Pita Pocket Post

This morning, I had a lovely run:

It was preceded by an espresso-flavored gel, which I found revolting taste-wise (because, well, I hate the taste of coffee), but I needed the caffeine.  And I’m not going to complain: sometimes, running feels like it’s just such an effort, but I didn’t feel that way today.  And I wasn’t even wearing magic pants!  I decided to wear my tri shorts and knee straps, since I’d rather not waste time in transition wriggling into those pants.  Apparently, it worked out just fine.

I also tried out my new socks (I still can’t believe I spent so much money on a pair of socks):

I quite liked them!  But then again, I never really had any issue with the socks I was using before; I only went to buy new socks since my co-worker kept telling me I need to try Thorlos.  (Yes, I know that these aren’t Thorlos.  I don’t see why I need to buy socks that help prevent blisters when that is one problem I thankfully do not seem to have anyway!)

That run was followed by a bike ride… which was going to be 18 miles, but turned into 25.  And I am quite happy to note that it appears I can ride 25 miles in under two hours.  I just don’t know if I can translate that into reality during the actual race…

But, yeah.  Pita pockets.  So I bought a package of them last week, and since I don’t like to put things like that in my freezer if I can help it, I had to find ways to use them all.  Why do these things need to come in such large packages?!


Stuffed inside: steamed kale, roasted eggplant, All Whites, and hommus + nutritional yeast.  With some extra eggplant on the side.


It was kind of hard to hold the pita when I cut it in half; the filling just fell out everywhere.  So I opted to just cut off the top.  This time, it was stuffed with roasted eggplant, vegetarian “chicken” strips, and chipotle salsa + nutritional yeast.  I don’t remember the salsa being as hot as it was, but that’s okay by me!


I’m not sure I even remember what was in here… slightly mashed chickpeas, shredded carrots, and a “dressing” made with coconut milk yogurt and spices… curry powder and garam masala, I think.


I got really bored of having sandwich-type things for dinner — especially since I don’t even like eating sandwiches! — so I used the next pita for breakfast instead, filling it with Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter and raspberries.  Which was good, except that by this point the pitas weren’t fluffy anymore, and that’s the way I like them to be when eaten straight-up.


Fairly simple solution: bake it!  Pita pizza with pasta sauce, baby bellas, broccoli, peppers, and cheddar Daiya.


And, of course, cinnamon Truvia pita chips.

Last night, I legitimately missed a call from B.  As in, I wasn’t in the room when my phone rang; it’s not that I was trying to avoid her.  Though I wouldn’t have answered, anyway.  For heaven’s sake, I don’t like talking on the phone even when I want to speak with the person on the other end!  She left me a message that she wants to ask me something, and said that I should call her back.

Fat chance.

I forgot all about it until nearly 5.30 this morning, so I texted her and told her that I hate the phone… and what do you want?  (Not quite so rudely, though.)  Response?  Can u talk?  Well.  Actually, no, I can’t, but even if I could, I do not like talking on the phone.  What is this question that she needs to ask me, already?!  (I sort of think I know what the question is.  And if I’m right, the answer is hell, no!)

She is like this persistent thorn in my side.  I really, really, really do not understand what it is about me that makes me so attractive to people whom I do not even like!!

Anyway… another work week beckons.  That makes me sad.

But have a lovely Monday.

“I don’t like where I’m going and I don’t like where I’ve been.  Why am I in a hurry?” 
~Bertolt Brecht


2 responses to “Pita Pocket Post

  1. You just made me want a pita pocket in some way, shape or form like craaaazy.
    And I hear you on the run thing. Some days the first mile feels so hard – other days 5 is no problem. I think that’s what makes me keep coming back. If it were easy all the time it wouldn’t be so alluring – but then there’s those fantastic runs that just help to reconfirm your love for it, right when you’re wondering if you’re crazy, ya know?!

  2. Hehe I’m sorry but I just kinda have to giggle at what you’re going through with B. I really can’t believe that she won’t leave you alone, but at least it keeps life interesting? And I’ve gotta say that I’m impressed by your ability to finish a pack of pitas… I hate freezing things too, so I always try to finish a pack so I don’t have to do it… buttttt it never happens. I get through 3 and get bored. But then again, I’m nowhere near as creative with my fillings, so maybe that would help…

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