Race Recap

Good thing about doing charity races: even if you have a sucky race, you can still feel at least a little bit good about it.

That’s not to say I had a sucky race.  It was a fairly decent performance, I suppose.  The problem was that I had my own goal to achieve, and I didn’t meet that… for a variety of reasons.

My official finishing time was 28:53.27, so that part was pretty accurate.  The problem was that the course wasn’t clearly marked, and I made a wrong turn — so my Garmin accounted for the extra .15 mile, but the official results did not.  Which is why I am going with the Garmin stats as my time, which gives me the right to say this is a 5K PR.

Not that it matters, because there’s always next time to achieve what I really wanted to … and I might have done it today, even with my wrong turn, except I ran into a problem.  (No pun intended.)  You see my reverse negative splits?  Yeah, I had it all planned out that if I start out at X pace and increase by X every mile, I’d be able to finish within my desired time frame.  But that plan kind of flew out the window when I got a nasty stitch in my side about a mile in.  I haven’t gotten stitches while running in a while, but I guess I must have had too much liquid too close to the race start.  If it were a longer race, I would have walked it out, but since this was so short I opted to just suffer through it.  It was not pleasant.  And I didn’t even have music to distract me, because my MP3 player battery died just before the start.

If it sounds like I’m complaining about the race, I’m not: I know I tend to set goals for myself that may be too high, and then I just end up beating myself up over my “failures,” and I’m trying not to do that here!  I’m actually counting this race as a success solely based on the fact that all my body parts appear to be intact. And hey, I placed second in my age group — for real, this time.

That is what my leg looks like after a few hours of wearing magic pants and a knee sleeve.  Pretty, huh?  I’ve noticed that I tend to fall into a pattern of slacking off on my icing / stretching when I’m not hurting, and I need to stop that.  I’d much rather spend a few extra minutes on it as a preventive measure than wait to fall apart!

I also decided to try “nature’s electrolyte beverage”…

I know I don’t like coconut, but I was under the impression that coconut water didn’t taste like coconut.  And it doesn’t, but I still don’t like it!  In fact, I couldn’t stomach more than a sip of this — it kind of made me gag.  Oh, well.  At least I can say I tried!

I have no idea where the rest of the day went, because it’s over already and I don’t seem to have gotten much done… so sad to have to go back to work tomorrow!  And face B in the morning… ugh.  And miss the tri stroke clinic again, because I refuse to go anywhere with her.  Oh, but I now have my team uniform for the triathlon — I couldn’t go to the transition clinic today, but I asked T to pick up my uniform for me.  I kind of look like a clown in it.  🙂

Don’t ask me what’s up with my recent honey infatuation — I used to hate the stuff.  I guess that’s because it wasn’t good honey.  Actually, I’m pondering the difference between Whole Foods’ wildflower honey and wildflower amber honey.  I mean, I can see that the latter is darker in color, but does that mean it’s got a deeper flavor, too??  Hmm.

I found a package of tofu in my refrigerator that somehow flew under the radar and had a “use by” date of July 13.  I ate it anyway, and lived to tell the tale.

On a bed of bulgur: tofu, CSA zucchini and spring onions, and orange peppers.  I sliced the tofu, put it in a sprayed pan, and poured Frank’s, garlic salt, and a bit of peanut oil over it, then layered the vegetables on top of that, and then sprinkled some more garlic salt and chili powder on top of that.  It hung out in the oven at about 450° for nearly an hour.  And it was good.

I’m especially dreading going to work tomorrow because I need to have the whole salary chat.  As in, I was supposed to get a raise once I completed my degree, and the new fiscal year has already started, but I don’t seem to have gotten said raise.  I do. not. want to deal with this.  Ugh.

Hope you have a happy Monday, though.

“When a man does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.” 


2 responses to “Race Recap

  1. Good luck with the salary conversation! Eek. I had the same thing with honey – I always thought I didn’t like it, and then I tried some real honey and was converted. I especially like homemade honey and lemon drinks when I have a sore throat, and honey is so nice in porridge as well. Well done on the race 🙂

  2. Congrats on the race! There will be plenty more 5ks to meet your goal…yesterday, it looks like you did great whether you met your goal or not. Especially since you’re pain-free 😉 And second in your age group is nothing to shrug off!(and yes, charity races ftw 🙂 )

    honey…i liked it before i had the “good stuff,” but wouldn’t just drizzle it on toast or plain. sure, it was good in baked goods to sweeten stuff but i thought it tasted plastic-y and weird plain. but when i got a jar of the “good stuff” it was like a totally different animal. I could eat it by the spoonful! mmm…i need to get more 🙂

    Good luck with “the talk” today. eek!

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