Lapsed Couch Potato

First — about that low heart rate thing.  I’m pretty sure I’m not about to drop dead from it, but I am actually scheduled to see my endocrinologist in a couple of weeks, so if it’s different from the norm for me (I don’t think it is), I’m sure I’ll find out about it!

Second — previous post password protected due to my paranoia.  You know how that works.

The race this morning was awesome.  Even though my friend who swore up and down that she’d be there, bailed on me.  Can’t say I was surprised at all — at this point I expect people to not do what they say they’ll do.  Though I really wish I weren’t such an idiot to fall for the whole this time will be different thing, because after all these years, I should know: that is a load. of. crap.

This race experience was entirely different from my previous one — there were about twenty times as many runners, for one thing!  And it was on an unfamiliar course, thanks to my non-existent sense of direction.  But I have iskiate, and I have magic pants.  😉  (What I did not have, unfortunately, was a sufficient amount of sleep.  Three and a half hours?!  That’s about half of what I consider my ideal.)

Hey, I’ll take it.

In any event, apparently a triathlon = a hot dog eating contest!  I emailed my PT the race results to prove the magical powers of the pants, and he replied that I am “becoming quite the runner.”  Which I find absolutely hysterical, because I don’t feel like a runner at all.  I don’t feel like an athlete, either — I feel like a lapsed couch potato.  One who sucks at biking; I informed him that any running ability I may or may not possess is more than negated by how much I suck at biking, which is why I was going to go out for a ride.  His response?  “Now you sound like a triathlete!  Eat eat eat!!!

Your wish is my command.  😉

Especially when it includes things such as this!

I was having difficulty choosing between the red pepper spread and this… so when it became obvious that I’d be polishing off the former in no time at all, I went and bought this jar.  And I think I like it even more than the red pepper spread!  It tastes very similar, actually (big surprise: the ingredients lists are nearly identical), but it doesn’t have the spicy bite of the red pepper spread.  It reminds me a bit of Sonny & Joe’s sauteed eggplant.  (Yep, that little love affair is still going strong.)

In a multigrain wrap with alfalfa sprouts.  Fun little fact: the last time I bought alfalfa sprouts, I guess my refrigerator was set to a too-cold temperature, because the sprouts sort of froze.  It was really gross, and I had to throw them out.  Lesson learned: always sprout my own alfalfa seeds.

Speaking of refrigerators, it’s kind of tough to keep track of what I have in there when my mom dumps things on top of other things … I don’t understand why the concept of “newer purchases –> behind older” is so difficult to comprehend, but apparently it is.  This leads to things like me finding a bag of broccoli slaw that needed to be used … like, last week or something.  But it was still alive.

(That’s a Lightlife Smart Cutler Classic Marinara plopped on top of there.)  …Guess what is included in my lunch for tomorrow?!

Bought kind of on a whim:

They don’t taste like green beans at all, but they are terrifically salty and crunchy, which is always a good thing in my book.

My chemical servings for the day:

Orange vanilla protein cake; chemicals courtesy of sugar-free orange Kojel.  And you know what?… It was actually really good.  So there.

On the topic of servings, I have had no less than five servings of cereal today.  The saddest part is that none of them were cereals I particularly liked.  When will these cereal companies wake up and realize that they need to make sample sized boxes of new cereals?!  So.  Annoying.

The post-weekend blues are setting in … so I think I need to go do my PT exercises and then be a couch potato.  Only, in a tub filled with boiling water.

Happy Monday.

“If it takes a lot of words to say what you have in mind, give it more thought.” 
~Dennis Roth


3 responses to “Lapsed Couch Potato

  1. Congrats on your race! I can’t believe you managed to run it on only 3.5 hours of sleep; I’d be a zombie. And whether you’re feeling it or not, you ARE becoming quite the runner. Before you know it, you’re gonna be running full-blown marathons.

    I’ve been pretty lucky with cereal lately… I haven’t come across one I don’t like. Then again, we don’t have as many varieties up here as you guys do, so I guess that’s a good thing?

  2. Holy manoly that is one heck of a race time, my friend!!!!!!

    Eggplant garlic spread? Ummm that sounds incredibly……………………………………………………DELICIOUS AAAAAAAAAAAAH GIMME!!!!!

    Yep, I agree about the cereal.


  3. Aww, your crappy amount of sleep is my ‘on a good day’ amount. It just puts into perspective what a fab race you ran though (and me being a nosey, running-obsessed fan of yours I would like to ask if I could possibly see the race recap via password?) and you’re not ‘becoming quite the runner.’ Your PT is talking nonsense. You ARE quite the runner.

    Gah, completely agree about the cereal. I wish they did small boxes of every cereal to be honest, not just the junky kids’ ones. It might help me with portion control (yeah, right. I’d just eat six boxes :P)


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