I told a little white lie last night… I informed my professor that I needed to leave early.

It wasn’t a total lie, I guess.  The alternative would have been to stay in class and have a panic attack.  Somehow, the option of high-tailing it out of there just seemed more appealing.

When I saw my acupuncturist today, I did tell him about the supposed runner’s knee (hey, it helped for my Sartorius, might as well give this a shot… no pun intended)… but I didn’t mention the anxiety.  Clearly, I have no problem spilling that all over the Internet, but for some reason I guess I’m just kind of… embarrassed about saying anything.  Or something.

And my knee hurts.  Boo.

On my way home from school, I stopped at Whole Foods to buy rainbow chard — I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale for weeks — ever since I made this dish.  In yet another display of my extreme genius, I didn’t realize that it was $1.99/bunch; I thought it was $1.99/pound.  Since the people in my house wouldn’t know what to do with chard, or even what it was, if you slapped them in the face with it, I decided to only buy half a bunch, rather than have it go to waste.  So, yeah… the point of it being on sale was kind of lost on me!

Speaking of sales, I just have to state that I only bought the Go Lean Crisp! because I had a coupon for that cereal… I would definitely have preferred to buy one of the new cereals I’ve yet to try!

Deal of the Day, I suppose… which is a big deal when you eat as much cauliflower as I do…

99¢ a head?  Yes, please.

This is the oh-so-exciting purchase that disturbed your sleep:

Two things spurred me to buy this: one, I am a moron and can’t figure out how to get a rearranged playlist onto my old MP3 player, and two, said MP3 player is the size of a brick.  I kid you not:

I took the new one for a test run today.  (Again, no pun intended!)  I clipped it onto the neckline of my shirt… and pretty much forgot about it.  I barely even knew it was there.  That’s all I wanted from it, so there was no need for me to get something expensive!  This will do the job just fine.

Now that you can sleep well, I want to improve the quality of my sleep.  I finally got myself an eye mask. 

I know I shouldn’t have my laptop in my room, but I can’t leave it anywhere else in the house — I feel like an interloper already — and even when the screen goes to sleep, it still emits a faint glow.  (Yes, I know, I could just close it.  Don’t even get me started.)

I’ve had this hot & spicy Primal Strip lying around for ages… I figured I should probably just eat it already, since the “best by” date was in January!

Maybe it’s an unfair judgment, considering that it was technically “expired,” but I didn’t care for this flavor at all.  Then again, it was hot and spicy, so … it made me drink more water?

And oh, yes… the rainbow chard.

Prettier and far more colorful in my mind, but it was lovely.

Back to work I go.  I’ve determined, by the way, that it is totally unnecessary for me to do any cardiovascular exercise, since the point of that is to raise your heart rate, and my heart rate is already insanely fast.  Call it the Panic Workout.

Have a great weekend.

“‘Be yourself’ is about the worst advice you can give some people.” 
~Tom Masson
(nobody ever gave me that advice!)


5 responses to “Delinquent

  1. I tell my professors quite a few lies to get out of class. You’re excused. 🙂

  2. Hehe, I’ve thought the same thing about anxiety before – why bother with cardio exercise, my heart gets great workouts several times a day anyway! I think your new mp3 is cute. I have a tiny one for running too – not that what I do really counts as running, more like trotting 😛

    I need to buy some cauliflower now. I was thinking about cauliflower last time I was in the supermarket but forgot. One of my favourite veg too 🙂

  3. I’ve done that to work one to many times (said I had to leave early.) IN my defense, it’s usually just this time of year, when, by the end of the day, I’m usually just given “busy work” for the last two hours since the real work tapers off. Mreh. Whatever. If I’m not there they’re not paying me, so it can’t be that bad, right?! 😛
    Whoa, I didn’t know Kashi had TWO new cereals. The golden one sounds good….but I’mn ot sure about the berry one. I can’t really grasp the idea of berry-flavored cereal without thinking it must taste insanely artificial. Which I guess doesn’t make much sense seeing as how I used to eat apple jacks and fruit loops like they were going out of style…but now I’m a cinnamon/peanut butter girl, I guess.
    Cute mp3 player! mine is uber tiny, too; i still hold it in my hand so i can use the stopwatch on it though, haha.
    aaand, finally: swiss chard! jealous. i tried it shortly before i instated the “clean out the cupboard/fridge/everything” rule and haven’t had it since. i think i’ll go grocery shopping this w-end though :]

  4. My knee hurts too…perhaps in sympathy? I hope yours improves!

    Love the new MP3 player: when I transitioned to the new iPod shuffle it really did feel like I’d been carrying a brick around before.

    I’ve had too many panic attacks in class to count and used to sit it out, but the disability services at my Uni eventually intervened and now lecturers etc. are aware that I might need a breather just to get some air and prevent a full on breakdown/hyperventilation episode. Your school really should do that for you too if you wanted: you shouldn’t have to deal with such crippling anxiety without some allowances being made…there’s no shame in it!

    *huge hugs*


  5. I skipped outta my lab this friday too! A skip or two wont kill us … Better to do what’s right for your mental health..

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