And Then It Rained

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a dry climate… ha.

My therapist gave me a graduation present… isn’t that sweet??


Ever since I tasted those cocoa cinnamon almonds, I’ve wanted to try this combination:

chocolate cheerios + cinnamon burst cheerios

I have come to the conclusion that these flavor profiles just don’t mesh, at least not for me.  Each is awesome on its own, but I don’t like them together!

Last night, I was in a rush to get to the pool — must practice what I’ve learned at the clinic, right? — and couldn’t be bothered to cook.  So I dug into my freezer and found this.

As is to be expected from a frozen meal, the sodium content is sort of through the roof.

It didn’t taste overly salty, though… and I highly doubt I will die from the occasional sodium overdose.  I added some roasted tofu.

Quick and easy, just the way I like it.  😉

The pool was freezing.  I eventually sucked it up and did practice, because the water will be a lot colder than that during the triathlon and so I’d better get used to it!  I’m not really sure how far I went, sincee I always get confused when I try to count my laps… but I’m really glad that I’m taking part in that clinic, because even after just one session, I can tell that it’s making a difference.  A very minor difference, but every bit counts.  😉

Today was Pesach Sheni, which meant I got to eat matzah.  Again.  Joy of joys… my favorite food!  *sarcasm*

Topped with homemade almond butter + raspberry jam.  Done and done.

And I saw my nutritionist today for the first time in what seems like forever — it’s been over a month, actually.  I have to say, for those people who are freaking out on me that doing this triathlon is going to mess with my head… well, yes, pretty much everything will do that.  It’s too complicated for me to think about at this hour of the night, when I should be asleep, or at least in bed.  But while I have no idea where my weight is at — I don’t want to know, actually — I’m pretty sure I’m okay, since my nutritionist didn’t go ape on me.  And I’m oddly proud of that.

Also, if this rain does not stop soon, some drastic measures will need to be taken.

Happy Thursday!

“Beauty draws us with a single hair.” 
~Alexander Pope


3 responses to “And Then It Rained

  1. Drastic measures = moving to the desert? I have lived in really rainy parts of the UK before, I know how miserable it can get. Wales in particular – absolutely gorgeous scenery, but it never stopped raining during the 5 months I was in Cardiff! Newcastle is so much better. It’s a bit cooler than the south, where I was born, but the big hills/tiny mountains to the west get all the rain before it turns up here 😛 it’s great!

    Your therapist has great taste in earrings, and well done for not freaking your nutritionist out 😀 it’s even better to hear that you’re proud about that

  2. I don’t put on shoes to step outside anymore, I put on flippers and grab a paddle just in case. Ugh. I guess I missed the part where VT became Washington or England.
    And I’m glad that everything went well with your nutritionist. You should be proud! I am 😉

  3. Seems like everyone is dealing with crap weather this spring… We haven’t had much rain here yet but it’s been windy for like a week straight. And I’m talking “walk outside and get your head blown off” wind, not a nice spring breeze… ridiculous.

    And that’s so awesome about your nutritionist apt! Maybe they’ll start to see that you can be trusted, and stop giving you such a hard time about everything… especially the training, which seems to make you really happy 🙂

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