Nuts Online Rocks

I am going to quit posting pictures of these PBBF bakes.  Really.  It’s getting kind of repetitive… but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  I know I most likely won’t get cramps when I run if I eat this beforehand.  I will, however, be impossibly slow.  I’m developing a healthy hatred of the treadmill — I don’t like having a console filled with numbers staring me in the face!!  And I’m absolutely terrified of really injuring my Sartorius, so when I’m not sure if it’s normal soreness or actual pain, I err on the side of caution… the result being a very. slow. pace.  I’d be more okay with running at a comfortable-for-me pace if I didn’t have those stupid red numbers glaring at me!

Speaking of numbers… these Larabars that I purchased last night?

It just so happens that I prefer Jocalat bars over Larabars; but even so, I will completely admit that for the most part, I’ve stayed away from most of the flavors in the above photo.  I’ve tried them all before (except for the pecan pie), but that’s it… and I’m sure you can imagine why.  See below.

I’ve never eaten pecans before in any form other than this granola bar, and for some reason, after I ate that, my tongue swelled up, so I decided I shouldn’t eat pecans.  I’ve gotten over that, but I still didn’t want this Larabar…

Yeah.  See, my problem with “fat” isn’t that I think it will make me fat, per se.  It’s that fat calories are more condensed than calories from protein and carbohydrates, and I do not like condensed calories.  Anyway, all that aside, this flavor wasn’t anything mind-blowing.  I also really didn’t like this.

Residual grease.  Ew.

Today I was reminded that I tried a new-to-me salsa recently: Whole Foods’ 365 brand in the tequila lime variety.

With blue corn tortilla crisps.  I wasn’t sure I would like this salsa, because it contains cilantro, and I am firmly planted in the “cilantro tastes like soap to me” camp!  But I couldn’t detect it at all, and the salsa was really good.

I only remembered that I had never mentioned this because the salsa played a role in what was, quite possibly, the most unattractive meal ever to exist.

This actually began with an intention of making pasta and nooch cheese… but as I was rummaging around in the refrigerator, I came across a package of shirataki noodles than I needed to use.  So this turned into a “throw in everything that you need to use up” kind of thing… shirataki noodles, some Steamfresh broccoli (cleaning out the freezer!), steamed broccoli slaw, veggie protein crumbles, and a sauce made out of the salsa mixed with hummus and some water.  It looks atrocious, but it was surprisingly rather good.  And it helped me get rid of some of that I-don’t-like-it hummus!

This post is already too long, but I just had to share the most exciting part of my day.  (More for the benefit of some curious people than for me, but whatever.  ;))

My Nuts Online order, which I placed yesterday, arrived!

Loads of exciting stuff… cashew flour, almond flour, rye berries, spelt berries, alfalfa seeds (I’ve been sprouting my own alfalfa for a long time, and I still can’t believe I ever paid for sprouts — they are so overpriced), dark chocolate covered almonds, dark chocolate covered blueberries, dehydrated tart cherries, and dehydrated blueberries.

I immediately had to try the dark chocolate covered blueberries, which I actually ordered primarily because I knew my dad would love them.

And so do I.  They were awesome!!

And then I mixed dehydrated blueberries and cherries into coconut milk yogurt.

The cherries are tart, but they have a slight sweetness which is hard to describe.  I loved both the cherries and the blueberries.  So far, I am very, very impressed with the quality of these products.

Ditto the almond flour, which I used in something this evening, but if you want to know what that was, sorry, you’ll just have to wait.  😉  Though I will say that my house currently smells amazing.

PS, this is what happens when you add too much liquid to a protein cake batter.

Good luck prying it out of there… why should it occur to me to spray the outside of the dish?!

Tasted fine, though.

So, I didn’t go swimming tonight — major sad face — but I did get a tiny bit of work done on my monster paper.  Which resulted in me sending a monster e-mail to my co-worker, who is helping me with said paper.  But I didn’t study any more for my midterm, and I’m rather freaked out about it.  Failing a midterm in my last semester of graduate school is, quite frankly, not something I want to do.  So please send smart thoughts my way tomorrow, because I need either that or a miracle.

Happy Hump Day…

“Boldness is a mask for fear, however great.” 
~John Dryden


6 responses to “Nuts Online Rocks

  1. *sending smart thoughts*

    I am jealous of your nuts 😛 yum. Chocolate covered blueberries sound lovely! I like chocolate covered cranberries but I am eager to try anything chocolate covered!

  2. OMG NUTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Hehe your protein cake looks like a little hut…for really really really tiny people. I like it 😛

    I tried the apple pie larabar once and it was just really…weird…I’ve never eaten anything quite like it. Although I’m really curious about the peanut and chocolate ones though 😛

    I’ll be sending you good luck vibes!!!!!!


  3. It’s amazing how a good package (delivered quickly, no less!) can be a day-maker, isn’t it?! I’m so excited you got cashew flour!! So far I”m loving it.
    I used to be intimidated by how “big” Larabars are, too. Eventually, I got over it with the rationale that most of those bars combine all of 5 things at most, and always dried fruit and nuts. Dates and nuts give me so much energy, and it’s obviously what I need at the time, so now I’d rather have a Larabar than, say, a Luna or Clif bar, which, even if they have more protein, do nothing for me. If I remember correctly, though, the pecan pie wasn’t a favorite of mine, either.
    Sending smart thoughts your way for your Wednesday. I’m not sure you want my smart thoughts, though 😛

  4. I am so glad you articulated the “condensed calorie” issue with fat. I don’t have so much of an issue with it in foods (I’ll eat Lara bars, Reese’s cups, whatever), but I do when it comes to things like condiments that have full, low, and no fat options. Even if I *KNOW* the full fat cream cheese won’t make me fat, I have a hard time not choosing the fat free one where I get more volume for a given amount of calories. I think it’s left over from the sort of starvation mindset of maximizing volume for a given calorie budget. If I’m going to eat X calories, might as well have double the portion size…or, reversely, why would I eat full fat when it means I only get half the portion of what I “could” consume with the nonfat. Even if your meal plan gives you enough leeway. Anyway, it’s an issue to be worked on, since a lot of vitamins are fat-soluble and there are benefits to full-fat versions, and a lot of times the fat-free ones aren’t that physiologically satisfying. I’m rambling now, just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone in that thought process.

  5. Correction: Your eating disorder does not like condensed calories. You state is so matter-of-factly, like someone saying “I don’t like apples.” It’s not the same…but I also understand that it’s not something most of us like detailing over. I just hope you’re working on that issue though.

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