The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

The Good

First off: remember the midterm that I was a thousand percent positive I’d failed?… Turns out I didn’t.  Not even close.  (My professor informed me, “You’re too hard on yourself.”  You think?!)

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that there were two English muffins in my freezer, and that I needed to finish them.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  And now I’m supposed to really be working on clearing out the freezers. English muffin French toast is much better than regular French toast, right?… I dredged one of the muffins in a mixture of All Whites, almond milk, Truvia, and brown sugar substitute.  (The latter was an afterthought in lieu of cinnamon; I thought it would definitely be too sweet, but it oddly wasn’t.)

One down, one to go.

Next new green to try: mâche (AKA, lamb’s lettuce). 

I really liked it!  It’s tender, mild, and ever so slightly sweet.  (Also much more expensive than romaine, but them’s the breaks.)  It served as a bed for the most random combination ever, which is what tends to happen when you’re trying to finish up odds and ends.

Let’s see… shirataki noodles (finished), Lightlife Smart Ground Original (finished), frozen pepper stir fry, and a sauce made out of garlic hummus (finished) thinned with water and mixed with Frank’s and nooch.  Come to think of it, this probably belongs under the “ugly” category, not the “good”… It tasted “good,” though!

I’m also trying to finish some of the insane amount of cereals / granolas I have, and this one is expiring soon; thankfully, I only have a little bit left!  Some of that was sprinkled over a raspberry yogurt smoothie.

I’d actually forgotten how much I liked this granola.

The Bad

Yesterday, I became aware of a strange stabbing pain in both of my heels.  It struck me as rather odd — I mean, if it was a result of the 5K, wouldn’t it have shown up sooner?!  The thought of plantar fasciitis horrifies me, but I really don’t think that’s what it is, because in that case, it would hurt more in the morning.  By the time I went to bed last night, it hurt so badly that I could barely walk without having sharp pains radiate up my ankles.  Not good.

But when I hopped out of bed this morning, my feet felt a lot better.  See??  Not plantar fasciitis!  So I packed up my ice paks (for my knees) and headed off to the gym… but I called it quits after a quarter mile, because my heels were not at all shy about letting me know they were unhappy with me.  It’s not worth it.  It really, really, really, really sucks, but I’d rather take a couple of days off than a couple of weeks or months.

I’m just very, very frustrated; this is ridiculous!  It’s like, another week, another injury.  Thankfully, it’s never something “major” (well, with the possible exception of the runner’s knee), but I keep getting these annoying little injuries.  I don’t want running to be something I feel like I have to do, or something that I feel compelled to suffer through if it hurts; I want to be able to enjoy it.  Kind of hard to do when you’re sidelined every other day.  *insert angry face*

The Ugly

Okay, so it’s not exactly “ugly,” but it sounds better for the post title.  Really, this is just a mini heads-up for the one and a half people who might notice that my posting may be very sporadic for the next couple of weeks.

  • The great transformation is happening this weekend.  I will be out of a decent kitchen, and in a lot of aggravation.
  • Said aggravation is largely caused by my least favorite holiday ever.  And that is a major understatement.
  • Also not helping: I am totally snowed under by school.  My project partners seem fond of meeting on Friday nights to work on this assignment.  Even if I could meet on a Friday night (which, obviously, I can’t), why would I want to?!  But, yeah… I get to do all the busy-work instead.  I am not so pleased.  And in my other class, after I actually asked my professor for help with my paper, which I never, ever do, she told me — after a week — that she hadn’t had a chance to look at it, but hey, here’s a book that can help you!  Seriously?!  I wonder what her reaction would be if I showed up one day and said that I “hadn’t had a chance” to do the assigned classwork!  And believe me… the last thing I need is another stupid book to read.  ARGH!!

So, yeah.  I have a lot of work to do.  Going to get to that now…

Question: What the hell is wrong with my heels?!

Have a lovely weekend.

“Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.” 
~Michael Burke


6 responses to “The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

  1. Congrats on the test!! I had a hunch you could do well. I always feel like I bombed the stuff I do well on…sometimes i wonder if teachers just don’t like failing students, baha. (that’s moreso geared towards me, not your recent test!)

    So, I webmd’d you, and according to them, you might have shingles. That was a lot of help, right? (rriiiiiiight.) Whatever it is, I hope it goes awayyyy!! Are your running shoes new? (that could be totally random to ask, but i have recently taken up interest in running shoes. that’s a post for tomorrow 😛 )

  2. Ugh, I hate plantar. I had problems with this about 3 years ago, plus a really painful heel spur. On the plus side, it eventually went away and didn’t come back, if that makes you feel any better. On the downside, that happened because I resigned myself to the fact that I just couldn’t run anymore, and had to quit. Are you using any kind of inserts in your shoes? I found that to be really helpful while my feet were healing up.

    I have “runner’s knee” in one knee and “jumper’s knee” in the other, in other words I feel your pain on this. Just remember not to be afraid to take it easy on yourself in order to heal, because your body isn’t a machine and will just keep protesting if you keep pushing it. I’m really sorry you’re dealing with this, having one issue after another pop up can definitely be disheartening. But things ARE fixable, so keep your head up and hang in there, take care and treat yourself kindly. ❤

    Oh and I totally had French toasted English muffins (sounds very multinational, doesn't it) for breakfast this morning too, rock on.

  3. Yay for passing your test! That happens to me all the time where I think I have failed for sure and I actually do ok. You and I both need to have more faith in ourselves.

    Hope your heels feel better! Perhaps chop them off?


  4. If it’s not PF, do you think it is something to do with your achilles?

    I hate all the minor little twinges we runners get… but it’s smart to take time off when you get them, like you are!

  5. I have no idea what’s wrong with your heels. Perhaps you need a break?

    But I do think your prof is kind of an ass. So…did the book help at all?

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