Is there some sort of scientific explanation for the “after lunch hour phenomenon” in which time inexplicably slows to a crawl?!  So.  Unbearable.

Even more unbearable than this major case of DOMS — I actually like the way that feels, despite the fact that sore glutes make me walk a bit like a penguin!  The problem begins when my Sartorius is not exactly sore, but more tight / stiff.  Not good.

Because I didn’t include it yesterday, I have a weekend frozen review today…

I’m almost positive we’ve never before tried this chocolate fudge hemp milk ice cream… because of this.

What can I say, I have issues.  Anyway, it did not taste at all like chocolate!  My dad said, “It’s better than what we had last night,” but I didn’t agree… he meant that this was more of an ice cream like texture, which was true.  Because we had sorbet the night before!

You know what did taste like chocolate, though?… I made the overnight oats that look like crap, using coconut milk kefir.

And plopped a blob of the cashew butter Jess sent me on top.  It was good stuff — I was expecting it to taste exactly like cashews, since the sunflower seed butter tastes exactly like sunflower seeds, but that wasn’t the case.  Still really good, though!!

It looks remarkably similar to this, too…

Double chocolate chip muffin topper, “iced” with almond butter and microwaved.  I told my mom that she will have to go to the store to buy these toppers for me until I have gotten rid of some more nut butter — I went to buy blueberry toppers once, and the guy in the bakery department now tells me, “I have blueberry!” every time I walk in there, and then I feel bad buying anything else… but for some reason, the idea of putting nut butter on a blueberry topper just doesn’t seem very appealing.  And there was really no point to that tangent, except that I am tangential.

So, in keeping with the randomness, I found this on the floor at the gym today.

Supposed to mean good luck, right?… I bought an instant lottery game and used the penny to scratch it off.  I won two dollars.  Except that I spent five, so it doesn’t really count.  😉

This afternoon, my phone rang at work.  It was my dad calling to tell me that he wanted to take the car into the body shop today (he was rear-ended last week) so that he’ll have it back by Thursday morning.  I was supposed to take the car to get to my nutritionist tonight.  I’m not about to tell my dad not to take his car in to the shop so that I can use it, but I did have somewhat of an internal freakout… you know how sometimes everything feels okay, but you just know that you’re thisclose to tipping over the edge?  Yeah, that’s me these days.  And since I have to pay people to give a crap, or pretend to, I really needed to get to that appointment.

It all worked out in the end — I was able to borrow one of my brothers’ car.  Which I started out driving rather shakily, because I was terrified of bashing it up!  Obviously, that did not happen.  Thank goodness.

My nutritionist informed me that I “got scared again.”  Upon further thought… she’s right.  I don’t devote a lot of time and effort to thinking I’m not going to be compliant, but if I don’t give it some sort of attention, it kind of … falls by the wayside, and then I end up with “a new normal” that renders the “old normal” terrifying, if that makes any sense.

Case in point, which will be explained in further detail tomorrow:

They were a dollar each.  Awesome, right?!

Not awesome: since we are sans car, I will not be able to go to the pool tomorrow night.  This should be a good thing, given that I have a midterm the next day, but instead of actually studying when I set out to do that, I just have an anxiety attack.

I think I’m developing a severe allergy to school.  It might prove fatal.

Happy Tuesday.

“Oh, wouldn’t the world seem dull and flat with nothing whatever to grumble at?”
~W.S. Gilbert


5 responses to “Tangential

  1. Tangents–
    1. Love corn muffin Vita Tops w/almond or peanut butter 🙂 Yeah, I think blueberry muffin and pb/ab could be a bit strange . . . or it could be pb&j-ish if it is jelly-like from the fruit?
    2. “Normals” are a big problem for me with weight. Every time I lose to a lower range, the new “low” becomes the new “normal,” and the old “normal” is new “high,” which I cannot ever weigh again 😦
    3. Have you thought about trying a foam roller to help loosen up your muscles? They’re about $15-$20, and so worth it to help w/tight and knotted and sore muscles.
    4. I hope you can get through your week and I hope your anxiety is okay! I used to take pills for mine, but I felt like I was drunk! I kinda liked the feeling, but it was impossible to get things done b/c I was too relaxed! And then I got stressed b/c I “didn’t care.” yes, I obviously have lots o’issues 🙂

  2. Hemp ice cream just sounds so weird to me. All I can imagine is it tasting like grass. Your pooey oats look awesome, by the way 😛 Sorry to hear about the anxiety 😦 I hope things calm down soon. Have you ever tried meditation or something? It sounds like something a crazy person would do but it’s actually really relaxing.


  3. I have to congratulate you for your long run! Please tell me you’re at least a smidge bit proud of yourself? Just a teency bit? I’ll just have to be doubly jazzed for you if not.

    Stupid question but I presume you’re stretching a lot? Even Googling basic yoga poses can help…I don’t have time to go to yoga formally any more but am finding just going through some of aforementioned poses just as effective, and I’ve been having some Sartorius issues too.

    From a different perspective but I have the same ‘normal’ problems when it comes to food at the overeating end of the spectrum. Once I’m used to eating a larger amount, even when it’s making me far too full, going back to what was once okay prompts thoughts of being deprived and bingeing. I think that once we’re used to a certain routine in any respect it becomes comforting, but the hardest thing to do is to break out of it just the once…every time after that tends to become a little less anxiety-provoking. That first step is a pain in the butt to achieve though…

    Eee! Larabars ~ eat two of them for me, will you 😉


    P.S About your last post: NO, you did not overeat. To reference what overeating is, read my blog. There endeth the rant.

  4. baha, I’m still sort of laughing about the stocker saying “I have blueberry!” everytime he sees you 😛 I can only imagine the scenario…it’s quite comical in my mind :]
    Aww, I hope the Cashew Butter still lived up to expectations! I’ve actually never had the Maranatha kind and wanted to send you the brand I buy (when I buy it) but I wasn’t at that store and it’s actually a lesser known brand so I figured the Maranatha would be even better. I really like it with dates :]
    I love seeing heads-up pennies on the ground. It’s probably the most superstitious thing I “believe” in, but it always seems to be that I find them at the time I need some sort of reassurance towards something. So they get picked up and put in my right back pocket, head facing my butt. And yes, if I find a heads-down one on the ground, even if it’s on my own floor and needs to move, I avoid it like the plague. I’m weird, I realize this.
    Oh, and I have never been one for studying, either. Okay, maybe one class I can think of…but otherwise, I just stare at the page thinking other thoughts. And then realize pretending to be productive is worse than anything.

  5. Ooh, what did your cashew butter taste like then? Mine tastes like cashews! I don’t think my almond butter tastes much like almonds though. Nut butters are odd sometimes.

    Argh, I’m sorry you’re so anxious. I know exactly what you mean about the concept of “normal” changing like that. I still have to force myself not to get into that mindset sometimes now if I eat less one day due to a stomach bug or something. The best way out of it is unfortunately to just force yourself back up to your old normal – it won’t happen by itself :/ ugh, there are not enough swear words for how annoying eating disorders are.

    I hope tomorrow isn’t too anxiety provoking despite the lack of swimming ❤

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