Can Every Day Be Like Today?

If every day looked like that, I’d be very happy indeed.  I used the tri club pool today, which was exciting because A) it is 50 meters and B) people there actually swim; no bobbing ladies!  When I came home, since anything looked more appealing than packing, I went out for a quick bike ride and then a run, just to see if my legs would die.  They didn’t.  In fact, I was two seconds away from a perfect negative split, which is a goal of mine.

And then, since packing still didn’t look appealing, I decided to garden.

This year, so far, I’ve sowed beets, zucchini, lettuce, spinach, and Swiss chard.  We’ll see what I actually get — my planting methods tend to be rather unscientific, so I never know what will happen!

I ran some more assorted errands, but eventually I had to face one of the things I most dread…

I can’t even manage to take a semi-decent picture of it!  I.  Hate.  Packing.  But it was actually a lot less stressful to pack over the course of a Sunday, instead of having to cram it all in (literally!) on Saturday night for a flight leaving early Sunday morning.

Instead, I will be jetting off to paradise on Monday morning.  Which meant that I needed to finish up some things in the refrigerator.  Enter:

“Cheesy” cauliflower,

mushrooms with Bragg’s,

and a Smart Cutlet with tequila lime salsa.

I am sorely going to miss vegetables over the next few days, I do know that.

Totally random, but there is a 5K I want to run next weekend… and there is a brick workout scheduled for the same day.  Time-wise, I could probably manage both of them, but I’m fairly certain that would be a bad idea body-wise.  Hmmm…

I guess I’ll have something to ponder on the plane.

Don’t miss me too much.  (Saith the Queen of Sarcasm.)

Have a lovely week!

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.” 
~Steven Wright


2 responses to “Can Every Day Be Like Today?

  1. you’re growing swiss chard?! jealoussss!
    i hope you enjoy your trip!!

  2. I really need to set up a garden this year but don’t have the slightest green thumb. At all. I killed a bamboo plant…how’s that possible?!

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