My Cousin Ate My Cocoa Puffs

Yeah, remember my Cocoa Puffs Combos?  They are no more, thanks to my cousin who ate all but a tiny bit of it — which he left in the box, without folding over the top of the bag, so that it can get all stale.  And of course he left his bowl just lying around, because why on earth wouldn’t we want to clean up after him?!  I swear, males are such pigs.

Truth be told, I’m the one who feels like the pig now, because I felt sort of obligated to finish the last of that cereal… which is kind of not exactly what I needed today!  Let’s back up.

My stupid body clock woke me at 5.15 this morning, but I absolutely refused to get out of bed… instead, I “slept in” until 6.30, and then decided to go for a run.  It was later than I usually head out, and hot and humid and sticky — but I’m so happy to be running again that I don’t even care.

In retrospect, it was a stupid idea to try and put myself through another 5K time trial just yet.  I think I realized that the moment I stepped out the door and started moving my oh-so-tight legs.  And something is sore — I’m not sure if it’s my back or my hip or my thigh, but I don’t care to injure it and find out, so I revised my plan and (literally) ran an errand instead.

Buying berries is a very important endeavor.  Thank goodness for twenty four hour supermarkets!  I needed the blueberries for this:

An appropriate Independence Day breakfast!  Yogurt, raw oats, chia seeds, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries.  (I already had the other berries, just needed more of them!)

I was actually going to take the subway home, but once I got in there and realized it would be another fifteen minutes until the next train came, I opted to walk.  I would have run, but A) I’m trying to keep my mileage down a bit this week, and B) it’s rather difficult to run while carrying a shopping bag.

Because my brother and I were both off work today, my parents had devised this plan to go somewhere with us… but of course, come noon, my brother — being a lazy male, as mentioned above — was still asleep.  So my parents took just me to lunch instead.  Which, as we all know, is my absolutely favorite thing to do.  (Actually, it could be worse… they could have chosen dinner.  Shudder.)

Being an obnoxious brat, I chose to go to “my” restaurant.  Apparently, they’ve overhauled the menu since I was there last, and only one of the two dishes I usually get is still on there… but I didn’t get it.   Instead, I got something that is new to the menu: “spicy seitan tacos.”

I didn’t find this spicy at all.  (At least, not until I inhaled some salsa.  As in, up my nose.  You don’t even want to know how that happened.)  It was good, though.  And then, because I am a crazy person, I actually requested that we make a stop on the way home… because I wanted to get this.

Yes, that is gelato.  (Chocolate and peanut butter.)  I’d never had it before in my life, given the whole dairy issue, but this place where I can eat opened a few months back, and I hadn’t gotten a chance to go yet.

It was good, obviously.  I mean, how can it not be?  But I very much dislike eating with my dad, because he’s always in a rush to get back to work, and that makes me feel rushed, and I hate feeling like I’m just shoving food into my face to get rid of it because I’m not worth more than three seconds of someone’s time.  Whatever.  I’ll just have to find a way to get back there on my own time, I guess.  If I can muster up the courage to do that, because a while later, the guilt hit, and it hit hard.  My nutritionist says I am “spoiling [my] victory,” and I suppose that’s true, but still.

And that is why I did not feel like finishing off a box of cereal “just because” was something I really needed to do just now.  What I probably should do, actually, is go hide the rest of it before it gets hijacked, too.  (Horrible Hostess at your service!)  It seems somewhat dysfunctional that I feel like I need to hide my own food in my own house… hmm.

Clearly, I have issues.

Anyway.  Hope you’ve all had a lovely Fourth of July!

“Without freedom, no one really has a name.” 
~Milton Acorda


4 responses to “My Cousin Ate My Cocoa Puffs

  1. running to do errands…that sounds like way more fun than driving to do errands 😉 love the fresh berry haul! and glad you were able to at least get a nice lunch in with the parents 🙂 i think your nutritionist is right about the gelato, though. you’ve been working hard lately, enjoy that gelato!! i hope you can get back there soon. i understand the feeling of being rushed when you just want to be able to enjoy something! if i eat while rushed i end up feeling like i never ate anything…aaaand, since this is already a ramble-on tangent of a comment, i’ll end it with the fact that i would definitely hide the last bit of cereal too 😉 i can share sometimes, just not always 😛

  2. Dysfunctional? Naaawww. It’s all about self-preservation 😀 I hide food around my house, too, because I hate it when I want something and it’s not there. Or when I was planning on enjoying something only to find out that someone else ate it before I could get to it. I’m not always so good at coming up with things on the spot, especially when I’m hungry, so I plan ahead to make sure it doesn’t happen, and that includes hiding the last bits 😉

    Happy 4th 😀

  3. OMG I don’t even know how you can talk about your cousin eating your food in a calm and collected manner. Seriously when people eat my food I start swearing and I throw a hissy fit. I’m *that* mature. Then I hold a grudge against said person that ate my food. It’s usually my brother.

    Have you ever inhaled English mustard? I advise that you don’t. It made me cry.


  4. Argh! I would strangle your cousin. I am so possessive over my food 😛 But it’s horribly inconsiderate of him…I am lucky in that no-one in my house would touch ‘Jess food’ with a barge pole, but when I was younger I used to eat Kelloggs Bran Flakes and Special K, and my Dad would do exactly the same thing with the packet. I hate soggy cereal! Also, I hate having cereal around because once the box is opened I have to munch through it at double-quick speed because I’m so sensitive to the cereal sogginess that within a couple of days it’s ‘past it’ in my eyes (tastebuds).

    I think you judged the run very well: better to hold back now than miss the ultimate goal, which is the full tri.

    Your inhalation of salsa reminded me of Jackass:The Movie where they were snorting Wasabi. I laughed so much I cried…clearly I have the humour of someone not unlike your cousin 😉


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