Rant, Null

The cadence sensor on my bike is not working.  It’s all screwed up in general… it said that I rode nearly 11 miles when I know for a fact that it was only around 7; my RPM was 0 throughout those 11 miles, which is quite a mystery; and my calorie burn was also 0.  I can do without the latter, but I need to know my RPM.  I can deal with the erroneous distance, because I do have another bike computer on my front wheel, so I can rely on that odometer.  But, I mean, really?  I spend that much money on something and it doesn’t even last a month?!  I’m pretty ticked off.

chocolate cheerios, banana, strawberries

It’s kind of essential for me to get that issue sorted, because I need a fully functional bike for Sunday’s brick workout.  I also need a chain, which I do not have, and for which I don’t feel like paying an arm and a leg… but I don’t think I have a choice.  I’d borrow one for Sunday and order one online, but I don’t know anyone who has a spare chain, so I am just going to have to pay full retail.  Ouch.

Speaking of legs… I went to PT last night.  Go all the way up to 220V if you have to — I don’t care what it takes, I need my feet back in fully functional order!  Oddly, he didn’t take me up on that offer.  But I did say that if it felt tolerable, I’d go to the run this morning.

It was more of a rimp (run + limp) than a run… it took a while to get into a semi-normal gait.  It actually hurt more when I walked than when I ran, which is odd.  But I cut out early.  I hate the hill repeats, but since those came first, I got to do that, which slows down my overall pace in general, which is annoying… and then I decided not to push my luck and headed home so that I could ice it properly.

I was pretty pleased that I wasn’t in total agony.  But it really hurt to take off my shoe.  It’s okay with it on, it’s okay with it off… but the in-between stage is not fun.

chocolate pudding + oats + vanilla whey protein powder + banana

...and the less-pretty version

My acupuncturist pointed out to me that there is a bruise on my ankle.  That’s kind of weird, since I hadn’t noticed it and I can’t imagine what caused it!!  I wish I could just have bionic body parts, or something.

I guess I’m not rambling in chronological order, but my mom paid me a visit at work yesterday.  She took me out to lunch.  There is only one place around here where I can actually eat, and it kind of sucks.  I got a totally unremarkable and overpriced salad, but she insisted.  Even though all I really wanted was this.

Frozen yogurt!  Why is it that when I ask for chocolate / vanilla, they never have it, but when my mom asks for it, they suddenly do have it??  (We switched… she ended up with my vanilla.)

Oh, yes, since I’m a cereal monster these days…

I am happy to report that the Berry Blossoms cereal is way, way better than the Golden Goodness.  A tad on the too-sweet side, but it’s good.

You don’t even want to know how long I’ve had a box of sun-dried tomato tortellini in my freezer.  I’m guessing it’s nearly two years… and it’s high time that I get rid of it.

With spinach and pasta sauce.

Can you tell that I’m the only person in this house who will eat spinach?!

Sprouted seven-grain hamburger bun, spinach, Moophrey burger; spinach, strawberries, and balsamic vinaigrette.

…And after I ranted and raved about my lack of a chain and my malfunctioning cadence sensor, I decided to go to my neighborhood bike shop before they closed for the night and see if I could buy a lock there… because I don’t want to have to carry a million-ton chain on my bike tomorrow. 

I ended up getting this one (for a lot more money, mind you) instead of a Kryptonite like I really wanted.  I also got roughly a dozen mosquito bites on my legs.  But I did have my cadence sensor adjusted, so it seems to be working again.

And now that that’s settled, I need a bed, a book, and a bath.  Not necessarily in that order.

Happy Friday!

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” 
~Mark Twain


3 responses to “Rant, Null

  1. Gotta love those 0 RPM rides that magically get you from point A to point B. Sounds like you found some method of teleportation 😉 Teach me? It would really help me avoid rush hour traffic, and I’d be forever grateful. I hate those malfunctioning gadgets though. Before I got my Garmin, I had a HRM that would give me readings ranging from 20 to 250 bpm… in the same minute. I must have one crazy heart…

  2. Glad you got your cadence sensor figured out! I had an issue when I first tried getting my footpod to work and when I googled it found all sorts of solutions on how to initialize it and what-not. Sounds like you’re good to go now, but it might help for next time 😉
    I feel terrible that your foot is still not feeling so hot :\ Glad it’s at least on the mend and feeling better, though.
    And…ditto to your thoughts on berry blossoms 😉

  3. Err, that’s still a very good time for an ‘injury run.’ I understand the frustration though: I seem to have perfected the rimp. Perhaps it should be a new class of sport in the olympics. It’s the only way I’d have a shot at London 2012, anyway.

    So happy that the cadence sensor is sorted and you’re on track again with the biking. When my Garmin was acting up it induced a mini-panic attack. It’s strange how reliant we become on gadgets when we functionned really well without them beforehand…but take away my Garmin now and you might as well have cut my leg off (which in its current state might not be a bad idea…actually, scratch that, I’m paranoid that the infection will come back and I really will have to get it amputated!)


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