Birthday #2

Even as a kid, when I actually looked forward to birthdays because I thought they’d make me feel somehow special, I always felt let down afterward… they’re just such depressing and anti-climactic events!

So, for my mundane day… I started it out with a very short and slow bike ride.  I don’t know whether it’s paranoia that riding a bike will hurt my back, or what, but I haven’t ridden much at all since the tri.  And my knee hurt while riding; since running is more important to me, I’m not willing to injure myself via biking!  And I need to get my bike detailed … in a major way.  But I have no time to do it.

Anyway, then I came home and had my version of a birthday cake.

I knew I had some of those candles in my house somewhere, but I just could not find them last night.  I went to two stores to buy some, but of course they didn’t have any in stock… and then I came home and found them.  Exactly where I thought they would be.

There is a long, long story behind this, which shall be explained at a later date (if ever)… but this is basically steel cut oats and chia seeds.  I cooked the oats, leaving them somewhat soupy, then added the chia seeds and let it gel for a bit… but I was worried that it would fall apart when I tried to take it out of the dish, so I put it in the oven for quite a long while and then refrigerated it overnight.  Seems to have done the trick.  The “icing” is plain unsweetened soy yogurt mixed with Truvia and special dark cocoa powder (which, by the way, is incredible), and the nonpareils are just there for color.

And a new fruit: a Korean melon!

I quite liked it.  It was very crunchy and refreshing — it tasted like a cross between cantaloupe and honeydew, which is odd, since I’m not a fan of either of those, really.  I don’t particularly care for melons in general.

I went to work.  I went to acupuncture.  And then I met my mom for lunch, since she wanted to take me out for my birthday, even though there is nowhere around there worth going to, but whatever.

Romaine, alfalfa sprouts, mushrooms, bell peppers, cucumbers, kidney beans, chick peas, egg white, croutons… is that all?  Seriously, for the price of this one salad, I could have made the exact same thing for a week.  Or more.

Then my mom told me that she and my dad wanted to get me something for my birthday, but they didn’t know what I’d want, so I should buy something and they’d pay me back… she did tell me how much they would have spent, so for anything higher in price, I’d be supplementing it myself.  This is what I have on the list:

I’m currently shooting with a kit lens that I got with my camera (Canon EOS Rebel T1i), which is an 18-55mm. It’s a perfectly fine lens, but I feel frustrated sometimes by the limitations… and I definitely don’t want to amass a huge lens collection, so it seems a little silly to buy the 55-250mm solely because it’s more affordable when what I really want is the 70-200.  At the same time, I’m not interested in spending over a thousand dollars on a lens.

The main reason why I wanted another Garmin — with GPS — was because it’s a pain to constantly switch my foot pod from one pair of shoes to another.  Except that, knowing me, I’d do that anyway, even if I did have the GPS, because I’d want to know my cadence.  Still… I think it would probably see more use than the blender, because though I am dying for a Vita, I really don’t use my blender often enough to justify that expense.  (Then again, my blender sucks, which might be a contributing factor there.)

So, yeah.  That was delightful.

Then I went to do my shofar-blowing duties for a group of women in my old office building (I’ll spare you the backstory), and spent an absolutely enthralling (not) afternoon at work.  Then I lugged home my very exciting Trader Joe’s purchases from this morning: strawberries, cherries, and figs.  The cherries are particularly exciting: they’re my anti-inflammatory food of choice, and I ran out yesterday, which was truly tragic.

I promptly dug into the figs.

Multigrain wrap, black figs, and wildflower honey.  Yup.  (I have no idea why this picture is so huge.)

Just in case I didn’t have enough vegetables today…

Broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas, water chestnuts, roasted tofu, tossed in Trader Joe’s eggplant garlic spread.  Actually, the main purpose of this was to use up the tofu that would have gone in my lunch today had my mom not sprung the “I want to take you out tomorrow” thing on me at the last minute.  It did just fine.

But this didn’t, which was very upsetting, since I’d been so excited to finally open it!

While I don’t think it tasted particularly like vanilla or cinnamon, the flavor itself wasn’t bad.  It was the texture that bothered me — it wasn’t crunchy.  Granola is supposed to be crunchy!  Not chewy in a hurts-your-jaw kind of way.  Maybe I will try to toast it a bit next time and see if that helps.

Time for an Epsom salt bath… my forty pounds of the stuff arrived yesterday, so I should be good in that department.  For a month or two.

Question: of the four options above, which seems to make the most sense??

Happy Friday / weekend!

“Middle age is the time when a man is always thinking that in a week or two he will feel as good as ever.” 
~Don Marquis
(yikes… I think I might be middle-aged!)


6 responses to “Birthday #2

  1. Granola needs to be chocolatey and crunchy 😉 I’m totally smitten by the baggie that you sent me. I seriously need to ration myself to prevent withdrawals. And I know what you mean about birthdays being kind of anticlimactic. So much excitement leading up to it and then it’s just… over. I get the same feeling after Christmas.

    As for the options. Hrm. If the 70-200 is what you really want, then I say go for that…. especially if you said that you’re going to keep switching your foot pod and won’t be using a blender much. Honestly, I have a Vita, and while it’s definitely a great blender, I hardly ever pull it out. My Magic Bullet does the job well enough and is easier to clean… but then again, some people swear by the Vita, so I dunno…

  2. i love love love love love that you ate birthday cake oats for breakfast. tehehehe it made me smile. and ik how you feel about birthdays. i actually ask people not to acknowledge mine. just another day, right? well, i hope yours was amazing, and keep up being an awesome blogger 🙂 happy birthday! xo

  3. Well, I have to say the Garmin, don’t I? One can never have too many GPS systems 😛 Although I’d kill for a Vitamix myself, because I’m on the verge of throwing my crappy old blender out of the window.

    LOVE your birthday cake oats: so pretty!


  4. I must recreate your birthday oats thingy on my birthday! With a candle of course. It looks so good!

    I agree, granola should be crunchy! I had some natural muesli recently and I literally couldn’t finish it because my head was in so much pain from the chewing. Yikes!

  5. Hi! I just found your blog and thought I’d say hello because I think we have at least two things in common! I am Jewish and do my best to keep kosher (though it’s not too much of a challenge as a strict vegan), and I am absolutely IN LOVE with fresh figs. There aren’t too widely available, and it doesn’t seem like many people have tried them, but they are just indescribably good… I cannot get enough of them, and I’ve finally found someone who understands how perfect they are! I usually buy 2-3 pounds at a time and go back in a few days for more! I would eat them all day long (the good ones, anyway). So thanks for making me feel less alone in my insane obsession with figs!

  6. Hey, I’ve never commented, but I have been reading your blog for quite some time.

    Happy Birthday! But just wanted to say I have the 55-250 Canon telephoto lens. It is actually a pretty cool lens for the price. I love it!

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