Shocking Shock

This should not be surprising, but I live in an utterly unsupportive environment.

I know, I know.  I tend toward extreme naïveté when it comes to such things; it shouldn’t shock me as much as it does, since it’s been that way all my life, but really, let’s take a look at this.  Here is a little list of things that I love, and the general response they invoke around here.

  • Vacations — You have nothing else to do with your money?!
  • Diving — You’re crazy.
  • Running — Someone like you shouldn’t be doing that!
  • Writing — There’s no room for anything else here.

All of the above responses are interchangeable.  Actually, I’m more shocked by my shock itself than I am by the fact that it seems to be some sort of crime around here to enjoy something.

On Friday, I saw an orthopedist.  I was convinced that I must have been imagining my knee pain, just because I’m so inherently lazy that my body would do anything to convince me not to move, but it was really getting a little ridiculous, to the point that I couldn’t take a single step without wondering is that a “dull ache” or a “sharp pain”?  Am I supposed to be running through that, or do I ignore it?  Yeah.  Annoying.

After the radiologist scared the crap out of me (seriously, if you’re going to follow up your opinion on what you’re seeing with but I’m not sure about that, you’ll have to talk to the doctor, then why are you saying anything at all?), and the doctor scared the crap out of me by even mentioning the word “osteoarthritis” (my mom has it, and she tends to pass along all the good stuff to me), the actual diagnosis is so ironic that I would have laughed if it wasn’t so incredibly frustrating.

I have runner’s knee.

Would someone please explain to me how it is that someone who is not a runner can manage to accumulate “runners’ injuries” the way I do?!

The doctor asked me if I’d stop running.  I said I’d rather not.  He said he couldn’t tell me not to do the race next week, but that “you don’t have to run it fast.”  Well, of course I won’t; I don’t run fast even under the best of circumstances!

I’ve been wearing knee straps, because even though it doesn’t make my knees feel any different after I run, they do seem to help during a run.  So, the knee straps I’ve been using… I have the more expensive one I bought at Modell’s, and I have a pair of less expensive ones I bought on Amazon.  And I usually end up wearing one of each, for the following reason.

They are both “one size fits all.”  The McDavid (which cost more) is apparently worth the money, because no matter how tightly I strap on the Mueller, it slips down, and it’s too big in the first place — my calves are the one part of my body that are consistently slim, no matter what the rest of me does.  (Hence my troubles with finding boots.)  And aside from the fit, the McDavid strap is a lot more effective.  Gosh, I can’t imagine why…

What I’d really like is to be able to not have to use a bunch of crazy accoutrements just to go for  a run.  A one-mile jaunt, which should take no more than fifteen minutes, prep included, ends up taking well over half an hour if you factor in the icing and foam rolling.  Who has that kind of time?!… I certainly don’t.  Which is really too bad, because I’m apparently the Tight Muscles Queen.

In any event, I only did two miles today.  I hope that wasn’t stupid. 

Of course, I’m being hard on myself about it.  My friend told me that after the month / week I’ve had (I’ve bitched to her about a lot of things I’ve kept off the blog), she’s amazed my head is still attached to my shoulders, but that’s not an excuse for me to be lazy, now, is it?!

I also wish I could just stop thinking so. damn. much.  It really is driving me insane.

Moving on.  I actually burned myself out on the PBBF bake, but in keeping with my “need carbs before I run” theory… you can’t get much more “carb-y” than a muffin, can you?

Specifically, a carrot muffin bigger than my brain.

That isn’t actually too hard at the moment, come to think of it — I barely have any brain left of which to speak.  It’s not helping in the schoolwork arena, that’s for sure.

This is how I wrote a paper last night.

Looks like these days, baking lemon poppy seed muffins = writing a paper.  And just as proof of my utter genius, this recipe required zesting and juicing two lemons.  This is my hand:

I did not wear gloves.  If that doesn’t prove my unparalleled brilliance, I don’t know what does.

But I did manage to get some work done on the Paper of Doom this afternoon.  In fact, I’ve said pretty much all there is to say.  Now the problem is that the paper is barely five pages long… and I need ten.  Have I mentioned that I hate school?!?!

Still working on cleaning out the freezers — I unearthed these two hidden treasures from the icy depths.

One veggie burger left in the box; and Steamfresh mixed vegetables (corn, green beans, peas, and carrots).

Variation One:

Steamed broccoli slaw, mixed vegetables, veggie burger… and a “sauce” made out of garlic hummus mixed with water and some Frank’s.  The sauce was actually really good, which was lovely, since now I have a way to finish that hummus without choking it down.

Variation Two:

I found in my basement a box of tofu that had an expiration date of March 29, so I diced the tofu, roasted it with a lot of Bragg’s, and tossed it with the remaining mixed vegetables… and more Bragg’s, of course.  It pleased me greatly.

But I’m extremely displeased with the weather we’re having lately.

It actually snowed last week.  If it’s freezing on the day of my race, I am probably going to cry.  Guess I should probably get the tissues ready…

Happy Monday.

“Parents often talk about the younger generation as if they didn’t have anything to do with it.” 
~Haim Ginott


9 responses to “Shocking Shock

  1. I feel your juicing and zesting lemon with “injured” hands pain. Last time I made lemon something (and remembered the juice) my hands were realllly dry with itty bitty cuts, and squeezing the lemon brought about much pain. Glad I was just baking for myself 😛
    I’m sorry about your knee, and your lack of support for the things you love :[ Count me as a supporter, though! I’m glad diving is your niche and you’ve found what truly makes you happy. DOn’t let anybody stop you from doing what you love.

  2. Aww, have you seen any of the other running bloggers? They spend hours foam rollering, icing, stretching, etc. I spend as much time recovering from running as I do actually running. And anyone can get runners’ knee, even if they’re just starting the sport. I’ve seen those knee supports but never tried them…methinks perhaps I should.

    I’m a fully committed Blue Eyed Heart supporter too 🙂


  3. I’m a supporter of yours too. Keep pushing yourself because it sounds like its something you really want to do.I just found your blog. You are an inspiration to runners everywhere. Most people feeling the pain you are in would have given up long ago.

  4. Runner’s knee sounds like a bitch! What you need is lots of ice, painkillers and I’ve heard that foam rolling helps too? Maybe? I dunno.

    OMG zesting lemons is a bitch, too! I always end up chopping my nails off or opening wounds and getting the acidic juice in them. Can you say “ouchies”?

    By the way, baking is the best form of procrastination.


  5. My assignments often come out looking like lemon and poppyseed cake. The last one actually seemed to be a victoria sponge. It’s strange how that happens 😉

    I am a fully subscribed Blue-Eyed Heart supporter too, and have been almost since the beginning of your blog! So far you have yet to get rid of me. Poor you!

  6. I have *had* runners knee–I feel so bad for you!
    As for your Paper of Doom . . . can you use a couple of block quotes? Those, plus their explanation/explication can add at least a couple pages 🙂 Another thing I do for length is go through all my research for good quotes that add extra body or extra/conflicting/contrasting arguments for me to exound/refute/support. I know those suggestions are nothing new, but maybe those (plus baking!) can help you get inspired and “get ‘er done!”

  7. *expound* gah!

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