Triathlon Non-Recap; I’m Going

Three words: it was ugly.  And yeah, I have the medal.  But I am definitely not a triathlete.

I know I had no time goals, but it would have been nice to finish in under four hours.  And I would have easily done that, if I had been able to run.  My first transition took over twenty minutes, because I had to run seven hundred yards from the swim exit to the transition area.  Run?  Ha.

The swim wasn’t a big deal… it probably took a bit longer than average.  The bike took about as long as it would have taken me in training, which sucks, but I didn’t want to push too hard because I was trying to reduce the stress on my back since I know that I am better at running than cycling, and that is the one area where I could have killed it.

Instead, it killed me.  I ran three steps, and it hurt so badly I couldn’t even breathe.  I ended up walking the entire 10K.  (In case you were wondering, it’s easier to run 6.2 miles than it is to walk.)  “Walking” is actually a generous term… “hobbling” is more accurate.

I’m used to coming in somewhere in the middle of the pack.  Not all the way near the bottom.  I know that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t walked, but I don’t really care.  I am freaking pissed.  I did not spend months training for this and giving my stupid sorry excuse of a body pretty much every dumb thing it asked for just to get this in return.

So, in short: I am disgusted and infuriated, and oh yeah, I’m in so much pain it’s not even funny.  Which totally throws off my half marathon training schedule, and I’m supposed to be doing a race in less than two weeks, except that seems like a big fat joke since right now I’m lucky if I can walk without having people wonder whether I’m drunk.

Maybe I have the medal.  But I don’t deserve it.  I’m not a triathlete.  I’m not even an athlete.  I’m just a lazy fat girl (doing a very poor job of) pretending to be something else.

And with that, I don’t even really need to say that I am doing the world a favor and going on blog hiatus again.  (Not that the world really cares, but whatever.  You know what I mean.)


6 responses to “Triathlon Non-Recap; I’m Going

  1. I care! I’m really sorry it was such a bad experience. I know you will probably want to kick me for this, but you are SO not a lazy fat girl – you had a bad back! That’s got nothing to do with willpower or strength of character or fitness, it was just a stupid pothole and bad luck. You are fast – really fast for someone who hasn’t been running for that long – and you have trained hard for this. Of course it’s a massive disappointment but please try not to turn your anger in on yourself. It’s not your fault.

    I will be lurking and hoping that your hiatus doesn’t last too long ❤

  2. 😦 It kills me to see you be so hard on yourself, hun 😦 You’re anything but a lazy fat girl. In fact, you’re sooooo far at the other end of the spectrum, that hearing you call yourself that would be hilarious if I knew you weren’t being serious. Finishing a triathlon is a HUGE accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself. You were injured. That’s not your fault. The important thing is that you finished, so please, please don’t get down *big hugs*

  3. I don’t like it when you talk about my freind like that. You’re so hard on her. If you only got to know her better you’d understand just how awesome and beautiful she is.

    (0; Cheer up, love!

  4. I care!
    I hate seeing you hurting and down on yourself. I know you don’t want to hear “but you finished, and you should be proud of that!” but it’s true. You did the best you could do with the hand you were dealt. You pushed through and didn’t give up. I think that makes me admire you more than if you finished where you felt you “could” have 😉
    I am always here for you, just an e-mail away. I will be thinking of you ❤

  5. First, congrats on finishing. You could have stopped when you felt pain! Imagine how many people there are who have never even attempted, or thought about, a triathlon!

    Give yourself a break! A little “blue eyed heart time”

  6. No love! Don’t feel this way please. Although I understand that you are already feeling this way, just don’t let yourself believe it. Who cares if you don’t feel you are a triathlete, because you are, and you are more of one than someone who doesn’t even participate in them. You are powerful and you are out there trying and competing- and you are doing a heck of a fantastic job at it too! Never give up and never let your mind tell you you need to give up. I love you!

    xoxo ❤

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