It Just Keeps Getting Better

Right when I think that a situation is so outrageous, it can’t possibly get any more outrageous… it does.

There was a bike workout scheduled for this morning.  I showed up a few minutes early, as I usually do… but my coach was nowhere in sight.  I thought this rather strange, since he’s always there on time; I started to wonder whether I was insane and maybe it actually wasn’t Tuesday!  So I sent him a text to find out what had happened to him.  At this point, it was after 6.00 (the official start time of the ride)… and then who should roll up (late, of course) but the teammate who no longer exists in my eyes?

Since, according to her, everything is fine between us, she just started talking.  Maybe I’m bearing a grudge, but I really don’t want anything to do with her, so when she said Just so you know, we went to the wrong open water clinic, I only shrugged.  After a couple of minutes, I decided to just start riding on my own.  And a couple of minutes after that, my coach answered my text saying that I should start, and he’d be there soon.

I did a couple of loops of the park before I came across him.  He asked me, “Where’s your partner?”  I asked to whom we were referring, and when he mentioned her name, I just said that I had no idea, since I was a little bit mad at her and not exactly speaking with her.  Naturally, he wanted to know why.  I didn’t want to tell him because it just smacks of tattle to the teacher, so I told him that it was really bitchy and catty and not worth getting into.  But he still wanted to know, so I wound up gasping out the whole story while trying not to die — you can tell at exactly which point he joined me, because I started riding a lot faster, even though it was right up the hill!  (I think it was somewhere around mile 10 or 11.)

Anyway, what happened was that since she was so busy being obnoxious and ignoring me on Sunday, she didn’t want to listen to me when I said I knew where we had to go (because I had been to an open water swim before).  So, yeah — we went to an open water clinic, but not our open water clinic.  The reason we weren’t on the list was not because we registered online — it was because we never belonged there in the first place!  My coach thought this was such a hysterically funny situation, he nearly fell off his bike laughing.  He’s all, Didn’t you see that [triathlon coach] wasn’t there?  And I was wondering where the guy was, since his e-mail had said, “We will meet at XYZ,” which made it sound like he’d be there… but I guess I’m just a moron?

Right before we parted ways, we noticed a group of people doing some sort of exercise — they were lying on their backs on the grass, windmilling their legs in the air.  I wondered aloud what on earth they were doing, and my coach said that it was probably an exercise class, and that I ought to go join them — “Just tell them you registered online!”

Ha, ha.  Very funny.

But I did learn one thing this morning: it is completely possible to favor one leg over the other while riding a bicycle.  And I have also decided that I was misdiagnosed, and that I don’t have runner’s knee after all… because as I understand it, the pain would be in front of / behind the knee, not along the side.  If anything, this is ITBS.  Either way, it sucks.

And I don’t like this thing.  Angry face.

I decided to try making Indian spiced chickpea pancakes… but I didn’t have cloves, so I just used garam masala instead; and I left out the fresh ginger.  And I used Bragg’s liquid aminos in place of the soy sauce.  Other than that, though, I kept everything the same, so I don’t know why my batter was so incredibly runny!  I gave up on having three or four pancakes, and just turned it into one giant one.

The taste was pretty good, but the texture was a little off because of how huge the pancake was… some of it turned a bit rubbery.  I don’t mind that, exactly, but I’d like to try this again using less water.

Is it weird to mix granola with chocolate pudding?

Oh, well.  I’m already weird anyway, so it’s fine.

The pool was closed again today — seriously, how long does it take to clean a pool?!  I could have done it faster if I’d been scrubbing it by hand!  I really hope I can have the car tomorrow night to go to the swim workout, because I haven’t been swimming in what seems like forever.

And I’m going to shut up now.

Happy Hump Day.

“He’s the best physician that knows the worthlessness of the most medicines.” 
~Benjamin Franklin


6 responses to “It Just Keeps Getting Better

  1. I’m weird too and have no problem with granola + chocolate pudding. How else are you going to add crunch?

    Sorry about the problems with she shall not be named teammate and the knee pain. I hope it’s feeling better and that you get to go for a swim soon.

    After making some non-rubber pancakes not so long ago, I came to the realization that I’ve been eating rubbery pancakes for far too long. Angry face. Fluffy pancakes of my youth, why did I forsake thee? 😉

  2. Granola and chocolate pudding? I don’t think that’s weird at all. You should see some of the stuff I use pudding for. Err. That sounded totally wrong 😆 But I’m sorry to hear about your knee pain, and that you can’t go for a swim. You should probably be thankful, though, that you don’t have to clean the pool by hand… I can imagine that that’d get a little bit… nasty. And speaking of nasty, I can’t believe that teammate is acting like everything is fine. Gah. Some people are just so dense.

  3. I think people should mix chocolate pudding and granola more often. Would mixing chocolate pudding and jam be weird? Would it be weird if I said New Zealand doesn’t even STOCK chocolate pudding? I think we can firmly agree that the answer is a big fat yes to the last one.

    Boo knee pain sucks (which I’m sure you’ve figured out already). I still have major knee pain even though all I do is walk. Perhaps the squats I do don’t help. Beh. I blame the government. In fact I blame ALL the governments. Why not?


  4. I would eat granola and chocolate pudding, it looks nice! In fact, there’s a lovely granola available in the UK which would be perfect for this – chocolate and macademia nut. Mmm. Will have to find some chocolate pudding now 😛

    I am giggling a bit at your open water clinic mishaps – I feel for you, but what a catalogue of misfortunes! I think you’re getting all your bad luck out of the way before the triathlon, so it will go really well 😉

  5. hah, I feel like your coach is pretty awesome…what with talking about “the team-mate which shall not be named” and probably thinking she’s crazy, too. And that is too ironic about the open water clinic! I hope you still learned lots, though…even if you might have learned more about how crazy some people are and less about swimming :X
    Chocolate pudding and granola? Count me in!

  6. I have often wanted to clean the pool myself…I feel your frustration.

    Well…we are over the hump and it’s all easy down hill from here right? I bet the rest of the week will be chock full of ups!

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