Just One Mile

When was the last time I ate cereal for breakfast?… It was so long ago, I don’t even remember.

corn puffs, banana, cinnamon, almond milk

But this fit the bill — carbs, no fats — if I was going to run, and I wanted to try.

Running outside yesterday kind of made getting back on a treadmill feel like a slap in the face … so much more pleasant outdoors!  Oh, well… beggars can’t be choosers.

I was supposed to run two miles today, but I called it quits after one.  It didn’t hurt, exactly, but it didn’t feel quite right, either.  At least I found a solution to the “no freezer in my office” dilemma… albeit at the expense of my poor back, which has to carry the weight of this:

Popped them in the freezer overnight, then took them out immediately before leaving the house in the morning.  They stayed cold for hours, even after they were no longer frozen.  The only problem was deciding what to ice first — I only have two ice packs, but I have two ITBs and two Sartorius muscles, and let’s not even start discussing my knees.  Though I suspect it’s probably wise not to wear my knee straps so tight that they leave indentations in my skin… circulation is a good thing.

I attempted to relate my tale of woe to my acupuncturist, but I’m not sure I was able to cover everything!!  My left ITB was tight, so that was taken care of; I didn’t realize this before, but now that the left one feels better, I noticed that the right one isn’t too happy either.  And my Sartorius was left alone, so I hope it will be okay…

I’m told that since the problem is apparently not my shoes, “You need to eat more!”  Because I’m so the first person on the planet to have this problem.

Freezer duty!

The orange cranberry mini muffins are finally finished.

Coconut milk kefir, mini muffin, Craisins, and orange marmalade.  I wasn’t sure how well this would work with kefir (as opposed to yogurt), but apparently the mini muffins were so past their prime that nothing could make them too soggy!  😉

And another asparagus stir fry.  Can you spot the variation?

Pineapple!  I remembered that I had a couple of those little snack cups of pineapple that really needed to be used.  I mixed the juice with Frank’s and some chili powder, and cooked the vegetable blend in that… then added the pineapple, topped it all with cashews, and accidentally poured on way too much chili powder.  Good thing I like heat.

And, of course, a protein cake.  Because apparently I am incapable of going an entire day without soy in some form.

It may look like just another protein cake, but it’s a chocolate mint protein cake… featuring this new ingredient.  (Side note: I used to hate mint.  Which makes me wonder why I even bothered to try the chocolate mint Jocalat, or the chocolate mint NuGo Dark bar… but I did, and apparently I no longer hate mint.  As much.)

I picked that up last night… my mom and I went to a supermarket.  Way exciting stuff, I know.  Especially since it was in preparation of Purim.  Gah.  I am so not a “holiday person.”  In fact, I am kind of really freaking out.  Not solely due to the upcoming holiday, mind you.  It’s probably an amalgamation of a bunch of different things… like the fact that I have so much work to do for school, and I have a freaking midterm next week for which I haven’t even begun to think of studying, and I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed by life as a whole, and I am somewhat of a generalized anxiety queen.  This is not fun.  And my physical ailments took precedence over the anxiety when I was at the acupuncture clinic, because I very stupidly keep making the same mistake of thinking that I’m over it, just because I calm down for three seconds.

But there were some lovely things that happened today.  I got to see one of my closest friends, who doesn’t live in the same state… she goes to school near the Taza factory, actually.  She’s also a strange breed who does not like dark chocolate at all — only milk or white — and so she gave these to me.

So. Excited.  I’ve wanted to try these forever, but I am not about to spend close to seven dollars on a tiny bar of chocolate.  She took a tour of the factory, and they gave her free samples.  And she also gave me a sweater, which is really cute (albeit totally not something I’d ever buy for myself) — from her mom, which is incredibly strange since I’ve never even met her.  It’s sweet, though.

Just like Jess!  The girl sent me the most awesome package.

Tell me she’s not awesome.  (You’d be lying.)

I am actually rather dumb — I thought my orthopedist appointment was tomorrow, but it’s next Friday.  Grrr.  However, I am about to run out the door to go see my podiatrist, because my feet are tired of being ignored.

I need yoga.  And an outdoor running partner.

That is all.

“An unwatched pot boils immediately.” 
~H.F. Ellis


8 responses to “Just One Mile

  1. she sent you two awesome items. 1: cashew butter. the maranatha kind. i can’t expect you to tell me which tastes better, the 365 organic or the maranatha kind…well because i’l wait until i graduate pa school. lemme know then, k? 😉

    and shredded oats. my heart sings.

    you know i’m your running partner and soon i’m cmoing to run with ya. i swear. swear.

  2. Oh supermarket shopping IS exciting! I just went with my Dad and picked up a whole load of crap I didn’t know. I got me some almond flour which I’m eager to try! I’m not the biggest peanut fan. Like you, I never used to be a fan of mint until recently. I love it with chocolate but that’s about it. Or boiled potatoes. But that has to be fresh mint. But yeah, mint and chocolate go well together, don’t you think?

    Hope you feel better both mentally and physically soon!!!!!!


  3. I’ve been having cereal for breakfast on days I have to work lately, too! The first time I was sort of like “man, this is the most normal thing I’ve done all week!” haha. But I’ve come to actually like it. And it’s fast. Works for me.
    I hope you start to feel better soon!! And needing a running partner is more reason for you to move to the boonies…I wouldn’t mind starting running! I attempted one yesterday since the weather was so wonderful but it was more of a “mosey” run while I pulled my poor dog along 😉
    Glad the package arrived safely. I was afraid of those glass jars. And had visions of the flour package bursting.That and it was heavy so I wasn’t sure if the PO would have some grudge against me 😛 haha, I’m a little paranoid when it comes to shipping things I suppose…

  4. (oh! AND I’ve been loving yoga lately. Seriously. Good for the mind, too.)

  5. Thank you for the delicious bread! I ate it all in less than 48 hours–so addictive, chewy, and hearty 🙂 It was so nice of you to take the time to make and send such a nice gift!

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