Slow Freeze

Coupons have a way of roping you in.  It’s the only explanation for this purchase.

To be fair, I did throw out another tube when I bought this one, but I don’t even really like Cover Girl mascara.  I have to admit that I was curious to see whether a mascara supposedly specially formulated for different eye colors would really make a difference.

Uh… I think the answer to that would be “no.”  But it’s kind of cool that in my iris, you can see my hands holding my camera.  😉

This morning’s pre-run carb of choice:

A lemon poppy seed muffin topped with blueberry jam, since lemon + blueberry = soul mates.  Poppy seeds do have fat in them, but since there’s all of half a tablespoon in the entire recipe, I figured I’d be okay.  Especially since my fickle digestive system was already being kind of iffy anyway, so it wasn’t like I’d be messing with a good thing!

I ran two miles.  And my knees didn’t hurt.  I’m pleased about that, obviously.  Even if they don’t feel fabulous right now!  My ITBs felt pretty tight, but that’s not painful per se, and beggars can’t be choosers.  I wish I had a foam roller in my office, though… it’s one thing to tote ice paks to work (which are pretty awkward anyway when it comes to icing knees); I’m not about to carry a foam roller everywhere I go!

I’ve come to the conclusion that running is at least 75% mental.  Because as a general rule, for the first mile or so, I legitimately hate it.  It takes time for me to realize that I actually don’t hate it, it’s just my lazy body convincing my brain that I do.  Which brings up another point… you know how I’m always saying that I’m slow?  Well, I am, but it’s probably more laziness than anything else.  I tend to keep to a pace that’s on the conservative side of comfortable.  Now, I’m not saying that I think I should be moving at the speed of “OMGIAMDYING,” but still.  It’s annoying.

I tried a recipe from Appetite for Reduction today: soft broccoli polenta.  I had frozen broccoli taking up freezer real estate, and a bag of polenta taking up countertop real estate, so it sounded like a good plan.

I popped it into the oven, which I set on broil, for about ten minutes after it was done cooking… and it was so. freaking. good.  I don’t understand how something that is so incredibly simple can do that, but it was awesome.

Apparently, I was really in a “corn” mood today, because in the interest of attempting to use up some of the insane amount of nut butter I have floating around…

…I put sunflower seed butter and banana slices on multigrain corn thins!

In “variations of the protein cake” news, random flavor:

Orange vanilla!  Using vanilla protein powder, orange marmalade, and orange extract.  (Remember when I bought that orange extract for Alphebruary?… Well, it turns out that I already had orange extract.  So now I have two.  Recipes using orange extract are welcome to apply.)

Then I froze to death.  I stuck my foot into the pool, and my instinctive reaction was to just leave… but I didn’t come all that way to turn around and go home, so I stood in the frigid water and shivered for ten minutes (during which someone stuck her feet in and left because “I’m going to suffer too much”), then swam like a maniac for ten minutes in an attempt to warm up, which never really happened.

I know that 78° doesn’t sound so bad, but look at this as a frame of reference.

That’s a page from my dive log.  The water temperature was between 82° and 84°, depending on the depth.  I remember being comfortable on this dive… and I was wearing a full 5mm wetsuit.

I really do need to get to work on planning my next vacation.  Spurred on by the fact that I’ve apparently entered the twilight zone of the semester… that would be the time period during which no amount of sleep will be sufficient, because I am going to feel exhausted no matter what.  It sucks.

But I still have to try and combat that, so instead of being productive re: schoolwork, I am going to answer the siren call of my bed and my foam roller.  Not necessarily in that order.

Happy Hump Day!

“Liberty don’t work as good in practice as it does in speeches.” 
~Will Rogers


2 responses to “Slow Freeze

  1. Just yesterday,, as I was coming into my driveway after my runk (run-walk, pluralized form is runking/rank.) I came to the conclusion that it’s primarily mental for me, too. I’m liking it enough; but I’m still be very conservative, too. Which, I mean, works well enough for me because I don’t really care so much what I do so long as I’m out, buuuut, I think my mind knows “alright, two minutes are coming up, you’ll walk soon anyways” rather than pushing myself to do a liiiitle more each time. Oh, well.
    Glad you knees felt good today!! And btw, I heard carrying foam rollers around is the next big thing 😉
    I’ve been eyeballing that polenta recipe!! I love polenta, and simplicity. Oh, and that book 😛
    And now I’m going to whine to you that I just heard we’re supposed to get 8-12″ of snow on FRIDAY. WTH. I hope you’re not being subject to that torture, too.

  2. 78 degrees is cold…I feel ya.
    I swim everyday in the heated pool.
    Sometimes I am able to warm up easier than others.
    Body fat helps!

    I just found your blog today, so Hi!

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