Three Shower Day

Today was supposed to be the day I either A) drowned or B) died of hypothermia.  Evidently, neither of these things happened.

Backing up… since today feels like it’s been a ridiculously long day!  One preceded by an interminable holiday, which I will not discuss because it is over and I don’t care to dwell on it.

The insanely hot temperatures abated somewhat today, so I took advantage of that and went for a run.

I suppose this looks pretty run-of-the-mill and uneventful, right?… I read way too many running books over the holiday, by the way, and my head was kind of spinning, so I decided that since this would be my longest run of the week, it would be a slow one too.  And since, for some reason, the pace I see on my Garmin in real time differs a bit from what I see when I upload the data, I was under the impression that I had finally, finally, finally achieved the perfect negative split.  Which is a lot easier to do when you start out s-l-o-w-l-y.

Yeah… two seconds.  I wanted to scream when I saw that.  But, actually, that wasn’t the most frustrating part of this run… it was quite lovely, in fact, until the last five minutes, when I was jumped by a dog.  You see that 183 “max HR”?  It had nothing to do with the fact that I was running; I was doing quite well in regulating my heart rate until I was attacked by a creature.

Seriously — if you are walking your dog, what the hell is the leash doing in your hand if it isn’t attached to the dog’s collar?!

Yeah.  I was not a happy camper.  So I took Shower #1 of the day.


pancakes: banana, whey protein powder, peanut flour, whole wheat pastry flour, egg white


But I did go get my cadence sensor fixed.  Again.

puffed millet, blackberries, almond milk

And then I did something oh-so-exciting… tested out my new superhero suit.

You do not even want to know how long it takes to wriggle into that thing.  Getting out of it isn’t much easier.  For someone who dislikes skintight clothing, I tend to gravitate toward activities that require them.  Anyway…

Open water swim time!

Obviously, open water doesn’t really freak me out.  I’m just not very fond of swimming in the ocean; I like to dive there.  And when 70° patches are the “warm spots”… not exactly pleasant.  But I do have to say that this wetsuit surprised me — aside from my hands, feet, and ears, I wasn’t even really cold!  I have no idea how far I swam, but I know that it definitely wasn’t a mile.  Aside from the fact that I am ridiculously, insanely slow, it just seems silly to me to practice open water swimming in the ocean when the triathlon swim isn’t in the ocean, and when I know that open water doesn’t make me panic per se.  Unless I veer off course and wind up swept out to sea, in which case, yeah, I’d probably panic.

I drove home in my wetsuit, because it was too much of a hassle to remove it, and took Shower #2.

Something I found mildly exciting:

Because sometimes I am too lazy / pressed for time to make my own muffins.  And I love citrus flavors that don’t cause me to be in agony from the acid.  Just like lemon yogurt, which I used to make a “parfait.”

Tastes like lemon!

Totally random, but I remember hearing somewhere that most triathletes panic when faced with open water.  Do you think you would?!

And now, if you will excuse me — I need to go take Shower #3.

Have a lovely weekend.

“Business is a combination of war and sport.” 
~André Maurois


5 responses to “Three Shower Day

  1. Ack – that’s scary about the dog! Did he like, legitimately attack you or just go after you?! (well, not “just,” either way is too close for comfort! just hoping he didn’t bite you or something and you’re okay.)
    i want that lemon poppyseed parfait. you probably already know I love lemon poppyseed, though 😛
    open water…i’d freak if it was in the ocean, I’m sure. That thought scares me…whereas I think I’d be more okay with a lake.
    Uh, what am I talking about…Scratch that. I may say I wouldn’t mind, but I’m really not much of a swimmer, and especially if I can’t see “what’s in the water.” Paranoia that something’s going to get my feet. Ek.

  2. OMG I get so scared when I see dogs around that aren’t on a leash!

    I rarely ever go into the ocean without a wetsuit. I was always *that* girl that wore a wetsuit to the beach because I just HATE being cold. I don’t freak out when swimming in open waters – I never have. I guess a part of that could be because we don’t have sharks or anything like that around here…just jelly fish…ick!


  3. Would I freak out in open water? Honestly, I’m not sure. I’d have to just get out there and see…I’m not afraid of the prospect of it but it’s one of those unknown quantities that can take you by surprise. I almost drowned as a kid and it took until I was 21 before I’d even get in a swimming pool, but once I’d got over my fear of putting my face in the water it wasn’t too bad. Even though I’m still slow as molasses at my best and I haven’t swum in almost a month as I’ve been banned until my infected leg totally settles down.

    I think you’ll have a huge advantage in your swim given your diving background, as it is indeed true that for most triathletes the swim is their weakest leg and there’s a residual fear, if not a full-blown sense of panic, about being in open water. And I have to give a big ‘yeah, right!’ about your comment that you’re a slow swimmer. Would that be in the same way that you’re a ‘slow’ runner, little miss only been running for a short amount of time and still puts in 8 minute miles just in training 😉

    And just one last thing: damn, I wish I could look that good in a wetsuit! Okay, I hope that didn’t sound too creepy.


  4. Ugh I hate it when people don’t watch their dogs. Our neighbor’s dog gets out of their yard all the time and comes into ours, tears up our trash, bugs our dog, and just runs havoc around the neighborhood. I love dogs and all, but sometimes I secretly wish he’d get run over by a car lol… either that or maybe his owners 😉

    And I’m actually terrified of open water, so I’m not much of a swimmer. I just have this fear that something is gonna snatch my feet. Eeee.

  5. I’m not a great fan of open water so I can understand why people freak out! I nearly got swept out of a harbour (it was windy, my school were doing sailing for outdoor pursuits, I fell in!) when I was 13 so I can blame my cowardice on that 😛

    Also, ugh about the dog. Our dogs LOVE runners and cyclists and horses – they think it’s great fun to join in with the running! So mum jumps on them as soon as they spot someone. Not being in control of your dog is just wrong!

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