Actually, I didn’t really feel anything beyond a mild dizziness for about three seconds, but it makes for an exciting post title.  😉

Just because I am a bored soul, I tallied up all of the produce I consumed today and concluded that I ought to live on a farm.  (Strawberries, cherries, dates, raspberries, banana, romaine lettuce, kale, cucumber, carrots, corn, cauliflower.  I think that’s it, but probably not.)

I took out my new shoes on a test run this morning!

I’m pretty sure I liked them!  That “bump” on Brooks’ insoles that I said bothered me?  My PT says that I probably need it, because even though I have a pretty regular arch (as per the “wet foot test”), it does drop a bit, which could be why my shin is bothering me.  I’m sure attempting to run along the perimeter of the course on Sunday didn’t help — the road there is canted in a big way.

Speaking of races, my friend who was supposed to do the half marathon with me in September just called to tell me that she has a stress fracture and won’t be able to do it!!  Her kids were all excited to go watch, so I’m going to go visit her and run it anyway (G-d willing, of course), but it really sucks.  😦

Remember those pumpernickel wraps?  I knew that they supposedly came in rye and sourdough varieties, which I would have purchased instead of the pumpernickel had they been in stock, but they weren’t.

This week they were!

I decided to try the sourdough first.  Even though there are supposed to be four wraps per package, this one includes five.  (I guess that’s to make up for the time when I was missing a brown rice tortilla… never mind that it’s a different brand!)

Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter and strawberries.  Quite a lovely combination, if I do say so myself.  I liked the wrap, too; it’s pretty “mild” and can go either the savory or sweet route, as opposed to the pumpernickel, which for some reason just didn’t seem like it “belonged” with anything sweet.

Here’s a savory take:

Hommus + nutritional yeast, steamed kale, shredded carrots, and All Whites.  With roasted baby bellas and green beans in the background.  Can someone please explain to me why Trader Joe’s green beans get so… gross if you don’t eat the entire package immediately upon opening it??  They get all slimy!

But speaking of Trader Joe’s, that kale in there?  Yeah, it came from a pre-cut package, which is new at Trader Joe’s.  Finally.  I am very lazy and dislike removing the rib from kale, which is why I hardly ever ate it.  I also don’t like raw kale, so I prefer to steam it.  And because I am so lazy, it’s faster if I use already-boiled water from the urn, which is how I discovered that merely pouring said boiling water over the kale essentially renders it “steamed.”

Some of it made an appearance here:

Microwaved cauliflower, shredded in the food processor and mixed with nutritional yeast, salt, black pepper, and red pepper flakes; steamed kale; kidney beans, just because this needed some color; and raw white corn.  I can’t believe that I haven’t been inhaling raw corn by the bucketful all season — I guess I forgot how amazing it is, and now the season is nearly over!

I actually bought three ears of corn at the farmer’s market the other day.  Because I am indecisive, and couldn’t choose between yellow, white, and bi-color corn.  So I just bought one of each.

This is what happened to the yellow corn:

Steamed kale, red quinoa, ground seitan, raw corn, garlic salt, Bragg’s.

Guess where I’m going?… Epsom salt!!

Happy Hump Day.

“A man can stand a lot as long as he can stand himself.” 
~Axel Munthe


4 responses to “Earthquake!

  1. I’ve never tried a sweet wrap. I must be really missing out!

    I don’t know where you’re going. But I did find out that epsom salt helps with herpes. (I don’t know this from experience………………..)


  2. haha, 5 wraps vs. 4…glad they can’t count 😛

    so…at “my” grocery store, they have (sometimes) big bags of pre-washed and chopped kale…which I at first thought was just perfect, because i agree…i hate going through the process of tearing it from the rib, no matter how easy peasy it is. So I open the bag and realize yeah, it’s chopped…but they don’t bother to remove the rib!! I was so mad, because there were some chunks that were just plain rib/stem, and the other parts I still had to separate from the rib.

    That was a long-winded way of saying I hope you had better luck with the kale than I did 😛

  3. Now you’ve got me craving corn… and it’s 6 in the morning lol. I think I’m going to have to stop ignoring all of those “Fresh Corn!” signs by the side of the road and actually stop to pick some up. And I’ve never thought about counting my wraps… I just open the package, take one out, and then kind of forget how many were supposed to be in there, or how many I used. They could have been ripping me off all this time and I would never know it…

  4. I don’t tend to buy wraps because I make them myself (I was making socca two years ago before I knew there was a name for them, lol), but those look really good! Mine come out all wonky with thicker bits and thinner bits, it would be nice to have a nice thin even one for a change. I remember how much I used to love dark chocolate dreams but nowhere around here sells it – I melt dark chocolate chips on mine instead 😛 proper healthy.

    I hope the shoes continue to make a good impression!

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