Hybrid Training Plan

Two weeks to the triathlon; nine weeks to the half marathon.  I’m using a ten-week training plan for the half, so the next couple of weeks will be a bit of a mash-up of training for both events at once.

At 5.30 this morning, B texted me to ask if I needed a ride (to this morning’s swim workout).  Thanks, but no thanks.  I had already decided that I was going to do my LSD run (half marathon training plan) and then go for a bike ride (triathlon training plan)… which is what I did.

I guess I’ve got the “S” down.  😉  Actually, I’m really proud of that: I didn’t look at my watch very often, so I didn’t feel compelled to push myself to go faster — that sort of defeats the purpose of such a run, anyway!

Oh, and Jess, you’d be interested to know that I did try out my FuelBelt.

It took a couple of minutes for me to get used to it, but once I did, it didn’t bother me at all.  In fact, it was quite nice to have water at my disposal like that, because it tends to bother my stomach if I drink too much at once (hence the cramping issues at the race last weekend), and this way I can just take smaller sips every few minutes.  I actually got it a size larger than I probably needed to, because I wanted it to sit on my hips instead of my waist so that it wouldn’t interfere with my arm swing.  It worked out just fine.

Came home, shoved this in my face:

I think it was a chocolate chip bran muffin.  But I couldn’t say for sure.  And then I went out for a bike ride.  I had no plan at all, which is sort of silly, and I should have ridden at least 25 miles (race distance), but it was freaking hot and I know that I can ride that distance, because I have done it before, so I called it quits after 16+.

Yes, I am a slowpoke.  But that’s not so bad for a slowpoke.

I eventually found myself in Trader Joe’s, where I wanted to buy blackberries.  Of course, they didn’t have any.  So I bought a two-pound box of strawberries instead.  Nobody here eats strawberries except for me, and I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with two pounds of it, but… okay.  I also grabbed a bag of these “Skinny Fries”:

They pretty much tasted exactly like Smart Fries (the classic sea salt variety, not the honey mustard!).

Other “exciting” (ha, ha) events included a supermarket trip with my mom — two, actually, since for some reason none of these stores have what we needed!  But I did pick up something awesome:

Vanilla.  Raspberry.  Chocolate.  Ohmygosh — this was seriously one of the best ice cream cones I have ever eaten in my life.

Raspberry sugar!  I am going to be very greedy, and I have hidden the box in the basement freezer which nobody really uses except for me.  😉

I also climbed out of my window to pluck some rainbow chard out of my garden.  (Check out my lettuce, by the way — that used to be a head.  Apparently, this is what happens when you don’t pick a head of lettuce soon enough.)

I did pick another head of lettuce on Friday.

Today I just took a few leaves of chard, though.

I chopped and sauteed the stalks, then added the chopped leaves and some random spices… shortly followed by some roasted tofu, and then mixed with roasted and cooked millet combined with nutritional yeast.

I loved it.  But the tofu nearly didn’t make it to the final dish: plain roasted tofu is so good, which I find really strange, since it doesn’t exactly taste like anything!

This post is already too long, so I will end it here… with a guessing game!  (If you’ve already seen this on Facebook, you know what it is, so you are automatically disqualified.  ;))

Hmm… what might this be?…

Actually, I do have a couple more questions!

  1. B texted me after I had come home from my ride, telling me that she and T were going biking and asking if I wanted to come.  Been there, done that.  It’s starting to get very annoying: she was never so “friendly” before we had this whole spat!  And I’m pretty sure she’ll ask me if I want a ride to the tri stroke clinic tomorrow, and while I would love to go to the clinic, I don’t want to go with her (and so I can’t go).  Exactly how do I make this clear to someone with a brick for a skull?!
  2. I am doing a race in January.  Except that I can’t decide whether to register for the half or the full marathon.  Is it completely insane of me to even entertain the idea of a full marathon??  (I asked my coach this, but of course he’s in support of the full marathon.  He’s crazy like that, after all.)

I really will shut up now.  Have a lovely Monday.

“All promise outruns performance.” 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


One response to “Hybrid Training Plan

  1. Be careful who you talk about going on LSD runs to 😉 I had to google it – even though I probably should have known! haha. And yes, thank you for the Fuel Belt info! Definitely good to know. I think my issue Saturday was too much water, too. In the time that I was just milling about I think I drank a whole bottle out of both habit and paranoia.
    Ohhhh, B. Just (try to) grin and bear it; just keep declining. You’ve only got two more weeks to deal with her. She HAS to get it eventually. I mean, if someone turns me down twice in a row, I don’t bother them ever again until they come to me. Of course, I’m kind of paranoid like that and just figure no-one wants to hang out with me, even when they have a legit excuse, baha.
    Hey, if your coach is in support for the full, I don’t think it’s too crazy 😉 Any way you can wait until after your upcoming half to make up your mind, though? You could also sign up for the half and totally rock it, and put all your effort into training for the full next year. Do you have a legit dr. you could talk about it with? I know you’ve gone to a couple when your back issue popped up – just to see what they have to say, to make sure you stay “sound”? Of course, I know there’s some people who say running is the devil no matter what so I can understand if you don’t want to do that 😛 I’d take your coach as a more valid resource.
    Okay, this is really long. Just musing aloud now, haha.

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