My butt was in a minor state of agony yesterday morning — I am so glad I bought those cycling shorts, because otherwise I probably still wouldn’t be able to sit down.  I had been planning to run five or six miles, but one of my teammates asked if I would ride with her, so I agreed to go for a short spin first, figuring my knee would appreciate the shorter run, since it’s been acting up a bit lately.

The moment I sat down on my bike, I thought, ouch… this is not the brightest idea I’ve ever had.  But I promised I’d be there, so I went.  Of course she overslept and didn’t show, but that’s pretty typical… at least I got to try out my cadence sensor! (It works.)

Then I went for my abbreviated run.  I am still pursuing that elusive perfect negative split.  For some reason, the instant readout on my Garmin is not the same thing I see when I finish a workout; I saw 9:56 after my first mile, which I was trying to do slowly so that I’d get my perfect negative split, but apparently that didn’t happen.

So close!!  I’ll get there eventually.  When I showed this to my PT / tri coach, he said that they were better than his splits from the night before.  Well, hardly comparable: I ran 3.5 miles, he ran 30; and his pace for 30 is the equivalent of my pace for ten!!  If I managed to run 30 miles without dying, which is highly unlikely, I’d be lucky to achieve 12:30/mile.

About naming my PT / tri coach… well.  Obviously I don’t hate him, it would be kind of tough if I did since we are apparently going to be spending quite a bit of time together over the next few months — and it wouldn’t be much fun to encounter someone I hate, first thing in the morning!  So it is with the greatest affection that I say the guy is a little bonkers… you have to be at least a little nuts to do an Ironman, if you know what I mean.  And you have to be even more nuts than that to think that I’m going to run a marathon.  (Actually, in that case, I am nuts too… because while I think a marathon is a hysterically funny idea now, I also thought running ten miles was something that “other people” did.  Not me.)  He isn’t “grumpy” or “demanding,” but maybe it’s just that our personality types mesh in that way… he doesn’t have to yell at me to get me to do something, he just has to start ribbing me about it.  If he were a cartoon character, he’d be… um, I don’t know, but one that is crazy and lovable at the same time.

Clearly, I am terrible at character description, which is why I can’t name him on my own!  And I think he thinks that I’m slightly crazy for naming my dSLR and my Garmin.  Hey — takes one to know one!  Oh, PS — today is the one year anniversary of my running shoes. My PT says that I need to get new ones, even if there aren’t a crazy amount of miles on them. Huh. (And apparently yesterday was four years since my discharge from IP, which I totally didn’t realize until I linked back to last year’s post. Kind of creepy that my graduation fell out on that day…)

After that drizzly ride / run, I came home to this:

It looks highly unappealing, yes, but looks are deceiving.  I made Gabriela’s dark chocolate peanut butter banana chia pudding, but I used two tablespoons of chia seeds and about 3/4 cup of almond milk because that was all that fit in the bowl.

Okay, so it may be ugly — it really is “freaking delicious.”

<<insert way too many boring hours spent at my graduation, photos of which are in my previous post; password available upon request, subject to approval>>

Then my mom treated me, my sister, and my niece to lunch.  Of course the place I wanted to go was unanimously vetoed (hey, I thought it was supposed to be my graduation?!), so instead we went somewhere I could get a celebratory frozen yogurt.  Which, of course, they didn’t even have.  La la la.

i have not had sushi in FOREVER.

romaine, egg whites, beets, water chestnuts, green beans, croutons

I really wanted to go to the Indian place.  Just saying.  😉

When I got home, I had to charge my phone because the battery life is insane (AKA, practically nonexistent).  Didn’t help, I’m sure, that I used the phone to entertain myself for hours during the graduation!  Then I had to eat dinner weirdly early, despite the fact that I’d eaten lunch pretty late, because I had somewhere to go, and the thought of eating dinner upon my 10.30 PM return instead of just going to bed was not very appealing.

Whole grain noodles, tofu roasted with fiesta lime seasoning, and broccoli, topped with tequila lime salsa.  Could have used double the amount of salsa, really, but that’s all that was left in the jar.

So, since I’m sure you’re dying of curiosity — where did I go?  I went to a tri stroke clinic.  Imagine, all these years I thought that I knew how to swim, and it turns out not to be the case!  (Actually, I knew that I don’t swim “properly.”  I was never taught to swim — I jumped into the pool when I was two years old and that was that.  I can get from Point A to Point B, but it is not very pretty, nor is it very efficient.)

The pool where the clinic is held is a drag to get to — it’s over an hour away by subway.  So I carpooled with four other people from my area who were going too — parking is a pain, but it takes half the time to get there.  (Which is good, but I have no idea how I’m going to manage this on a day that I actually go to work.)

One of them mentioned (thank you, subtle prodding) that when she trained with my PT / tri coach for the marathon, he was “very into” nutrition.  So I guess it’s not just me, which is a bit of a relief.  Though I haven’t mentioned that he recommended a sports nutritionist to me — I’m not quite sure how I feel about that one!  Is it weird if I tell my current nutritionist about that?!  It seems really weird.

Anyway, things to do.  Have a great day.

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”
~Abraham Lincoln


3 responses to “Graduated

  1. imaginenamaste

    You’ve got be thinking about getting my bike out, myself!

    PS I’d love to see your graduation pics! Congrats! Such an awesome accomplishment!!

  2. Congratulations on the gradumatation 😉 Glad that’s over with?!
    And, dang – those splits look pretty good to me! I thought that was a negative split, anyways? Second half is faster than the first? Or does it have to follow a specific order?
    I’m still stewing over names for coach. You could call him nooch, since he’s such a nutrition freak. (meant in the nicest of ways. there’s nothing wrong with being a freak about something.)

  3. That chia pudding ACTUALLY looks appetising to me! anything with chia seeds tends to put me off as I fear it will be gooey. I’m not all about the goo.

    I love hearing how determined you are about the triathlon training! It’s awesome 🙂


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