Brick II + Busted Body

In true “me” fashion, my PT / coach sustained an incredibly… interesting injury, somehow scratching his cornea during an open water swim.  He was therefore out of commission for our scheduled brick workout, but instructed us to do it anyway.

I couldn’t decide whether to wear cycling shorts, and then add knee straps for the run; or to wear my magic pants and hope my butt didn’t hurt too badly from two hours on the bike.  This was my ridiculous-looking compromise:

Tri shorts layered over my magic pants.  You can’t really see that in the picture.  But it’s not like anyone could see how ridiculous it looked, either, so it’s all good.  And yes, the D-tag from last week is still attached to my shoe.  I’m too lazy to take it off.

I’m actually pretty pissed off.  Since my only objective is to finish the triathlon — I’m not trying to win or anything — I’m not going to kill myself trying to be faster than I am humanly capable of being.  If it takes me over two hours to ride 25 miles, so be it.

Like last time, I wandered off the road and onto trails for the run.  Which meant that I was spending a lot of time dodging mulchy puddles and piles of horse dung… um, lovely?  I got rather lost, which was actually sort of enjoyable, until I emerged onto a grassy field.  Filled with romping dogs.  Pardon me for being a bit paranoid about unleashed dogs, but being knocked down by one is not an experience I’d care to repeat, thanks very much!

Mile 1: trails.  Mile 2: fleeing the dogs.  Mile 3: what the hell is wrong with my back?!

Yep.  See, this is why my weekly mileage hardly ever increases.  When my back squawks Stop running! at me that loudly, I’m going to listen.  Except that I wanted to run six or seven miles, not three.  And even though I didn’t keep running, I am now left with this crazy back pain that literally came from the middle of nowhere, which means that unless it disappears overnight, I’m going to have to skip tomorrow’s scheduled seven miler, too.  And my knee hurts (because I landed on it during the aforementioned encounter with a dog).  I am not a happy camper.

I am definitely no stranger to back pain — I used to be tight with a chiropractor — but I’ve always had upper back issues.  This new lower back pain is a totally different animal, and one I absolutely abhor.  It’s kind of hard to describe where it is — somewhere between the glutes and the obliques, I guess — but it is even harder to get at it with a foam roller.  Not that I even know if it would help.

An attempt to make the Indigo Morning cereal more palatable:

I added fresh blackberries and blueberries.  Which, to be honest, were the best part of this bowl.  *sigh*

This rice bowl has been sitting neglected on my counter for far too long.

I plopped some roasted tofu, steamed cauliflower, and Madras simmer sauce over it.

Um, let’s pretend the focus is on the rice, okay?… It was actually really sticky.  Which is fine, if you like rice that way, but I think I prefer it… fluffier, I guess.

I am off to soak my aches and pains away in a hot bath… I hope.  If you have any miracle cures for me, please do enlighten me!!  (Unfortunately, having an on-call acupuncturist is not realistic.  Boo.)

Happy Monday.  (Oh, indeed.)

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” 
~Carl G. Jung


4 responses to “Brick II + Busted Body

  1. I wish I had miracle cures for aches and pains. Some things that seem to help, though, are stretching, soaking for 15-20 minutes in a hot bath with epsom salt, and just taking it easy. Honestly, sometimes aches are just a sign that you might be pushing yourself too hard, and I know it sucks to think of it that way, but it’s true. Some of my aches don’t go away until I ease up and give them some time to heal. But an on-call acupuncturist doesn’t sound like a bad idea 😉

  2. Back pain is apparently my best friend…woohoo? I want some magic pants! Not because I’ll be doing any running in them but just due to the fact that they are called “magic” pants. I. WANT.

    Take it easy ❤

  3. I sympathise (and empathise!) so much with the lower back pain 😦 Scoliosis means that I’m used to that kind of thing and for me I can’t sit down for very long otherwise things deteriorate a lot, but yoga and pilates have also helped a lot. Even if you don’t like them, they’re great for strengthening your core and thus supporting your lower back. I tend to use a lot of ice/heat packs alternating overnight on my back, but hopefully yours will improve with rest. It sounds a lot like a pulled muscle or tweaked nerve, which are both bloody painful but do tend to heal within a week.

    Thinking of you and feel better soon.


  4. Sorry to hear about your back :\ Mine used to hurt if I did a lot of riding in one day. I “roached” my back more than I was supposed to which I’m sure contributed to the problem, but the pain has since disappeared. I’ve been doing a lot of core work/strength training lately and I’m betting that’s helped immensely. Are you still doing anything in that area? Wish I had help for you :[ Do you think it might just be from your form, or just your body saying “no more!”?

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