Monster Carrot

MONSTER carrot!

It wasn’t even the biggest one… but I couldn’t hold a bigger carrot and my camera at the same time.

My food choices during this holiday are pretty much… nonexistent.  That would explain the following:

That would be romaine lettuce left over from the seder, steamed sweet potato, and lemon juice, because there’s nothing else around with which to dress a salad.  You may recall that citrus tends to cause me a great deal of pain.  This was no exception.  (So, in true genius fashion, I ate an orange after that.  What?!  I’m not kidding when I say there’s nothing to eat around here this week!)

And, because I got very little sleep last night and needed caffeine, plus there is a dearth of vegetarian protein options during the holiday…

Yeah, I don’t even like cheesecake.  I never did.  Even though this is “diet,” it tasted way too rich to me.  And I don’t like coffee, so I didn’t care for the flavor.  But this was too alluring:

I can’t wait until this holiday is over.

One good thing did happen, though — I exhibited more patience than when I tried this last year, and I have achieved success in making my own almond butter!

I used raw almonds, but it would have been so much better if I had roasted them first.  And sea salt would have been a better choice than kosher salt, but, well, I have to work with what I’ve got.

Just so you know, it’s better straight off the spoon.

But I will still be making those croutons.  Only I’ll be using ground hazelnuts this time, since I couldn’t find ground almonds, and I just don’t feel like grinding my own.  I tried out said ground hazelnuts by making “meatballs.”  (I’d say “nutballs,” but, well, that just sounds… wrong.)

I just mixed the ground hazelnuts with an egg white, shaped the “batter” into balls, and baked them in the broiler … and, uh, charred the bottoms.  You can’t see that part.  But I think they tasted good… once I got past the burnt flavor, anyway!  (The unappealing-looking mess underneath them is spaghetti squash mixed with sauteed eggplant.  Looks can be deceiving.)

In other, more exciting news…

I think I might be able to run again.

That was on Monday; I figured it was the perfect time to test out my poor feet, because if they hurt, I’d have three days to sit on my butt and let them recover.  They felt pretty much okay; I’m still icing and babying them, though, so who knows.

This morning, there was supposed to be a group run.  I walked to the park — about twenty minutes — and didn’t see anyone there.  I don’t think I was at the wrong entrance, but I didn’t leave the house at 5.30 AM just to turn around and come back home, so I started doing the loop myself.  I made it over the hill before I realized I was wasting time — if I was running on my own, it made more sense to just run home!

The hill kills me every time.  I wanted to go at least three miles, but I’m not going to be pushing my luck any time soon; I have a few months yet.  Two and a half is enough, for now.

There’s actually even more exciting news!  I finally, finally, finally booked a vacation; it is so unlike me to leave things until the last minute like this… and then I thought that maybe I shouldn’t go because of the triathlon training, but I’m supposed to work that into my life, not work my life into that.  I can run anywhere, and the hotel has a pool.  I’m sure I can get my hands on a bike, but even if I don’t, I’m only going to be there for four days.

And… oh, yes.  I checked my school e-mail for the first time in days.  This was waiting for me.

Say what?  I never even knew such a thing existed.  But I guess it’s pretty cool, anyway.

Speaking of school, I have a mountain of work to do — personally, I am so burned out that I don’t think I even care what grade I get on this project, so long as I don’t fail (okay, that’s probably a lie)… but it’s not fair to my partners for me to slack off, so I’d better get to it.  Hopefully I can accomplish something before my face hits the floor… I am so. tired.  How that is possible, given the insane number of hours I spent sleeping over the first days of Pesach, is pretty beyond me.

Have a great Friday / weekend / whatever!

“I have a fine sense of the ridiculous, but no sense of humor.”
~Edward Albee


4 responses to “Monster Carrot

  1. So excited to see a post from you :] I missed you! Glad your feet are feeling better!! And huge congrats on the honors! I know how you feel about school, though. I’ve reached the burnout point where I just don’t care…so I put it off…and then last minute I remember that I really do care. Ugh. It’s over soon, just remember…
    (p.s. cheesecake? i’ve always hated the stuff, too. always always. i think now people just assume i don’t like it because it’s …well…cheese…but even as a kid I hated it. I’m used to getting stared at like I have ten heads when I say that, too.]

  2. katyrediscovered

    Woohoo for your graduation! How exciting about your spontaneous vacation! I made almond butter last week as well and it’s pretty awesome. I may have almost destroyed the blender whilst doing so but it was all good fun. I rather like almond butter FINGERS. Screw the spoon 😉


  3. Ooh, silver cord 🙂 congratulations. It SOUNDS good even if you didn’t know it existed before now! Hehe. I never liked cheesecake much either. I could tolerate certain types (strawberry, with lots of strawberry compote), but on the whole it just tasted kind of wrong. But then I despise soft cheese, so that’s probably where I was going wrong. It wasn’t an ED thing, I was always one of those kids who got easily squicked out by textures.

    That is a massive carrot. I like it. It reminds me a bit of Spudzilla from the early days of my blog 😛 I get excited about weird/big vegetables. Oh dear, that almost sounds rude.

  4. Ah, so this is the lady with no brains at all that is just a fraud and will eventually get found out and fail her course graduating with honours, yes? Honestly, one day I hope you find some faith in yourself. The silver cord is a lovely detail, and I can’t think of anyone better suited to wearing it with pride.

    That’s my kind of carrot *ahem*. Must have been a nightmare to chop though, although I think Kabochas are still the most dangerous of all cuttable vegetables.


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