Someone is very glad that Pesach is over.  You think that someone might be me?!

Kashi GoLean Crisp!

Trader Joe's oatmeal flakes

cinnamon raisin cracker flats

Deprivation does strange things to people.  😉  And of course, I had to buy a new box of cereal — one of the cereals I’ve been dying to try, though I won’t be opening it just yet:

You probably can’t see it in the picture, but I paid $1.90 for this box of peanut butter and chocolate Puffins.  Which is why I needed to buy it now.  And anyway, at the rate I’m going… you’d think cereal was going out of style, or something.

Speaking of which,  I just need to share my dismay: PURE bars are now marked dairy!!  I can’t have them anymore!! This makes me very sad!!!!!!

If this ever loses its kosher status, I will lose my mind.

Nectar of the gods.

I took my bike out for an inaugural spin on Wednesday morning.  (My legs were like jelly when I first got off the bike — how on earth am I going to be able to run after riding 40K?!  Brick workouts, anyone?…)

I think I’m going to need to attach a computer to my bike — because my Garmin doesn’t have GPS, it can’t tell me how far I rode, just how long I rode.  I happen to know that this ride was 6.5 miles, but I won’t always know, so… yeah.  This is turning into a very expensive endeavor.  One which gets worse every time I turn around…

I was actually in a very good mood today!  Despite the fact that my sleep on Tuesday and Wednesday nights added up to a grand total of seven hours, if that.  Last night, I had a PT appointment.  I learned to tie my shoes.  Because I’m six years old.  And then, this morning, I met my tri coach for a run.  My tri coach just so happens to be my PT, which I find extremely convenient, since I already know him and I’m not exactly fabulous with meeting new people.

Anyway, he decided that we were going to do hill intervals.  Have I ever mentioned that I hate hills?!  (Rhetorical question.)  I still hate hills.  But the fact that I hate them so much makes me very proud of this:

I am kind of amazed that I was able to do this.  It was lovely that the other people who would normally attend this group couldn’t make it today, so it was just the two of us.  He told me that I am “faster than [he] thought [I] would be.”  I can’t decide whether that’s an insult.  😉  During our run, I got a lecture on post-workout nutrition… and a few hours later I received a text asking how I was feeling and whether I had eaten when I got home.  Do I have I have food issues written on my forehead, or something?!  For the record, the answer to that is “yes.”  The answer to the former question was that my hamstrings were a bit tight, but acupuncture fixed that [and hopefully my sleep woes as well]… but right now my heel is a little sore, so ice is my best friend.  And all this talk of my PT reminds me that I haven’t done my PT exercises yet today.

And then, I did what I would have done yesterday — it’s something that is necessary on school days because they suck — but couldn’t, since the store didn’t have any…

Frozen yogurt!

Equally as exciting is the return of the protein cake.  My, but I’ve missed protein.

In keeping with the “leavened” theme, I decided to try my hand at something I’ve been meaning to try for quite a while: mac and cheeze.  I’ve actually only had real macaroni and cheese once in my life, and it made me want to vomit.  So don’t ask me what possessed me to try this, but I’m actually quite glad I did!  I used this recipe, but I replaced the cornstarch with tapioca flour, the soymilk with almond milk, and the tahini with almond butter.

I scaled the recipe down to a single serving, which was a bit of a pain, but that’s why immersion blenders exist.  😉  Of course, I was too heavy-handed with the cayenne pepper, and so this was fiery, but I loved it — definitely worth repeating!

There is just one day of classes left until the semester is over!!  I have one final presentation, and one final exam… for which I can’t study, because my professor didn’t answer my e-mail in which I asked what we’re supposed to study.  (I left early for my PT appointment, so if she mentioned it in class, I missed it.)  Instead, something is happening in my kitchen.  I’m sure you’re just dying to know.

But I have to go do some PT exercises, so you’ll just have to wait.

Happy Friday / weekend / whatever!

“Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.” 
~Henry Ford


3 responses to “Leavened

  1. I feel like I’m always so fast to jump on your posts. They’re right in time for me to usually catch before bedtime. That and I like hearing from you 😉

    I am uber jealous of your $1.90 puffins find. Whaaa?! Don’t tell me they’re discontinuing them as fast as they released them? I, too, am going through cereal boxes faster than I can keep track of lately, too. These “oatmeal flakes” by mr. Joe sound quite fascinating.

    Congrats on your long run :] You’re bookin’ it!

  2. Wow! I wish I had a tri coach. Or a running coach for that matter. Part of what scares me about tris is that I have no idea how I’d approach training for them. Well, that and the open water swim.

    I think what your coach/PT said was indeed a compliment because you’re already faster than quite a lot of running bloggers that have been into running for YEARS and you’ve been going how long? A couple of months, if that. Your progress is astounding!


  3. Crikey, Girlie, you are doing fabulously with your training!!! I hope you are fueling your body well, too 🙂

    Cereal is toootally the bestest thing ever after not having had it in ages…and by ages I mean 12 hours. PB AND CHOC PUFFINS?! Now I don’t even know what puffins are but GIMME!


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