How much can one’s mind be boggled before one’s brains fall out??  I had thought that after my telling her that I felt we were just going in circles, B would finally leave me alone.  Nope, no such luck.  She called me yesterday and left a message (because naturally I didn’t answer) saying that her sister was in the hospital, but she really wanted to finish our conversation; and then she randomly said she was going [to the tri stroke clinic] but wanted to take her own car, and that I should call her back when I have a chance.

First of all, why did she feel the need to tell me about her sister??  Second of all, go ahead, take your own car, knock yourself out — because if I had been able to take my car, I sure as hell wouldn’t be offering you a ride!

I’m so sick of this already.  I sent her a text saying that while I am sorry to hear about her sister and I hope that everything is okay, with regard to our “conversation,” as far as I am concerned, there is nothing more to say.

She responded “Ok.”  I have no idea what that means.  But I hope it means she’ll finally go away and leave me alone!!

I had been stressing myself out about seeing her yesterday morning, but that was stupid: of course I didn’t have to worry, since she was late.  If she even showed up at all.  My coach, T and I began without her.

Look at that — my average speed is over 14 MPH!  Which is probably on the slow side for them, but still, it’s the first time I actually managed to stay with them for the entire ride.  The fact that T has yet to master standing on the uphill helped a lot — particularly since we were essentially doing hill repeats.  As did, I am sure, my newly inflated tires: I filled them to the max the night before.  Made a huge difference.

I came home to a bowl of summer!

Ezekiel granola, banana, strawberries, blueberries, and almond milk.  Summer fruit just makes me happy.

I fully intended to make cinnamon buns last night — since I wasn’t going to the tri stroke clinic, I had some free time — but I was feeling very lazy and not in the mood of waiting for dough to rise.  Instead, I played Scrabble with my mom. (I’m sorry, Katie! I will make those cinnamon buns, eventually…)

And oh, conducted the first part of an experiment.  I made a chocolate lava cake for one — which I’ve made before, but I use Hershey’s special dark cocoa powder, which contains both cocoa and cocoa processed with alkali, so I’m not sure whether to use baking powder or baking soda!  I usually just use both, but I’ve decided to try them separately to see which works better.  First, the baking powder.

I always have issues getting this out of the dish.  So I just don’t bother anymore — I dig in with a spoon and hope I don’t burn off my fingers.  It was good.

Today, I tried it with baking soda.  At first, I thought that was the right choice, since it seemed to be rising a lot more, but it kind of sank back down again when it came out of the oven.

But I managed to get it out of the dish!  That would be because I greased the ramekin well this time.  Honestly, I didn’t see / taste much of a difference between the baking powder and the baking soda, so whatever.

Since I didn’t make cinnamon buns last night, I ate this today instead:

Cinnabon cereal on top of a “smoothie” made with vanilla yogurt, copious amounts of cinnamon, and ice.  Which essentially turned into vanilla-flavored water, because my blender sucks and won’t crush ice without an insane amount of liquid.  If you want to buy me a birthday present, I’d like a Vita-Mix.  Thanks.  😉

My jar of TJ’s eggplant garlic spread is nearly gone.  Sad face.

I combined some of it with nutritional yeast and water, then spread it over a Smart Cutlet that I baked in the oven.  Actually, I guess I roasted it, since the CSA zucchini and spring onions were in there too — why do I never see spring onions in stores?!  They’re so much better than regular onions.

Since those cutlets (isn’t “cutlet” a weird word?!) come in packages of two, the second one made its appearance today.

En papillote!  (Okay, “en silver foil” is technically more accurate, but it doesn’t sound quite as fancy.)  That’s brown and wild rice with broccoli and carrots, with some more broccoli and carrots added to tame the veggie monster.  I tossed it with a mixture of nutritional yeast thinned with water and Frank’s, then folded it all up with the cutlet in a square of foil and baked it in the oven for about half an hour.  I really love it when such simple things end up tasting fantastic, don’t you?!

My half marathon training plan has yet to be altered, but the un-altered version called for three “easy” miles this morning.  (Today, by the way, is a fast day.  I am beyond even caring anymore that is is sacrilegious of me not to be fasting.)  I stepped out the door and into a bowl of soup — so hot and humid and muggy, and it wasn’t even 6 AM!

I don’t think I know what “easy” means.  It annoys me to be moving slowly — I’m always going to be trying to push to go faster, which kind of defeats the purpose.  And can I just say that I can’t wait until I don’t need the insurance of that knee sleeve anymore?!  I don’t know how anyone runs wearing that — my gait felt off for the first few minutes because of it.  Ugh.

I saw my therapist today.  Apparently, while I was on the train back to my office, B called me.  Again.  I am starting to feel a little bit stalked at this point.

Basically, my coach had texted me saying that we’re going to do a short open water swim tomorrow morning.  I told him that I probably wouldn’t be able to make it, because if I take the subway I’d never get home in time… but then I asked my dad if I could take the car, and while I might need to leave the swim early, I actually can go.  The gist of B’s message was something like, “I don’t know if [coach] or T told you, but we’re having an open water swim in the morning.  I’m leaving at 5.30, if you want to come.”

Um.  Why would he tell her, and not tell me?  She isn’t that special.  Anyway, I’ve had it up to here with this woman:  I’ve tried in a million nice ways to say that I am pissed at her and want nothing to do with her if she can’t at least admit that she did something which warrants an apology.  Mind you, I’m not asking for an apology — just the recognition that she did something wrong!  But she seems intent on pretending that everything is fine and dandy, and I’m sorry, that is just not going to fly.  I don’t care if it makes me bitchy, I don’t care if it seems immature: you do not treat me like that and get away with it.  Period.

So I texted her and told her thanks for the offer, but I’m going to have to make arrangements to drive myself.  I like to know that I will have a way to get back home.

Really — how in-your-face do I need to get in order for her to LEAVE ME ALONE?!?!

Tomorrow morning should be interesting.  Mega sigh.

Happy Hump Day.

“Put a grain of boldness into everything you do.” 
~Baltasar Gracian


4 responses to “Stalked

  1. Haha Oh wow… I think B has a few screws loose. I mean… I know people can be dense, but to THAT point? I start to question mental competency. Maybe her mind is failing her. Poor thing. But if she continues not to get it, you should probably just be more… uhm… direct… and don’t be afraid to use bad words 😀 I’m all for trying to resolve conflict in the kindest way possible, but after trying to be civil and having it fail on you, sometimes the only way to go is to just be a bitch… especially if it stops the drama.

  2. You know what I think? I think that B just can’t quit you 😉 I know people like that but thankfully I have nothing to do with them anymore. How dense can people be? SERIOUSLY?! I think sooner or later you’re just going to have to say, “BITCH, LEAVE ME ALONE!” If she doesn’t get the message after that I think a restraining order is in…order.

    I really should try those chocolate lava cakes. Do you have them as a meal? They look like a meal! haha

  3. Yeah, you’re just too awesome for B to give up trying to talk to you 😛 I think this is the only logical explanation. I hope she stops hassling you soon! And now I want your chocolate lava cake recipe as well as your cinnamon bun recipe… 😉

  4. haha, i’m with amanda all the way on this one. questioning her mental competency…yes. besides…i think it makes me even MORE angry than I was to begin with when people just act like all is well in the world after they do something especially rude and just plain b*tchy. Like, hello, lady, wasn’t apologizing for wrong-doings a lesson from kindergarten?

    Anyways. I’ve been loving the PB cakes lately, too 😉 And yeah…I can never get them out of the dish. I wouldn’t mind so much (since I kinda like eating things out of the ramekin…) if it didn’t require carefully holding it through a hot plate or towel 😛

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