Sometimes, really ugly-looking things taste really, really good.

Coconut milk kefir, mashed banana, Truvia, cocoa powder, and oats — chilled overnight in the refrigerator and topped with almond butter in the morning.

Sometimes, being ridiculously picky about the type of umbrella you want means taking a two-mile hike for it.

But at least now I have it, right?

Sometimes, it turns out to be a good thing that my stomach would not appreciate it if I catered to my taste buds’ whim and devoured a pound of squash in one sitting, because it means I get to throw some into a salad the next day.

Romaine, roasted cauliflower, seitan, roasted golden nugget squash.  It seems like forever since I’ve put squash into a salad!

Sometimes, it’s good to try something again, even if you think it’s bound to fail.

Socca made with equal parts water and garbanzo bean flour; I added some freshly ground sea salt and black pepper, along with some crushed red pepper.  The middle just would not set, and I got tired of waiting for it to get tired of being gooey, so I just plopped it on a sheet of tinfoil and shoved it in the oven for a few minutes.  Problem solved.

And sometimes, it’s okay not to be second best.

For those of you who didn’t read my race recap: I crossed the finish line after a 3.45 mile course at 31:56, which means I more than met my personal goal of a 10:00mm pace.  There was some sort of problem with the timing system, so everything got thrown off.  I received a medal for placing second in my age group, which shocked me, but not in a bad way, of course.

The “official” results were finally posted today.  And according to those results, I finished in 32:00:7 — which doesn’t make any sense, since I wasn’t even at the front of the pack when the race started!  So even if they wound up using the gun times instead of the chip times, I finished in less than 32:00:07.  But either way, I would have come in fourth or fifth in my age group, so I wasn’t going to say anything about it.  I did get pretty pissed off, though… it’s one thing to be pleased with your time on a personal level.  It’s another thing entirely to be given a medal that you didn’t really earn.

Not long after I’d finished griping to my co-worker about this, I received a text.

Ha.  Isn’t that interesting.  I’m told that there are two people they’re still having trouble sorting out, and wouldn’t you know it, I’m one of them.  (During the ensuing conversation, the guy told me, “You’re fast!”  Which made me laugh, because I honestly felt like I was plodding through molasses the entire time.  Look at it this way… there’s room for improvement!)  Anyway, he went off to crunch some more numbers, and I went off to continue being pissed… but you know what?

I wanted to run 3.1 miles in under half an hour.  I did that.  And I ran the whole thing — pretty astonishing when I consider that two months ago, I could barely run a mile without stopping to walk.  And I did come in 14th out of 114 female runners.

Sometimes (okay, more like all the time), I need to learn to be less hard on myself and just accept things as they are.  No matter how sucky it might feel.  And no matter how much I feel like all I’m doing is placating myself to make myself feel like less of a failure.

I also really, really, really need to stop thinking so much.

And, hey, another race wouldn’t hurt.  Literally: I am beyond thrilled with how well my legs are taking this.  Aside from a few minor twinges, they don’t feel at all like they’ve done anything unusual!  And sometimes, spending a gym session focused on doing nothing but stretching sore / tight muscles can feel worlds better than a hard-core workout.

Happy Tuesday.

“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.” 
~Robert C. Gallagher


4 responses to “Sometimes…

  1. The race explanation went over my head :X
    You’re right about being proud no matter what, though. Running the whole thing when you just signed up for it a short while back, AND it was a race for a good cause? You’ve no reason NOT to be proud of yourself for that. And even if you think you were slow, you probably set a more consistent pace for yourself, rather than going fast and needing to slow down 😉
    (oh…and I can never get the middle of my socca to set, either. i’m still not “getting” the socca thing. garbanzo bean flour? yeah, it’s neat. socca? mreh.)

  2. Eh, if they gave you the medal, and no-one has turned up on your doorstep demanding it back, then I’d say treat it as a ‘real’ achievement. There was such poor organisation and management of times that, for all you or they know, you very well COULD have come second in your age group. And you have plenty more races to run and medals to win (which I have every confidence you will, because with a time like that for a 5k with such a short period of training I think you definitely have some natural talent there for running) I don’t flatter or bullsh*t anyone when it comes to running, and if I didn’t think you had the potential to be great, I wouldn’t be saying that you do because it wouldn’t do anyone any favours.

    I quite enjoy the gummyness of the middle of socca…yet another of my strange quirks. And my tastebuds override my tum when it comes to squash (and most other foods hehe) so no salad leftovers for me…I went through 5 kabocha in 5 days. Ahem.

    Your last three paragraphs made me do a happy dance incidentally. Spot on!


  3. We all know you rock regardless of the actual numbers involved in your rocking 😉 I would be bugged by their inefficiency too, but I’m really glad you can still be proud of yourself! I like your quote today too 🙂

  4. I have to agree with you about the ugly food tasting good. That may be my mantra.
    And I happen to FIRMLY believe that the umbrella is the most important functional accessory,…it has to be the perfect size or whatever but most important you have to LOVE it. It needs to be cute and make you smile becasue you’ll be using it on ugly dreary days, you know?

    I won’t repeat the “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you run the race quote.” Oops I just did (0:

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