From Good to Bad to Worse

Astonishing how quickly things can deteriorate.  Today started out wonderfully.

But because two other people showed up to this run, I didn’t end up talking to He-Who-Has-Yet-To-Be-Named (yep, that’s a lot better than “PT / tri coach”); and since these people don’t seem to have jobs, I ended up coming home way later than I would have liked.  Which, since stuffing my face takes priority, means that I didn’t get to stretch / foam roll like I should have.  Unfortunate, because my foot is killing me.  But I’ll get to that later.

From there, the day was pretty much shot.  I had an acupuncture appointment, for which I was glad since my foot was hurting… and those stupid wellies don’t help.  I don’t care if there is a monsoon tomorrow, I refuse to wear rain boots.  I just can’t.

In short, it took me forever to get anywhere today.  Train delays were apparently the trend of the day… which is especially frustrating when I can’t just decide to walk instead, since I don’t particularly enjoy killing my foot even more.  Which is also why I was so annoyed that none of the three Whole Foods I’ve gone to in the past two days have had in stock what I was looking for, but that is neither here nor there.

So I went to acupuncture, but it’s hard to fix something when you can’t pinpoint what is wrong!  I know what I don’t have… it isn’t Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, or calcaneal bursitis.  I can’t figure out where exactly it is, so how am I supposed to know what it is?!  When this first happened (before I landed in my PT’s office), both of my feet hurt, but primarily the left.  This time, the left one is pretty much okay, but the right one hurts like a bitch.  And it’s turning me into one, too.  A bigger one than usual.

Then I spent lots of time at work creating masterpieces like I used to do when I was bored in class in grade school.

No, I don’t get paid to doodle.  In keeping with the theme of this wonderful day, my work computer was infected with a virus, and I was on the phone with the IT department f-o-r-e-v-e-r while they removed it remotely.

And Mr. J was being… well, Mr. J.

coconut milk kefir, chocolate chip muffin topper, chocolate syrup

When I finally, finally, finally hobbled my way home, I thought the worst was over with.  I sort of copied Kelsey’s pita pocket sandwich idea, except that since I tend to over-stuff these things, I had to wrap it in foil to bake it and it kind of … exploded.  Yeah.

pita stuffed with broccoli slaw, mushrooms, All Whites, Frank’s, mozzarella Daiya; butter lettuce and baby peppers with balsamic vinaigrette

I actually ate that with my feet submerged in a bucket of ice water.  And it was freezing.  Except that, dammit, it still hurts.  So I was already grumpy, and then I went to my computer to find that… surprise, no Internet!

At that point I was ready to just call it quits on a crappy day and go to bed.  And it wasn’t even 9 PM.  Instead, I spent way too long trying to fix the damn thing… only to have my sister call my cell phone, trying to reach my mom, because apparently the land lines were down too.  Ah… just lovely.
Obviously, the Internet issue has (finally!) been resolved.  Unfortunately, my foot still hurts.
Sugar free coconut milk ice cream, chocolate:

Can taste the chocolate; can’t taste the coconut milk.  Loved it.

And even though I’d love nothing better than to go to sleep right now, I need to decide between two swimsuits.  See, I bought this (in royal) and this (in black/blue), because when do swimsuits ever fit properly on the first try?… Just my luck, they both fit.  And now I need to choose between them, which is no fun for indecisive idiots like myself.  Knowing me, I’ll just end up keeping them both.  *rolls eyes*

This whine is now over.  I will go sulk in my bed instead, because I am feeling very snappy and cranky and I just want my foot to stop hurting, dammit!!

Happy Friday.

“No city should be too large for a man to walk out of in a morning.” 
~Cyril Connolly


3 responses to “From Good to Bad to Worse

  1. I think we could both be artists for our phone doodles 😛 When I’m talking on the phone it’s like my hand just starts….doodling!
    I hope your foot is feeling better by the time you woke up…and that today goes much better for you!

  2. Hooray for unpinpoint-able foot pain! I’m going through the same thing, except mine hasn’t turned into crazy pain yet… more of an I-don’t-know-where-it-hurts discomfort, but I’m still scared to do anything on it. I hope yours feels better soon ❤

  3. That pita looks amazing, I’m definitely pro-overstuffing! Hope your foot feels better soon :]

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