Magic Pants!!

I think those pants really might be magical! (These, in case you’re curious.)  I wore them to go on my training run this morning, and I was absolutely terrified to leave behind my knee straps — especially since lately, my knees have been bothering me a bit even with the knee straps, and even if I’m not running.

Whoa.  And the best part?… No knee pain!!

See the imprint of the pants on my leg?  😉  The only downside, during the summer, is that they’re pretty hot.  But if that’s what it takes to have pain-free knees, I’ll take it.  Especially if it comes along with something like this:

The splits are all over the place because we were doing intervals, but whatever.  Remember when I set a goal a couple of months ago to complete a race at a sub-9:00mm pace?  Yeah, I never really thought that would happen, race or no race.  Then again, I never really thought I’d ever run further than I had at that point (about three and a half miles) either.

So, to recap: I love my magic pants, they are awesome, and totally worth every penny.  If only something like that existed for feet / ankles…

Chocolate Cheerios, banana, and almond milk.  And because I decided this needed some protein, I stirred peanut flour into the almond milk, but apparently I didn’t stir very thoroughly, which explains the clumps.  Oh well.

Lest you think I am kidding when I say I am a cereal monster these days… I drove myself crazy to get my hands on this Indigo Morning cereal.

Sad to say, I didn’t really like it very much.  The flakes — which are sort of puffed flakes, a texture I found pretty strange — aren’t all that flavorful, and the berries were sort of sour instead of sweet.  I guess it’s okay that I didn’t love it, considering how difficult it was to find, but still.

And so much for my saying that I’d be making pinole with polenta

Ah, yeah.  I decided this would be much more authentic and effective.  The polenta is too coarsely ground to hold together!

That’s better.  Kind of like a weird floppy cookie.  😉

My exciting lunchtime jaunt today, by the way, was to go pick up my bib for Sunday’s race.  I am easily entertained, it seems.

I was also trying to buy Motrin, but as it turns out, adult Motrin has been discontinued.  Excuse me?  That is the basis of my diet!!  Not happy.

Have a lovely Friday / weekend / whatever.

“You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note.” 
~Doug Floyd


4 responses to “Magic Pants!!

  1. Kashi has ANOTHER new cereal out? Man…they’re bookin’ it with these new creations. Too bad none of them are all that spectacular :\ I was really excited when I saw “Indigo morning” and imagined it being blueberries…but based on your review I’ll be okay not finding it for another month. Darn it.
    So happy the pants are so wonderful, too! Bummer they’re hot, though. Mine seem fairly cool, though surprisingly I wasn’t freezing this morning with how cold it was…

  2. Wowow. Those pants really ARE magic. Congrats on the splits! Very impressed (and jealous!). Also jealous that you guys get all the new cereals down there. The last “new” Kashi cereal that I found up here was Honey Sunshine, and that’s apparently old as dirt. But I love it. Seriously. You think your cereal addiction is bad? I’ve stopped bothering to pour mine into bowls. I just grab a handful here, and a handful there, and before I know it… poof…. vanished.

  3. Whoo, magic pants! Now if only they made pants magic enough to make my heart behave so I could run again (humph). I love the quote today, very true 🙂

  4. Hey hey speedy McSpeedster. I don’t think it’s the pants that are magic, I think it’s all you and your talent/dedication. I hope you truly realise how unbelievable your rate of improvement is (and you weren’t starting from a slow base) You’re already faster than most of the ‘big’ marathon bloggers that make a big deal out of their running, where as you’re so modest about your achievements. It’s refreshing, but remember that a little arrogance can be a healthy thing 😉 Eh, fat chance that you’d ever be arrogant…confidence, maybe? It’s so strange that in the blog world a lot of runners slower than you go on permanently about running and post ‘I am a RUNNER’ almost every day and yet I imagine things like a race with them all tooting their horns and then you sneaking quietly up on the sidelines and winning the darn thing (I’d still be hobbling along at the rear with a bum hip and a stitch from eating too much). Oops, rambling again.

    What I meant to say was, great run 🙂


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