This is driving me crazy.  I am the first to admit that I am anal, so these things matter… I couldn’t stand that the mileage on my 310XT was not syncing with the mileage on my FR60W.  Which is why I calibrated the foot pod using GPS — from the 310XT!  You would assume that this would mean the data would be the same now… but no such luck.

This isn’t that much of a discrepancy, I know.  But the further I run, the greater the difference…

…so that a half marathon on the 310XT would probably be closer to 15 miles on the FR60W.  This.  Is.  Making.  Me.  Insane(r than I already am).  It wouldn’t bother me as much as it does if I only knew which one was accurate!!

This was my last long run before the half… it would have been nice if it was an awesome one, but it wasn’t.  It wasn’t terrible (and I’m not talking in terms of pace here, since I have no idea whether my average pace was 9:09 or 9:44), but it wasn’t wonderful like my ten miler two weeks ago.  Random assortment of the usual aches and pains… am I the only one who has to take continual inventory during a run to see whether everything is still functioning as it should?!  Feet, check.  Ankles, check.  Shins, check.  Knees, check.  Hamstrings, check.  Sartorius, check.  Back, check.  It is incredibly frustrating… and my knees worry me.  They need to hold out for at least one  more week!!  (Not that I’d be okay with them falling apart after that, but you know what I mean.)

Oh, and you see the green reflecting off the Garmin in that last picture?  That would be the Brooks Nightlife Equilibrium long sleeve in brite green/brite white.  It’s probably a good idea for me to wear highly visible clothing, since I usually run early in the morning, before the sun is up.  For that purpose, this shirt is awesome.  But during daylight hours, it’s kind of obnoxious — it’s just so screamingly loud!

It’s also getting really cold here now.  Which makes me very, very, very sad.

Random assortment of photos, per usual.

You were right, Alli; I liked this much better!

The strawberry-and-banana combination was getting a little old, so I went the strawberry-and-kiwi route here instead.  It saddens me, but I must admit that I fear strawberry season has truly come to an end: these were pretty tasteless.

These were on sale in Whole Foods, and I’m very bad when it comes to impulse purchases.  The dried okra didn’t work out so well — I decided I really don’t like it after all, but I’m glad about that, since it’s insanely expensive — but I really liked this.  It tasted kind of like corn chips.

Plain coconut milk yogurt, Truvia, green figs, oven roasted honey almonds, wildflower honey.  I had wanted to buy black figs — I like them a lot better — but of course Trader Joe’s was out of them.  After this bowl, I didn’t mind so much anymore.

This happened before I ran out of black figs, though.  Millet puffs, green + black figs, wildflower honey, and almond milk added post-photo.

It’s only 5.00 PM, but I would seriously go to sleep for the night now if I didn’t know it would screw up my entire week.  Besides … then the weekend would be over faster, and I definitely don’t want that to happen!  No, I think I will go spend some quality time with my po sum on.  I wish I could bathe in the stuff…

Okay, not exactly.  That wouldn’t smell very pleasant.  But still.

“Make your feet your friend.” 
~J.M. Barrie
(i think mine are like everyone else…they don’t want to be!!)


4 responses to “Inconsistent

  1. That would drive me crazy, too! Do you have any sort of hunch as to which is more accurate, though? I’m guessing the 310X since it’s GPS, but maybe it’s sensor is wonky or something. I mean…9:09 and 9:40 and 9.1 miles vs. 9.7 miles is a decent contrast :\
    LOOOVE the green shirt, hehe. Migraine inducing made me chuckle.

    And figs. You’re killing me over here with them! I want!

  2. Err, are we partially telepathic in this post? My Garmins are acting up, both the 205 and the 305, though they just keep losing the signal. Not knowing my pace would drive me crazy: I have no idea how I used to run without a Garmin at all.

    Plus, I am SAD because it’s getting colder here too. And I do indeed check that various parts of me are not falling to bits every second that I run. Your paragraph on the subject sounds like a stream of consciousness for me.

    I’ve been using Tiger Balm in lieu of Po Sum On and it seems to work quite well 🙂 Much better than ice, anyway!

    Good luck for the race 🙂


  3. So glad that you took another chance with the Kind Bars!! The Fruit & Nut variety is so much better than the too-sweet Kind Plus.

    Best of luck with your 1/2! I’m considering entering a 5-miler the day before Halloween in my hometown, as I know I can already run 5 miles, and could work to improve my pace, but I’m actually nervous to run & race in public! If you’ve raced before, how did you deal with anxieties for your first race?

  4. I love toasted corn! It’s funny, because I hate popcorn. Oh well. Your fluorescent green shirt is great, I will have to find something similarly luminous for cycling to work in the winter.

    I hate feet. It’s an irrational hatred. I never take my socks off unless I’m in the shower :/

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