Hot Happy Days

Yowza.  It’s just a bit steamy around these parts!

But the scheduled run must go on.  I decided that I ought to test out some of the gels I have lying around … before the tri.  And I think I’ve found the one I’m going to use: apple cinnamon Hammer Gel.  I liked the flavor, and it doesn’t seem to have upset my stomach.  Win!

At first, when I walked outside this morning, I was pleasantly surprised: there was a bit of a breeze!  Not that it wound up being so helpful, in the long run.  My coach and I waited for B for ten minutes, and then she called and told him that she’d be “right there” (which, upon further questioning, turned out to mean five minutes)… he told her that there were other people (*cough* me *cough*) who needed to get to work, so we would start and see her later.

And guess what we started?  Hill repeats!  Oh, how I hate that hill.  (My coach kidded that hills are like parents… you might not necessarily like them, but they do a lot of good for you.)  I’d say that a comfortable conversational pace for me is probably somewhere in the 9:15-9:30 vicinity.  He was dragging me up that hill at 8:10 or so.  Did I mention that it was so incredibly humid, I could hardly breathe?!

B showed up as we were finishing our first downhill.  So for all of my repeats, it was just my coach and me.  I think he stayed and did her last repeat with her after I left to run home.

I actually meandered a bit just to finish at eight miles: that’s my longest run since before I hurt my back.  I was so tempted to go further, but I think I’ve learned my lesson… take it easy.

These splits do not reflect the run at all, I don’t think… it felt much harder than that!  But I loved it.  I really, really needed a “good” run, and I guess I got it today, even though I felt like I was going to die chugging up that hill again and again and again like a hamster on a wheel.

I promptly went out and purchased a Fuel Belt today.

That’s from my coach.  Awww.  I did tell him, however, that if I hadn’t been so oxygen-deprived, I would have been better able to catch and clobber him for making me do this.  😉

And then a couple of hours later, I got this text from B:  Heard u did gr8 timing today, congrats!  Um.  I politely replied, Thanks.

To understand why I am being polite, I will save the trouble of relating what transpired last night and instead of provide a text message transcript.  I’m blue, she’s orange.  (Or: I am the one who is using proper grammar and spelling.)

Thanks for the offer, but I am going to have to make arrangements to drive myself. I like to know that I will have a way to get back home. (after she called about going to the beach for the open water swim)
Thanks for the offer, but I am going to drive myself. I still like to know that I will have a way to get back home. (after she called about going to the swim workout last night)

I think is about time to let that go
Is not good to hold a grudge

I will not let it go, not b/c I am holding a grudge but b/c the way you treated me was really crappy and you never even acknowledged that you did anything wrong. I’m not okay with subjecting myself to that.

I apologyze u feel that way.
I was very upset at u, that’s y I left u behind, if it helps, I did feel bad after…
So again, when u r ready to tlk and let go, let me know

I have nothing to let go; I just can’t trust that the same thing wouldn’t happen again if I unintentionally did something offensive.

Then y didn’t u say gm today? (gm = good morning)

I don’t think it’s holding a grudge if I say that I was upset that you never apologized even though I was initially the one who said I was hurt by the way you treated me. I’m not into pretending things never happened.

So u want to leave it at that?

I don’t know what you want to do — am I just supposed to be okay with that??

Since ur asking, I think that after a person apologyzes the next step is to move on

And when did YOU apologize? Except for tonight when you said you “apologize [I] feel that way”?

Let me understand, if I apologyze, u will drop it?
I guess the answer would be no
That would be holding a grudge

No, that would be practicing common sense and not texting while I drive. I’ll be honest: the point of an apology is moot if it doesn’t come from one’s own volition. So whatever the case may be, yeah, I can pretend e/t is fine, but I just don’t feel like I can trust you fully.

I think u r taking things to extreme
I apologize

Thank you.


Please note: I never said that I accepted her apology.  Because I don’t think she meant it.  But whatever… fine, I can be civil and cordial.  I’m just not going to go anywhere with her!  (She never actually showed up to the swim workout last night.  But it was an awesome workout.)

New-to-me cereal:

The cereal by itself is rather bland.  I don’t really care, though, because I didn’t buy it with the intention of eating it this way; I was going to use it in some recipes.  Now, if I could only remember which recipes…

This didn’t quite work out as I envisioned it, but it was good anyway!  Steamfresh brown and wild rice with broccoli and carrots (plus more broccoli and carrots, of course), scrambled All Whites, soy sauce, and a whole host of spices I don’t remember at the moment.  But it was hot.

Remember my honey infatuation?  It apparently extends to this:

And I don’t even love almonds all that much!

So, yeah.  An incredibly hot day, but I was happy and bouncing around because running does that to me.  Even if my running shoes do reek of menthol, because I can’t figure out what the hell is up with my feet and so that’s the easiest way to forget about them.  There are, after all, worse smells that one can associate with running shoes.

This is odd, though: I told my acupuncturist that I ice after I run, and he claims it’s the worst thing ever, because it might feel better in the moment but it’s awful for you in the long run.  Huh?  So what am I supposed to do, just deal with it?!  No, apparently I’m supposed to use “linaments.”  Double huh?!

I think I should just be naturally 100% pain-free 100% of the time, and all of my problems will be solved.

Have a great weekend.

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” 
~Alfred Wainwright


5 responses to “Hot Happy Days

  1. “I was very upset at u, that’s y I left u behind.”
    LOL. I was cracking up at that. She makes it sound like a completely logical, normal thing to do. Maybe I ought to try that next time I’m upset with someone?
    “Oh, hey, I’m a little upset with you right now. Rather than give you a ride back home and try and talk it out with you, I’m just gonna leave you to your own devices. Tough luck, buddy! haha!”

    Ahhh. Anyways. I’m glad you had a great run! And I so agree with your coach (who is super sweet, btw) hills are definitely a necessary evil. I went for just a short two-mile run the “flat way” and felt so. much. faster. I credit that to the hills I do every other time, even if I’ve only done intentional hill repeats a handful of times.

    And. I SO need the deets on how you like that fuelbelt. I know I’m fine on my shorter runs during the week, but even for my 5-milers I’ve been carrying a water bottle with me for a mile, leaving it on the road, running the other 1.5 mi, turning around, running back, and grabbing the bottle again where I left it and carrying it back. Yes, it’s a pain. I don’t think I NEED water at this distance, but I think my mind tells me I’m thirsty so then I start a mental freak-out. I must sound mental.

    Oh. And to wrap-up this novel…I LOVE those almonds!

  2. I cannot STAND the weather lately…. I could never run outside in this heat, I would pass out (not kidding). I’m kinda a wimp when it comes to the heat, which is funny considering I lived in Florida.

    Those almonds are great 🙂

  3. Eee that’s some crazy weather that you’ve got to deal with. And even crazier people! That woman seriously sounds like she’s 12 years old, and I’m totally with you that her “apology” was just a load of bull. I hate it when people try and pretend that nothing happened… that’s even worse than just straight up arguing and being bitchy. I def. don’t think that you have to be nice to her. Civil, yes, but you don’t owe her anything more than that… except maybe a boot in the butt 😉

  4. You=right

    That is all.

  5. again..I cannot believe you ran in this weather!!! Your crazy!!!!! 😉

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