Fix Me

Could there possibly be a bigger difference between last Sunday and today?!

There is some sort of phenomenon of which I am sure you are aware.  It is what makes you see pregnant women everywhere when you are desperately trying to conceive, or, in this case, what made the runners come out in droves this morning.  I’m not kidding … I have never in my life spent a weekend as sedentary as this one.  From sundown on Friday night until sundown on Saturday  night, I literally didn’t get up from the couch to go anywhere except the table or the bathroom.  Oh, and I made a few trips to the freezer to get the water bottles I stowed in there so that I can ice my feet.  By this morning, I was about ready to go completely out of my mind — there is only so much sitting around a person can do!!  So I decided I could hobble my way to the gym (not to run, obviously)… and while I walk this route all the time, I never see this many runners out.  I wanted to throw myself down on the pavement, kicking and screaming, because it is so not fair that I’m sidelined just as the weather is finally getting nicer.

But, you know… I should stop being such a whiny baby.  I might be limping like an invalid, but at least I’m mobile.  I have legs.  They work.  Eventually, whatever the hell this is will get better… I’m just really, really impatient.

My sister-in-law, who’s really big on homeopathy, told me to try Traumeel.  I’ve tried arnica before, for something else, and it didn’t do a thing… but I’m desperate enough to try anything, so I went out and bought this.

You do not even want to know how much that little thing cost… I nearly fainted.  I’ve only used it once, so I can say that it definitely did not provide an instantaneous miracle.

I kind of want to pull my hair out of my head.  Self-diagnosing is extremely frustrating.  It’s definitely not plantar fasciitis or a stress fracture; it might be Sever’s disease, except I’m too old for that and it doesn’t hurt more when I apply pressure to it; it might be a bone bruise, but while it’s painful, I don’t think it’s painful enough to be that.

How am I supposed to do anything about this, if I don’t know what it is?!  I’d love to help it along, except that I don’t know how.  There’s no point going to my podiatrist, since I know exactly what he’ll say (“get arches!”), so I can save myself the money.  But does it even make sense to go to a PT?!  I have no idea!!

Anyway, moving on, since I’m sure by now you’re just as sick of hearing about this as I am of dealing with it…

Major exciting discovery in Whole Foods the other day.  I knew these were going to hit stores at some point — I just didn’t know it would be so soon!

I have zero self-control.  Clearing out the freezers?  Say what?  I dug into the mint chip almost immediately.

In fact, because it was so immediate, you even get to see a picture of the actual product this time.  😉

Verdict: I loved it.  It didn’t taste at all like coconut; in fact, the only flavor profile I could clearly detect was the mint, which I liked.  It tastes almost exactly like the sugar-laden mint chip coconut milk ice cream, except it’s not … well, sugar-laden.  Which, if you ask me, is totally awesome.  I would definitely buy this again.

In other freezer news, I finally finished the English muffins.

Topped with tequila lime salsa and cheddar Daiya.  And I finished the last little bag of edamame.

And then, last night my mom and I took a bunch of stuff from our big freezer to store in my sister’s freezer over Pesach, because she has a big one in her basement that she isn’t using.  Which begs the question: why did I need to work so hard to try and finish everything?!

Anyway, I’m now in a much smaller kitchen than I’m used to, and even though my regular kitchen has admittedly spoiled me with all the space, I find this smaller one immensely frustrating.  I’m not looking forward to the next couple of weeks.  I think I should just take a month-long nap.  When I wake up, Pesach will be over, and so will the semester.

Because I still haven’t gotten anywhere on that stupid paper.  (I’m sorry, is my senioritis showing?!)

Been a while…

Have a lovely Monday… and would somebody pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease fix my feet?!?!?!?!?!?!  😦

“The world is so dreadfully managed, one hardly knows to whom to complain.” 
~Ronald Firbank


4 responses to “Fix Me

  1. I am jealous of your daiya and your ice cream 😉 I wish the UK would hurry up and stock things like that! The vegan cheeses over here are just disgusting.

    I wish I could fix your feet! I’m sorry they are hurting so much 😦 being injured sucks. I hope they feel better soon ❤

  2. I’d fix your feet if I could! Want to trade feet? Only one, though. That way we’ll each have a good one left 😉 Hah…how creepy would that be?
    Eek, that ice cream sounds awesome!! My biggest peeve with the Do Felicious ice cream when I had it last summer was how sweet it was. I hope we get those soon! For summer, at least :]
    Hah, I just realized I wrote Do Felicious…I’m leaving it like that because it made me laugh. Maybe you will too.

  3. Gah, I’m so sorry about your injuries. Sometimes when things like that happen I wish I had never discovered running in the first place (well, started running/racing, I don’t think I actually invented it!) because pre-running days I never batted an eyelid when I didn’t run in a day…now I go not just stir-crazy but out and out insane. And I totally understand the urge to throw things at runners…even the way they bounce around with their shoes striking the pavement in such a consistent, irritating beat becomes annoying. I would offer to trade feet, but I really don’t think you’d want mine: how do two blackened toenails and multiple blisters sound? Oh, and a couple of buggered metatarsel heads too 😉


  4. Maybe you can pick up swimming while you heal?
    I am so excited to check out the ingredients on the coconut ice cream, being the sugar free kind of gal that I am.

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