(Mostly) Wordless Week

Why am I so busy?!  I can’t figure out why I’ve barely had a second to breathe this week… life is just crazy.  And it doesn’t make sense.  And so I haven’t had time to actually babble like I usually do (yeah, I know, try to hold back your tears).  Captions instead!

attempted to make indian spiced chickpea pancakes again; clearly, not a very successful endeavor

new (to me, though it expired in june)... not bad

pancake batter (whey protein powder, ground hazelnuts, banana, chia seeds, banana extract)... good thing the batter was tasty...

...because the pancakes burned

carrot cake oatmeal pudding: steel cut oats, vanilla pudding powder, shredded carrots, cinnamon, Truvia, brown sugar

i made plantain chips!

...and eggplant "bacon" (that really is just "roasted eggplant")

monday's run... that 5.99 is really grating on my nerves

especially since my garmin said 6.00 when i pushed "stop"!

new granola!

parfait with strawberry banana yogurt, banana, strawberry, and udi's banaberry granola. the granola is good, i guess, but the banana + berry flavor doesn't come through... and a "portion" is ludicrously tiny

thursday morning: transitions, transitions, transitions. wheeee.

So that last picture?  Yeah, awkward situation there.  B seems to have gotten the idea that I want her to leave me alone, and in true “high school drama” fashion, I’m pretty sure she shot off at the mouth about this to T, so now they both hate me.  Whatever, it’s fine, I’m used to having people hate me.

But.  About that race I’m doing in January — the one for which I was debating over the half vs. full marathon?  T is doing the half, and she is trying to convince B to come along too.  A) Way to wreck my vacation!  (I’m kidding.  I think.)  B) I don’t want to decide to do the full marathon out of a desire to “best” them… hard not to let that color my thinking.

Anyway.  Have a great weekend.

Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny.” 
~Kin Hubbard


4 responses to “(Mostly) Wordless Week

  1. I’m feelin’ ya on being crazy busy. I used to like Fridays, but now I’m too wiped by the time they roll around to really enjoy them. I have no idea how so many people still muster up the energy to go out and party after a busy week… I need time to recharge, so I’m thinking a couch, a remote, and a big bowl of popcorn are on the agenda for tonight.

  2. hehe…the eggplant “bacon” really does get crispy if you slice it uuber thin! love 🙂

    bummer about B AND T crashing your vacation 😦 I thought you’d never have to see her again after the tri! hopefully by then it will be water under the bridge.

  3. at least you’ve got some delicious pancake batter on the sides to enjoy- wow i HATE when i burn something! usually i under cook things more often than i burn them which is ok cuz then u can just keep cooking it a little longer…but once its burnt you cant go back 😦 😦

    gorgeous parfait btw!!! quite the masterpiece!

    hope your weekend is much more relaxing.. or at least a little bit more relaxing (at the very least) hehe

    xoxo ❤

  4. Your granola parfait and eggplant bacon looked scumptious. Eggplant bacon…haha…way to appease to veggies and non-veggies alike 😉

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