was such a bad experience x

  6. I also give a damn, even though I don’t know you. I wish that things could be better for you. Know that people do care and we are praying and wishing the best for you.


  7. I give a damn. I don’t know if you remember me. Am thinking of you – this too will pass.

  8. I’m so sorry… but running injured is no fun at all. You just need to let your body heal and it WILL grow back stronger. Not something you want to hear right now, I realize…

    Feel better, lady. And shana tova!

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