Oh, goodness.  Someone just shoot me now, please?  I spent several hours of my day thinking that.  I had to go to the bi-annual departmental meeting for work… and somehow, I got roped into taking the minutes.  (Because I always end up doing what nobody else wants to do!)

One reason why I always felt so out of place in grad school was that my career field is definitely not my passion.  I don’t hate hate hate it, but it’s not something I really care about either way.  And these meetings are mind-numbingly boring.  But at least I’ll never have to take the minutes again, once they see what a disaster these are… heh.  (Nope, didn’t even do that on purpose.)

Went for a little run yesterday…

I keep my knee straps in my shoes, so that I shouldn’t forget to put them on.  But even though I moved the foot pod from my Brooks to my Asics, I left the knee straps in the Brooks.  I didn’t even realize it until I was more than halfway through, which I took as a good sign.  Except that my knee hurts now.  At least I know what’s wrong with it: this is exactly how it felt when I had to wear a knee sleeve for a few days.  That sucked, but at least I was able to run, and it went away fairly quickly.

Actually, I was freaking myself out yesterday, because after hearing that my friend has a stress fracture, I became a little bit paranoid about my ankle.  It didn’t seem like that’s what it was, but I think a little paranoia is justified here — I do, after all, get injured like nobody’s business!  My acupuncturist tells me it’s just a little inflamed.  No biggie — Po Sum On to the rescue!  (Seriously… that stuff is a total lifesaver.)  In fact, the bottle I ordered on Amazon last week arrived today.  Along with my four (!!) bags of nutritional yeast.  And these:

Errr, hooray for free two-way shipping?  I got about 30% off on these, which is why I didn’t get a color I actually like.  So now I’m trying to decide which of these I hate the least.  Since I don’t like running shoes that are white, or black, I think I might end up going with the green… opinions??

Apparently, we’re going to be hit by a hurricane on Sunday.  Which is annoying, because that’s my long run day.  Still trying to decide how to work that out… I like running in the rain, but not when that rain is accompanied by 115 MPH winds.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to want to go to Trader Joe’s in that weather, either, so I went today.  And I bought figs, even though I already had some, because I am just so happy it’s finally the season for fresh figs again!!

That looks like yogurt.  But it’s not.  It’s actually cottage cheese.  I thought that I’d be able to stomach small curd cottage cheese, but no dice — I nearly gagged, and so I pureed it in my mini food processor with some Truvia.  Layered with All Bran Buds, fresh black figs, and wildflower honey.  It was good, but yogurt would have been better.  (Duh… yogurt > cottage cheese!!)

Another Trader Joe’s purchase:

I don’t know whether this is new, but I’ve certainly never seen it before!

I liked that it wasn’t as insanely high in sodium as many other fake ground beef products are.  Sprinkled on a “pizza” made on a sourdough wrap with pasta sauce, baby bellas, baby peppers, broccoli, and nutritional yeast:

Those are roasted green beans and yellow baby carrots in the background.  And this is actually on a plate, but I had to put the foil on the plate, because when you use pasta sauce instead of pizza sauce, the tortilla gets rather… soggy.  Oops.

Since this is me, cereal:

I’d never tried it before, so it’s new to me!  It reminds me of Kashi Go Lean, but with a slight sweetness added to it.  I liked it, but if I had to choose between the two, I’d go with the Kashi, if only because it has nearly three times as much protein.  (Necessary for people who are forever recovering from some injury or another!!)

Some more Epsom salt is calling my name… so I shall take my aching head that way.  I may or may not have ordered forty pounds of the stuff.  Eep.

Happy Friday!  (Finally.)

All our knowledge merely helps us to die a more painful death than animals that know nothing.” 
~Maurice Maeterlinck


3 responses to “Minutes

  1. lol…I was wondering what the deal with the shoes was when I saw that pic on Fbook! And the grey and teal ones were immediately my favorite, even though I usually gravitate towards pink and black.

    So jealous about the figs! I keep checking, waiting for them to appear in our store. But if it’s anything like last year, there will be a timeframe of about 2 days when they’re actually in store, and then will cost an arm and a leg. But if I see them, you know I won’t be able to pass them up 😉

    Stay safe in the hurricane!! Lets hope it won’t be as much as it’s being talked up :X

  2. I definitely empathise with the ‘not loving your career’ thing because that is what really separates me from the other PhD students. They literally ‘live’ their research, where as I just begrudgingly get it done and out of the way.

    I’d have gone for the black shoes, because I’ll wear anything black and very much resent that the only running shoes that are appropriate for my feet and orthotics are white.

    So glad you don’t have a stress fracture 🙂


  3. I’d have gone for the black and purple shoes too, but then my first bike was red and yellow – I like bright colours, I’m about five in my head 😛

    Glad you survived the meeting! Those sort of things are interminable.

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