Truly Shocking

Aww, thanks for the support re: my last post… is it silly if I say it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside?!

In contrast, this is rather pathetic: the race is taking place less than two miles from where I live, and none of my family members can be bothered with me.  But my friend who lives in Boston is willing to come and watch me.  Of course, I told her that she doesn’t have to do that — it’s ridiculous for her to travel all that way just for a silly race — but still, I’m touched that she even entertained the notion.  That really is shocking.

I don’t care whether anyone comes to watch, actually.  My primary concern is that if it’s cold out, I’m going to want to wear a jacket before the race, and if I’m there on my own, what am I supposed to do with it once the race starts?!… Yeah, I worry about everything.

Today’s breakfast was provided by Jess.  (Ingredients-wise, anyway; the ugly is all me.)  I finally got around to trying out the garbanzo bean flour

I made socca.  But next time, I will be less lazy and include ingredients other than the flour, water, Truvia and cinnamon.  Just saying.

I was expecting it to taste kind of… bean-y.  It didn’t, but it was definitely… interesting?  Dense and chewy, which is certainly not a bad thing!  (Topped with slightly diluted cashew butter.  Diluted, because I was trying to get it to drizzle.  Obviously, that didn’t work out very well!)

And… “overnight” oats!

Strawberry banana yogurt, oats, and freeze-dried strawberries and bananas.  I was curious to see what would happen to freeze-dried fruit if I let it soak — they don’t magically re-hydrate, but they do take on an interesting chewy texture.

In other “I wonder what would happen if I did that” news, I combined my love of mushrooms with a veggie protein cutlet… to be baked in the oven.  If you don’t know this about me yet, I love mushrooms.  It’s almost embarrassing how much I love them.  So I figured that if I put the cutlet in a dish with a tiny bit of water, then top it with sliced fresh mushrooms, the mushrooms’ juices would be released during cooking and permeate the cutlet.  Sounds good in theory, yes?… Well, it is, until you remember that I have somewhat of a heavy hand when it comes to spicing.  I tossed the chopped mushrooms with fiesta lime seasoning before I put them in the dish, and then I added a few dashes of Frank’s on top of that.

Like I seem to constantly be saying: it’s a good thing I like spice.  (I suppose that if I didn’t, I’d probably be a little more careful.)

I also like salt.  A lot.  But this is way too extreme even for me:

Are you kidding me?!  The only reason why this was even in my possession at all is because when I saw what is essentially whole wheat ramen, I got a bit overexcited and grabbed it off the shelf.

I know now that it also comes in a reduced sodium version.  In any case, I assume that most of the salt is in the seasoning packet, so I only used a tiny bit of it… and then I got heavy-handed with the fiesta lime seasoning again!

It didn’t taste all that different from the “regular” version, actually.  (There was a time not too long ago when I was o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with these and eating one practically every day.)

There seems to be something that I wanted to mention, but it’s totally slipping my mind right now.  (Isn’t that most irritating feeling ever?!)  Guess I’ll just go off to my nutritionist appointment, then.  That’s always fun.  (I’m only being mildly sarcastic there.  I think.)

Happy Tuesday.

“Sane and intelligent human beings are like all other human beings, and carefully and cautiously and diligently conceal their private real opinions from the world and give out fictitious ones in their stead for general consumption.”
~Mark Twain


6 responses to “Truly Shocking

  1. socccaaaa!! I still need to try making the baked socca that seems to be more traditional. I’ve made it in pancake form mixed with other flours, but I’ve noticed if I’m not careful chickpea flour is sometimes…I dunno…more goopy in the middle? Or something? lol.
    While I was on NutsOnline I noticed they had a large selection of freeze dried fruits. I’d like to try some! Don’t know that I ever have, aside from like, apples in oatmeal packets and stuff.

  2. I have found that family is great, but good friends will always have your back no matter what.There are friends that I have that I know won’t always be there for me but there are others who would give me the shirt off their backs if I didn’t have anything to wear. I can definitly relate. Another great post…..

  3. I recently tried almond flour and I do not like it in my pancakes. It makes them very savoury when I’m expecting sweet. Bleugh. I don’t really understand what socca is. I could google it but I’m that lazy that I’m not going to haha. Those noodles remind me of the noodles I used to always eat at school. So yum! 😛


  4. The socca craze makes me giggle, because I’ve been making chickpea wraps for the last two years – I didn’t even realise they had a specific name, I came up with the idea independently when I got frustrated with the lack of edible gluten free bread in the supermarkets around me 😉

    Mushrooms are great 😀 I am on a chestnut mushroom bender at the moment. Usually fried.

    I hope your nutritionist appointment went okay 🙂

  5. I don’t think it’s shocking that your friend would travel for your race at all: if I were closer than across the bloomin’ Atlantic, I would come to see you too. It’s just a shame that your family can’t be more supportive, but I think they just don’t understand, as opposed to actively not caring…because I don’t see how anyone could not care about you, given how gifted and brilliant you are. And it just goes to prove that people do like you, in the ‘real’ world as well as online.



  6. Dont worry about your race! If you need to wear a jacket before your race, I have bought a super-cheap thrift store one (like $1–and yes, I wash before wearing) and right before the race I throw it out of the corral. Often, though, race organizers have bins to collect such “junk gear” to donate to charity.

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