I Love Days Off

It was, indeed, quite lovely out today.

However, this was around 10.30 AM, when I went to Trader Joe’s.

Let’s back up so that we can understand how this came to be:

I recently read Born to Run, and I was intrigued by the mention of iskiate, or chia fresca.  A miracle drink?  Hmm.  I have more chia seeds than I know what to do with; I have lemons; I have sweeteners galore; I have water.  Might as well give it a shot.

So, this morning, I stirred about half a tablespoon of chia seeds into a glass of water, added some Truvia and a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice…

…and once all the swirling action was done, I let it sit for a few minutes so that the seeds started to gel.  Being as textural an eater as I am, the sliminess kind of grossed me out, but I gulped it down anyway.  It actually tasted pretty good, if you can ignore the gloop!

And then my poor sense of direction and I spent an hour on the subway getting to the course (for the tri, not the race I’m doing next weekend).  That was mainly because of the holiday schedule, but my sense of direction (or lack thereof) meant that I didn’t end up doing the course at all, because I had no idea where it even was.

Actually, I emerged from the subway into a torrential downpour.  Um… the forecast was for a chance of afternoon thunderstorms.  It wasn’t even 7.00 AM!  But I didn’t drag myself all the way up there to turn around and come back home, so I decided to run anyway.  This is weird, for someone who hates the rain as much as I do — I’ve always said that I only enjoy it when I’m curled up under the covers, but now I’ve discovered that I like to run in the rain.  (In the summer, anyway.  It would be utterly miserable if it were cold outside.)

And I guess the iskiate did something, even if it was just a placebo effect at work… I was terrified of it, because eating before running has never agreed with me, and eating fat before running has really never worked for me.  Guess that hour-long subway ride was good for something.

Uh… okay??  My slowest mile today was faster than my fastest mile yesterday.  Granted, I wasn’t coming straight off two hours on a bike, but still.  Sometimes I just have to scratch my head and shrug, because these things make no sense.  Unless I just really wanted to get out of the rain!

Once I finally did get into a drier environment (a moot point since the sun was shining brightly by then), I made cornmeal-oatmeal pancakes.

I used old fashioned oats since I don’t have quick cooking oats, but I don’t think it really matters.  I loved the “gritty” texture of these; I just wish I’d made them bigger!

Because I didn’t have work today, I had the “luxury” of going to a PT appointment in the middle of the afternoon.  He says that whatever the hell is wrong with my feet, “It doesn’t seem to be affecting your running.”  Well, no — because it’s not like it hurts more if I run!  I want to be able to run without any pain at all.  Is that such an outrageous thing to want?…

I’m actually seriously considering trying Vibrams.  I think they look absolutely ridiculous, but at this point, I don’t think I even care.  (And hey — it’s a more appealing alternative than running literally barefoot through city streets!)

But I came away from my PT’s office with this.

He gave it to me.  Guess he thinks I won’t be obedient re: workout fuel if he doesn’t dump it in my lap, or something.  😉

Anyway.  On the aforementioned trip to Trader Joe’s, I bought this.

I usually only buy fresh produce in Trader Joe’s… I used to buy PURE bars there, but now they’re marked dairy and I can’t buy them anymore.  <<insert temper tantrum here>>  I’d been eyeing this for a while, but was deterred by the “consume within five days of opening” on the label.  But since when does that mean anything to me, anyway?!

As it turns out, it may not be that much of an issue… because this stuff is good.  I used it instead of tomato sauce (which I’d never use, anyway) to make a pita pizza:

Whole wheat pita, the aforementioned spread, baby peppers, baby bellas, and mozzarella Daiya.  And some zucchini sticks that I stuck in the oven for the last few minutes with the pizza, because it just needed to be used… and provided a vehicle for me to try the spread “raw,” right??

Sadly, the holiday weekend is nearly over… I don’t want to go back to work!  😦  And my room, which I was totally intending to clean, is just as much of a disaster zone as ever.  Oh, well.  Apparently more exciting things beckoned.

Also, I obviously need to find a better way to carry my phone when I’m running.

Very attractive.

Happy Tuesday.

“Shoes do no more for the foot than a hat does for the brain.”
~Dr. Mercer Rang
(I. love. this. quote.)


3 responses to “I Love Days Off

  1. OUchhh! That doesn’t look pleasant. At least you cary your phone, though. I’ve been thinking it might be wise for me to start carrying mine. Not that I’d be able to use it if I got in trouble, but…at least I’d have it? haha.
    That spread looks SO good, btw.
    And the run? Hah; I ran in the rain once a while ago and found it strangely pleasant, too! Somehow I’ve managed to dodge the storms since then, though. Not sure how since it’s rained like mad the past two weeks, but I have.
    And vibrams? They interest me SO much. Maybe it’s a gadget thing and I just always have to try new things…but I can’t help it! I know they’re probably not for me though – yet, at least. That and I run on a dirt road.
    Ooh, maybe I’ll try that little chia drink soon, too. I’m pretty sure it’d have a good placebo effect if nothing else. Drinking it and thinking I’ll have superpowers or something 😛
    Glad you enjoyed the pancakes! Nothing fancy-dancy but I love the flavors of cornmeal and oats.

  2. You’re becoming more of a hardcore runner every time I visit! Look at you all BA and running in the rain – I use rain as an excuse not to run 😉

    I’ve been curious about vibrams, but I’m honestly not sure how my legs would handle them. I’ve heard good things, but I like a lot of support when I run, so I’m not sure if having less between my foot and the ground is a good thing. Knowing me, I’ll probably buy a pair anyways just to kill the curiosity… while hopefully not killing my feet!

  3. spoonfulofsugarfree

    Love chia seeds in water-my super-drink of choice 🙂

    And sheesh, girl!!! What a rash 😦

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