I’m sorry I haven’t been commenting much (if anyone noticed, or cared!) — I don’t have time to do anything these days.  Um, I haven’t even packed yet, and I don’t know when I will, because I have a nutritionist appointment tonight, and my nephew’s bar mitzvah tomorrow night (not excited for that one, BTW), and then I have to spend all night Thursday in the airport since nobody wants to drive me there at 4 AM… so, yeah.  When am I going to pack, again?…  And something else fabulous (or not)?  My house is being invaded.  Again.

Anyway, I thought I had figured out my foot pod woes: like a genius, I had been calibrating it using the 310XT, when I should have been using the FR60.  Or so I thought.  Apparently, that still didn’t do the trick.

The last lap in the 310XT = me being a genius, again, and not realizing that the timer was still going.  But, uh… I don’t know what else to do to get this to be accurate!!  Of course, I could turn off auto lap during a race, but then I have to remember to actually re-set it at every mile, and also hope that there are mile markers.

Oh, and about that run?… I finally managed a <8:00 mile!  It’s just too bad that I’m having difficulty walking now.  It’s always something, I tell you… and usually it’s not something to which I ever devoted much thought.  I mean, groin muscles?!  Please.  Thank goodness I have an acupuncture appointment tomorrow.

Couple of photos, then I flee…

Spinach, whole wheat noodles, Lightlife marinara cutlet… with more pasta sauce added, because seriously, the amount that comes in the packet is a joke.

Oh, how odd — I ate a sandwich!  Mostly because I don’t like leaving bread in my freezer forever.  And because I had the veggie burger in my refrigerator already.  And a container of hommus that I’m afraid not to use ASAP, lest it meet a fuzzy green fate.  So, yeah: wheat bread, hommus, spinach, veggie burger, sprouts.  And roasted cauliflower + raw purple corn.

Right.  I’m off.  If someone could help me mentally adjust so that I don’t have an subconscious time goals for this half marathon, I’d be grateful.  Since my friend tells me it’s really hilly there… and I’m actually more concerned about the downhills than the uphills, because my knees don’t like downhills right now.  I’d ramble on about that, but consider yourself lucky, because I’m out of time.

Have a great [fill in the blank].

“How much pain they have cost us, the evils which have never happened.”
~Thomas Jefferson


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