Six Minute Miles

For the sake of my already questionable sanity, I will first get out of the way some of the photos that have been accumulating in my media library!

waffles + unsweetened soy yogurt mixed with truvia and cocoa powder. sadly, i have no more soy yogurt.

don't remember what was in here... shirataki noodles, kale, peppers, mushrooms, "steak" strips, hommus + nutritional yeast... maybe

broccoli slaw, mushrooms, hommus + nutritional yeast, sun dried tomatoes (i abhor tomatoes, but it was shiitake mushroom and sundried tomato hommus, so i added them... they're not so bad since they don't have gloopy seeds, which is why i hate tomatoes)

millet, yellow + orange baby carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, snow peas, orange marmalade + hot sauce

if you're wondering where all the raisins are... i hate raisins, so i picked them out. which is why i won't be buying this again: there were way too many raisins!!

The catch-up game will take a break here, because I just spent way too long taking pictures of something for my sister (not because I am such a talented photographer, but because I have “a big camera” … even though I tried to explain that the person holding the camera is often more important than the camera itself), and now I want to go to bed.

But first I need to share my experience with my new Garmin this morning.  I wore my old one and my new one, because I wanted to compare them.  Well.  I felt kind of like I was driving my car with my GPS, which, by the way, I hate.  There I am, running merrily along… lost satellite reception.  Good to have the foot pod as backup, huh?

Er, yeah.  I’d love to believe that I can run six minute miles, but I can’t.  I fiddled around with it a little, so hopefully I fixed whatever was wrong with it and it works now.  I will be very, very angry if it turns out to be defective.

And I do believe it is high time I drag my exhausted self to bed.  Once I finish e-mailing these pictures to my sister, anyway…

Happy Hump Day.

“There is no strong performance without a little fanaticism in the performer.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


2 responses to “Six Minute Miles

  1. Hehe I used to hate raisins, and I’d pick them out of all of the cookies/desserts that my mom used to make. I like them now, though. Ooooo and I used to pick out all of the marshmallows from Lucky Charms and then throw away the cereal part lol. I was picky 😀

    And I think the only way that I could run a 6 minute mile is if something was chasing me and I was running for dear life. And even then… that’d be pushing it.

  2. MMM i like the look of your food! I quite like raisins but can’t eat too many now due to my fructose intolerance so I have to pick them out. Boo!

    Six minute miles? Maybe you were just so excited about your new garmin 😛

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