…The Drama Continues

I do not like drama.  I’d just like to make that clear from the outset.

So, there are two teammates who live in my neighborhood and who are currently in town — and under normal circumstances, we’d drive to workouts together.  But since I am such an impossible mean person, I don’t want to go anywhere with that teammate again (for simplicity’s sake, let’s call her B).  However, I don’t mind giving a ride to the other teammate (let’s call her T).  When I told T that I was going to drive, if she wanted a ride, she asked if B was coming along.  Since I don’t like gossip either, instead of getting into the whole story, I just told her that I was kind of upset with B, so the answer to that question would be “no.”

About five minutes later, my phone rang.  It was B.  Obviously, I didn’t answer.  Two minutes after that, she sent me this text: R u going tonight?

Not wanting to be mean outright, I replied, I am driving myself.

And then, because she thinks everything is fine between us (she accepted my apology, after all *sarcasm*), she asked, What time r u leaving?  Can I go w ya?

Frankly, I was quite tempted to take her there, and then tell her I didn’t feel like having her in my car for the return trip.  But that’s the sort of thing which might feel satisfying in the moment, and then I’d just feel like a crappy excuse of a human being afterward.  Just because she’d do something like that doesn’t mean I need to sink to her level.  But I wasn’t going to roll over and play nice, because I am really pissed, and she doesn’t seem to get that.  My reply: Honestly, after what happened on Sunday when you left me stranded without a way to get home, I feel very uncomfortable offering you a ride.  Until we can talk this out and you can understand that you owe me an apology, I don’t see how you can presume we can have a normal relationship.

And that was that.  She never replied.  We did see her at the pool — she just acted like nothing was wrong.  Okay, whatever.

This morning, my coach and I had to wait ten minutes for her to show up for the run.  (Like it’s not rude for her to make us wait, right?!)  I’m not very chatty anyway when it’s a “group” workout, and I have nothing to say to her, so I didn’t say anything.

A couple of hours later, she sent me a text saying I’d like to talk to u.  Can’t say the feeling is mutual, because at this point, it doesn’t matter what she says — even if she does apologize, which I doubt she will, it’s too little, too late.  I will never be able to look at her in the same way again, knowing that she did what she did and still thinks that she did nothing wrong.  If this turns out to be another bitch session where she yells at me about how rude I am to her, I will — true to apparent character — hang up the phone / turn around and walk away.

Really, I don’t need all this drama!!!

Aside from all this excitement, I think other things happened too.  If I could only remember them…

vanilla yogurt, chia seeds, oats, cherries, cherry extract

Have you ever noticed that there’s this flavor which passes for “cherry,” but doesn’t actually taste like cherries?!  It’s quite odd.

I bought this quite some time ago, but I never actually got around to opening it until this week.  And earned a paper (foil) cut in the web between my thumb and pointer finger for all my pains.  Awesome.

I know that just looks like a big bowl of yellow.  It’s actually polenta (which, gasp, expired in June), black bean and corn salsa, the abovementioned soya granules, and nutritional yeast.

Very attractive, I know.

The swim workout last night was a killer — yes, I’ve been swimming regularly for a long time, but I never viewed it as a workout; it was always a form of relaxation for me.  I almost never swim at “race pace.”  The water was pretty cold, which was fine while we were moving, but every time we stopped for instructions I wanted to die.  Since I’m drinking an insane amount of water lately (what’s up with that?!), I got out of the pool about two-thirds of the way through the workout to go to the bathroom.  And then I just could. not. get back in the water.  (If you think “chattering teeth” is just an expression, I assure you that it is not.)  The coach ordered me to get into a hot shower.  Lest I sue the tri club for subjecting me to hypothermia, or something.

(And by the way?  I could have just gone home then and sent T a text that she ought to go home with B.  But I promised that I’d take her home, so I waited.  Is that really so difficult?!)

This bar is not new anymore — in fact, it expired in June — but it was when I bought it.  And I actually really liked it.  I don’t tend to enjoy “fruit and nut bars” like this, but I guess there are exceptions to every rule.

For this morning’s run, I donned two new purchases — one happy, and one not so happy.

I love this shirt!

The less happy:

Yes, I am wearing a knee sleeve over magic pants.  (Good thing it wasn’t too hot out this morning… it was perfect running weather.  Glorious.)  At first, it was really stiff because it’s brand-new.  As if I don’t have enough trouble moving my insanely tight legs?!  How is this supposed to help!?

It loosened up a bit after a couple of miles (the knee sleeve, not my legs), but these lovely hill repeats and I don’t generally like each other.  I cut out a little early — I don’t want to destroy my knee because I have a race on Sunday (even though it doesn’t actually hurt much when I run — mostly it just bothers me if I bend it and put weight on it at the same time, like walking up stairs or lowering myself into a chair).  I also have a job, and B’s coming late meant everything was out of whack.

I tossed a few random sprints in there on my way home, just because I couldn’t bear my oh-so-slow time otherwise.

The thought of a PR happening on Sunday is pretty funny right now, unless my legs miraculously loosen up by then.  (Actually, based on the above splits, I appear to be more of a distance runner … though that’s not usually the case, I don’t think.  I would like my normal legs back, please.)

At least I got to have a lovely breakfast upon my return home.

Apple yogurt, cranapple crunch granola, chopped Fuji apple, and craisins.  Enjoyed with a side of heavy icing for my knees and heels (oh, yes, it looks like the weirdest pain ever is thinking of making a comeback … that is not okay).

Since this may go down in history as the longest post ever, I’ll stop talking now.  Although The Drama, Part Four (after this conversation I don’t want to have) might very well rival it…

Happy Friday!

“Genius, by its very intensity, decrees a special path of fire for its vivid power.”
~Phillips Brooks


5 responses to “…The Drama Continues

  1. I admire how you handle everything with B. I might be tempted to throw in some expletives, but what you said was so well-said. I’m interested to see what she wants to “talk about,” though I can’t blame you for not being too concerned 😉 You two weren’t friends prior, right? More like acquaintances through training?
    Anywho. You’re a racing machine lately! I love it too. What’s the one on Sunday?
    Also. I made your muffins today. Well, I grilled them, haha. Had to swap some flours but maaaan, do I love banana extract 😉

  2. imaginenamaste

    I really admire your assertiveness with B (who sounds very immature). Enjoy your time with the group for you, you don’t loose anything by not continuing to be her friend, right? If anything, you gain from loosing her!

  3. You are definitely taking the high road with B, my friend. Quite frankly she sounds like a complete bitch and I’m sure that if you weren’t training with her you wouldn’t have her in your life. Ugh, I really dislike people that are just all about themselves and have no consideration for others.

    You know, as I was reading the part about teeth chattering my teeth were also chattering. It’s frikken freeeeezing here at the moment due to winter in the southern hemisphere and all. RAAAAAAAAAAAWR!


  4. I admire you for not sinking to her level… I’m not sure if that’s something I’d be able to do. I try to be forgiving with others, but only if I see a point. If I think they’re just gonna screw me over again, then I kind of have no problem telling them off. Probably not one of my better qualities 😉 And you have another race coming up? Girllll you’re all sorts of fabulous. I’m kind of jealous at your dedication to run despite having to deal with some lingering knee issues… I’m not sure if I’d be able to push through.

  5. Aaaaaargh drama! I hate drama too. It keeps me up at night :/ I hope “the talk” isn’t too traumatic or annoying. You are handling it very maturely, I tend to either run away or explode when people are being that odd and irrational!

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