Conversation That Wasn’t

Maybe it’s just me… but when people “psycho-talk” to me (you know what I mean — things like starting your sentences with “I feel…” instead of “You always…”) I get really annoyed.  Please do not talk to me like I’m mentally retarded!  I just find it very condescending.  Evidently, B does not have the same issue.  Probably because she is at least a little bit psychotic.

Last night’s “conversation” went like this: she was supposed to call me around 7.00.  Around 9.45, I made the executive decision to take a hot bath (my knee wants ice, my tight muscles want heat… can’t please everyone all the time).  Just as I was about to get into the water, my phone rang.  Great.

She immediately started saying, “What bothered me was… actually, wait, I’m having some issues here, I’ll call you right back.”


Five minutes later, she called back and started telling me how I was so rude to her on Sunday, and blah blah blah, the same old story I’ve heard a million times.  (Um, if she accepted my apology, why is she still beating me over the head with this?!)  I told her something along the lines of “I hear what you are saying, and I understand that I may have unintentionally offended you; I apologized for that.  But that still does not mean that it was right for you to abandon me in the middle of nowhere.”

Her response?  “Someone is clicking in, I’ll call you back.”

Hello — you wanted to talk about this!  Let the other call go to voicemail!

Okay, so she called back ten minutes later, and the same old story ensued… she kept insisting I was so rude to her on Sunday by making her wait.  At which point I informed her that my coach and I had waited ten minutes for her before the run yesterday morning, so if she was going to make other people wait for her, she had no right to complain about such things.  She exploded: “That is completely not the point!”

No?  So enlighten me — what the hell is the point?!  We’re just going around in circles here.  Personally, I don’t believe I did anything wrong, but I did apologize.  And she definitely did something wrong, but she won’t even admit that, let alone apologize.

And then she got another call, and said she’d call me back.  Seriously?  I have better things to do with my time.  Like go to sleep.  And if you call back and wake me up, I will be very mad.

So, yeah.  She called me back at 9.30 this morning.  (Funny definition of “a few minutes”… talk about making people wait!)  I didn’t answer.  She left me a message saying that she’d “like to finish our conversation from last night” and that she and T were going riding in the afternoon and it would be nice if I came along.

It took me a couple of hours to pick my jaw up off the floor, because I seriously cannot believe that someone could be so dense.  Then I sent her a text saying that I could not talk, since I was going to be at work all day, but that what we had last night did not feel to me like a discussion as much as a monologue.

Response?  wenever u get a min, call me, I’d love to finish what we started.  I left u a message about the ride were doing in the afternoon, right?  (Obviously, sic.  Yes, I am one of those anal people who tends to use proper grammar in text messages.)

I actually rode this morning already, but thanks.  And then I said I feel like all we were doing last night was going in circles with you telling me how wrong I was.  I already apologized for that multiple times.  But you still don’t seem to understand that regardless of whether I was wrong, what you did to me was definitely not right.  I honestly don’t have the emotional energy for this drama.

Really — why can’t she just let this go?!  I do not need this woman in my life.  I was doing perfectly fine without her; it’s not like when you have a family feud and you’re emotionally invested in the situation.  In such cases, it makes sense to want to make amends.  But I don’t care if I never speak to or see this person again.  Why won’t she just go away and leave me alone?!

Actually, a better question is why I keep interacting with someone who is borderline psychotic.  She appears to live in some alternate reality.


Kashi GoLean!  I haven’t had this cereal in years — I used to associate it with my eating disorder, because I went through a phase of eating pretty much nothing but this cereal.  It’s kind of understandable that I wouldn’t want to look at it for a while after that.  But I’m glad to have it back it my life, if only for the convenience of having protein already in my cereal.  😉

Look, Katy:

Chocolate pudding and jam!  It was good, but I’m very sad because that was my last cup of the good Israeli pudding, plus this could have used more jam and some cereal or granola for crunch.  Hmph.

My co-worker brought me a bag of CSA goodies today:

My entire office reeked of scallions.  In fact, I’m pretty sure this got me lots of personal space on the subway on my way home.  😉  And nobody in my house but me will eat kale (because it’s green), so I made myself some kale chips!

I’ve only made these once before, and that was without nutritional yeast.  So much better this way.  I still managed to set off my smoke alarm, of course.  You can’t see the burned bits because they’re hiding on the bottom of the pile.  But other pieces were a little, for lack of a better word, limp.  How do I get them to all be uniformly crisp?!

Sadly, I will be missing a Transition Clinic on Sunday.  I mean, I’m happy to be racing, but I really need that clinic… sigh.

Have a great weekend.

“Men will always be mad, and those who think they can cure them are the maddest of all.” 
(well, that certainly explains a lot)


3 responses to “Conversation That Wasn’t

  1. Haha oh man… It’s hard for me to believe that there are actually people like that out there. Thankfully, I don’t come across them too often because I’m not sure I’d be able to hold my tongue if I did. Although, I can’t imagine that saying anything to her would be too useful, because in addition to bitchy and rude, she seems to be quite dense. I say just try to ignore it, and maybe it’ll go away.

  2. This girl (I’m refraining from calling her a woman for a reason) apparently likes drama. Way too much. It’s hard to stop fueling the fire when you’re obviously the right person, here, but i’m hoping you can just avoid her for the rest of…life…lol. oi, vei. what a nutjob. (btw, a. i hear you on the grammar in texts thing. i’m bad about capitalizing, maybe, but you better believe everything is still spelled out and apostrophe’d when necessary. and b. huge pet peeve is when people say “hold on, i’ve got another call,” OR you call someone just to be told “hey can i call you right back?” UHH, HELLO, voicemail exists for a REASON! I’d rather talk to your voicemail than feel like i’m not worth your time.)

  3. OMG YOU DID IT!!!! CHOCOLATE PUDDING AND JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!! That actually looks disgustingly amazing. I must try and recreate this somehow with some homemade pudding.

    Seriously, just do what I do with people I don’t have the energy for and cut them out. It sounds bitchy but flag putting up with that shit any longer! You deserve better people in your life, hun. I have to admit that I actually text like that but when I get people on facebook or messenger talking to me in text speak I delete them because I cannot handle their inability to type properly. When texting it’s kinda convenient to change words around a bit but wouldn’t it be easier to type on a keyboard using correct spelling and vowels? I quite like vowels. People should use them more often.

    On that note, I’m going to go wash my jersey because it smells of garlic.


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