Brick I

A week ago, I was wearing a down jacket. I remember this very clearly. So while I am definitely not complaining about the following, it is just really strange!

It is currently 80 out.  I’m loving it.

Yeah, okay, I was loving it a little bit less this morning during the brick workout, but considering I’ve done nearly all my training thus far in pretty chilly temperatures, it didn’t bother me as much as I would have expected.

Part A:

Let’s pretend that I’m not dreadfully slow, and blame it on the hills.  😉  Seriously — I like biking just fine when I’m coasting downhill at 20 MPH.  I like it a lot less when I’m chugging uphill at 6 or 7 MPH.  I can practically walk uphill faster than that!  (And let’s not mention my poor butt…)

It was just me and my teammate who doesn’t like to run today (I still can’t figure that out).  Since our coach doesn’t have clipless pedals, he had to go to his car to change into his running shoes.  He told us to start the loop and that he’d come around the other way and meet us in the middle.

How badly does this woman hate running?  This much: even with my injured foot, I couldn’t go as slowly as she was if I tried.  I decided that there was no rule saying I had to stay with her, so I didn’t.

Part B:

Almost exactly the opposite of a perfect negative split!  There’s actually a reason for that, though — beyond my natural turtledom and irritating foot, that is.  The first few minutes felt really tough and I totally wanted to quit, which is what makes it even more surprising to me that it was actually my fastest mile.  About midway through my second mile, I met our coach coming the other way.  He wanted to know where my “partner” was, and I told him I didn’t have a clue.  He kept going to find her, and yelled after me that I should do the loop again.  Well, I decided that if I was running alone anyway, I didn’t have to stick to the roadway, so I cut through the brush instead.  And now I’m dying to do some real trail running, even though I feel like it slows me down since I can’t see the earth and I’m terrified of twisting an ankle — it is so. much. fun!

And after all that, I still made it back to our bikes before they did.  Because, as she put it, “He let me walk.”  Um… exactly how is that going to serve in your best interests in terms of the race??

Speaking of races, he told us about one taking place next weekend.  And I registered for it.  I love not thinking things through; it’s really kind of awesome.  😉

Also awesome was this discovery I stumbled across today… I went to buy yogurt, but of course the store didn’t have the one I wanted.  This kind of made up for it, though.  Considering most bars are marked dairy so that I can’t have them, I get very excited about such things:

New flavors!!

Not that you can really tell, but I added some mozzarella Daiya to a hommus-and-sprouts wrap.  It tasted really cheesy.  I know, duh, right?… But not in a good way.  Since I don’t like cheese, and all.

In an attempt to use these peanut butter and jelly granola bars in a more palate-pleasing way, I microwaved one and used it to top a bowl of coconut milk kefir mixed with peanut flour and topped with sliced strawberries.

It was actually surprisingly good.

New-to-me salsa: Whole Foods’ 375 black bean and corn.

At some point, I think, all salsas just start to taste somewhat alike.  Yes, I liked it, but I like salsa!

It has been a very, very, very long time since I’ve had an oven-roasted sweet potato; primarily because I am impatient, and the microwave is better suited for such individuals.

But you don’t get all that lovely sap with a microwave.

I guess summer is really coming!  Gah, I love cherries.

My room is somehow still a disaster zone, despite the fact that I was fully intending to clean it today.  Oh, well… tomorrow is a new day!  😉  …for which I have more exciting plans than cleaning my room, and for which I need sleep.  If I get started on that process now, I may be asleep before midnight…

Happy Memorial Day!  … or Happy Monday, take your pick.  😉

“Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it.” 
~George Bernard Shaw


3 responses to “Brick I

  1. hmm…why is this partner running a tri, again? just because she likes to swim? …hmm. oh, well; to each their own. I give you mad props, though. I cannot. imagine. being on a bike for 2 hours. oi!
    I’m sure you’ll do great in the race this weekend :] and you’ll have magic legs by then, too! (read: new tights 😛 )

  2. Holy, moly… you’re whooping some butt in your training! Leaving people in the dust and all! Uhm. Give me some of your motivation? Please? I’m starting to slack and get lazy lol. And how can you not like cheese?! 😯

  3. I’m jealous of your weather! Send some over the Atlantic, will you?

    And yes, it appears that I am coming to your part of the world 😛 I didn’t really stop to think about where you were in relation to there, my geographical knowledge of the US isn’t all that good! Still 200ish miles away, but better than our usual several thousand 😉 x

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